Hey lovely, I’m Susie Q and my mission is to empower women to live a fulfilled life and enjoy the work they bring to the world. As a corporate junkie and entrepreneur, I’ve been right where you are. While climbing the corporate ladder, I recognized success was not defined by my title or salary,

I wanted to do something that mattered and on MY terms.


Plus, it didn’t help that my deepest values were not in alignment with the male dominated industry I sat in and I knew it was time for a change. I have mentored women in this space for almost 18 years and absolutely love to see women light up when they realize their passions are within reach.


Rather than continuing to sit unfulfilled in your J-O-B, I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! I invite you to be curious, allow yourself space to consider there are options for you beyond those four walls, and you can actually do work you love that’s meaningful.


Imagine being able to confidently walk away from that job you’ve been tied to because you put a plan in place to make it happen? Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? That is possible my friend! You just have to be willing to explore where you want to go, commit to your goals, and lean on me to partner with you on building your plan and keep you accountable as you make this transition.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you on your journey to realizing

your dreams are within reach. Your future awaits!


Career Strategy Sessions

As high achieving women, we are always on our A game. And somehow, as we face pivotal shifts in our professional journey...self-doubt creeps in.  If you are taking that leap from your corporate career to your dream business or new career path, you no longer have to do it alone or feel isolated. Your frustration in being "stuck" stops here!


By building a customized road map together, you will feel confident and fulfilled in your choices and actions.  I offer a limited amount of 1:1 Strategy Sessions and more robust 90-day Intensive Packages.


Public Speaking & Leadership Workshops

I believe we are all lifelong learners. Personal development is at the center of professional and individual growth.  Using tactical strategies and stellar communication, I will lead your team through a purposeful and dynamic experience.


From executive retreats, leadership training, and building your next strategic plan - you will not be disappointed. I break down the complex and simplify it for your needs. Bring me on board to champion your team towards working for the same goals.