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Women Leaving Corporate America

Bye-bye frustration! Let me help you design a roadmap to free yourself from your TOXIC job.

Thinking of leaving that 9-5 to start your own business, but don’t know where to start?
Are you tired of going into an unfulfilling J-O-B and being undervalued?
Do you feel dread on Sunday nights about going back to work the next day?
Feeling overwhelmed and frustrated about how to have a successful transition?


Let me introduce you to the #1 way to create your customized roadmap to successfully leaving Corporate America. This is for the professional woman who is ready to pivot in her career journey, break traditional expectations, and design a business she LOVES.

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After having so much confusion over where she was headed, being uncomfortable in her current job, and being unsure of which direction to go, Elisa gained clarity. Once we met, Elisa got clear on where to get started in her pivot and we outlined a roadmap for her. Not only was she able to take a new direction, but she got accepted into an Engineering Management Program to begin this new path she was pivoting into.


You were made for more than corporate rules, limited flexibility, and unfulfilling work,

all while being underpaid, friend.


WE WON’T SETTLE FOR THAT ANYMORE. There is a better way….


You don’t have to take the scary leap and just wing it…or suffer in silence.


Imagine having a strategy in place that made you feel confident about your

transition out of the corporate world.

Instead of hoping it works out, you can create a customized plan.


Instead of showing up to the 9-5 you dread daily, you can design your day based on your values and do work you are passionate about.


Instead of settling on finding another J-O-B, you can launch a successful business!

Rather than stay on the "hamster wheel" or dread the "Monday morning blues", you can find excitement with a fulfilling business.

After learning about the DISC, Laura Kurtz, said "I appreciate the breakdown of the personalities. It made me realize where I stand and where I need to improve."

"A goal without a plan is just a dream" ~Unknown

I had the opportunity to e-meet Susie when she presented at the Emerging Latinas en Español class. Susie's presentation was clear, relevant, engaging, and motivating. One of my favorite things was how she used quotes that allowed me to create and reinforce powerful thoughts. They inspired me to continue to dream and act towards the dream. I also had the opportunity to read her blog. Very inspirational and thought provoking. I can relate to the topics. The blogs shed some light in the "tunnels" of life that I navigate  every day.

~ Faby Carrera, NLBWA-IE and SCORE Inland Empire Chapter

Pivoting doesn’t have to be scary. Susie will teach you how to design a custom plan for your corporate exit. Her expertise is to help you thrive during this transition.


Susie offers 1:1 exit strategy coaching for the ignited and powerful woman seeking clarity in her professional journey. She’ll take you from stuck, scared, and overwhelmed to a thriving and excited entrepreneur who DISCovers your true gifts.


Using Susie's framework and strategies, you will learn how to implement the steps to successfully work towards and ultimately, achieve your goals of leaving that toxic job. Imagine yourself walking away from your sessions feeling confident in the next steps and actions to take that will move you forward.


Together, we identify where you currently are and where you want to be in the next 90 days to 6 months. While developing your roadmap, we are going to pin point the gaps, identify where you need to put your focus, define your path through goal-setting, and ultimately keep you accountable to gaining traction in your journey.


If you want to take a deeper dive, you can add on a DISC assessment for you to get a better understanding of your personality and behaviors. This is especially helpful if you are still unsure of exactly what type of business you want to launch.

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Hey lovely, I’m Susie and my mission is to empower women to live a fulfilled life and enjoy the work they bring to the world. As a corporate junkie and entrepreneur, I’ve been right where you are. While climbing the corporate ladder, I recognized success was not defined by my title or salary,

I wanted to do something that mattered and on MY terms.


Plus, it didn’t help that my deepest values were not in alignment with the male dominated industry I sat in and I knew it was time for a change. I have mentored women in this space for almost 18 years and absolutely love to see women light up when they realize their passions are within reach.


Rather than continuing to sit unfulfilled in your J-O-B, I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! I invite you to be curious, allow yourself space to consider there are options for you beyond those four walls, and you can actually do work you love that’s meaningful.


Imagine being able to confidently walk away from that job you’ve been tied to because you put a plan in place to make it happen? Sounds pretty great doesn’t it? That is possible my friend! You just have to be willing to explore where you want to go, commit to your goals, and lean on me to partner with you on building your plan and keep you accountable as you make this transition.


I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you on your journey to realizing

your dreams are within reach. Your future awaits!

Maria Diaz July 2020.jpg

Susie has been such a blessing since the moment we met…we met at the 2019 Latina BizCon: Leading with The Heart conference. I loved her energy, professionalism, and kindness. I knew that Susie, is the kind of person that I want to have in my circle. She is the kind of person that listen patiently and shows that she cares about what you are saying. I love the business that she is in and suits her very well. We have remained in contact and I was privileged to listen to her speak at a the Emerging Latina Entrepreneurial program hosted by National LWBA Inland Empire. Her presentation full of wisdom and encouragement was perfect for the current climate we are dealing with (COVID shut down).

Susie is very encouraging and willing to share her knowledge and leadership. I solicited her Coaching business and as a client I will refer her as a Strategist Coach to anyone in need or looking for an extra boost. I am very grateful and will be using her services to help my business grow. I also love her Podcast! It is unique, informative and very honest. I learn so much from her in every episode. Susie, keep inspiring and helping Woman roar. Thank you, Susie!

Welcome to Professional Rebel Coaching

You're Going To Learn How To:

Develop your customized roadmap

Identify your goals and set realistic expectations


your vision with others, even your employer

Apply strategies to build your confidence

As a professional rebel, you like to stand out by doing things YOUR WAY! In our sessions, we aren’t creating a traditional roadmap that’s a
one-size-fits-all. We design your CUSTOMIZED plan to fit your unique style and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions



If you’ve been sitting there for a while, wondering how you can escape Corporate America – this is for you! You dread having to go to work on someone else’s agenda, following their rules, and being “politically correct”. More than likely you’ve been thinking about leaving for at least a few months now, if not longer. Overall, you feel unfulfilled, undervalued, and like you have something greater to offer the world than this daily grind. You’ve done google searches and tried a couple things, but nothing seems to really CLICK. Accountability, a customized plan, and momentum is what you need to kickstart your journey to freeing yourself from that toxic workplace.




The key lies within YOU to first decide if this goal is important to you. If you can confidently say YES, then you are ready to be coached for success. The reality is, this will require you to work consistently towards your dreams if you want to make them a reality. I would be honored to guide you on that journey, as long as you are willing to limit distraction, focus on your long-term goals, and watch your life grow exponentially.



My goal is to ensure that you are satisfied in each of our conversations. During each call, I am actively working to meet your expectations of the results you are looking for. If we need to redirect the conversation, I ask that you be honest to let me know you would like to cover a different topic or goal. Ultimately, it is up to you to take action on the strategies we discussed.


Coaching and strategy sessions are not refundable.




Depending on what topics and goals we discuss, this will vary from person to person. If we focus on your time management, you could see INSTANT results if you implement the steps we spoke about. If we lay out a 6 month road map for you to fully transition out of Corporate America, your results will take more time. The truth is, consistency and implementation are the key to your success. Nothing is guaranteed overnight if we aren’t willing to do the work.




If you said you weren't scared, I would say "are you even human?" It is extremely common to feel this way, because how do we know we are getting what we paid for? Again, if you are self-motivated and are ready to make a change NOW, then your investment is just the catalyst to what’s about to unfold. Let’s be honest, if you’ve been thinking about this for a while, you’ve tried all the free courses, workbooks and webinars to make you blue in the face (I’m not calling myself out or anything), am I right? I’m guessing you’ve seen little to NO results. Yet when our hard-earned money is on the line and someone is continuously checking in on us…the vibe changes. We feel responsible to make sure it works and I’m willing to give you a little tough love. Can you handle that? If you've read this far, I bet you're ready!