Client & Podcast Testimonials:

Did you ever have a moment when you find yourself make a pivotal decision .... but are hesitant bc you didn't know where to start ? This was me a few years ago ... While taking an evening stroll I had a simple conversation with Susie about time, priorities, and just life. Her friendly voice helped me feel empowered, regain focused, and feel confident in my choices. At the time I wasn’t able to do “much” but Susie’s reminded me  “taking 1 step forward is still a step in the right direction” I am now just a few weeks away from graduating. Thank you Suzie Q for your time, your story and your warmth. Just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your podcasts, your advice is always just 1 click away.

Veronica Coria, Nurse

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After having so much confusion over where she was headed, being uncomfortable in her current job, and being unsure of which direction to go, Elisa gained clarity. Once we met, Elisa got clear on where to get started in her pivot and we outlined a roadmap for her. Not only was she able to take a new direction, but she got accepted into an Engineering Management Program to begin this new path she was pivoting into.

Elisa, EIT, Civil Engineer

Public Speaking & Leadership Workshops:

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Faby Carrera, Project Management Assistant NLBWA-IE & SCORE Inland Empire Chapter

I had the opportunity to e-meet Susie when she presented at the Emerging Latinas en Español class. Susie's presentation was clear, relevant, engaging, and motivating. One of my favorite things was how she used quotes that allowed me to create and reinforce powerful thoughts. They inspired me to continue to dream and act towards the dream. I also had the opportunity to read her blog. Very inspirational and thought provoking. I can relate to the topics. The blogs shed some light in the "tunnels" of life that I navigate  every day.


Laura Kurtz,

Communications Workshop Student

I appreciate the breakdown of the personalities. It made me realize where I stand and where I need to improve.