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The Weight Of The World Got You Down? Listen In....

I am challenging you to push outside of your comfort zone. Has the chaos of the world been weighing you down and making you feel small or stuck? It's time to allow yourself to find hope and keep dreaming, because YES, even in these trying times we need to continue to be optimistic.

You will learn how to push through distraction, find the silver lining, and use your energy to build your strength to stay resilient. The beautiful part of this journey is how we can inspire others and create a movement.

With that sentiment, I am overjoyed to announce that I am opening up the opportunity for us to dive into deeper conversations together. Beyond the #sheembracesfearpodcast, I wanted to create an impact and a movement. Hence, the official launch of the She Embraces FEAR Movement Facebook Group.

Come on by to chat with me and tune in as I dive deeper into the topic of FEAR and making big shifts in our lives and careers. Each week I will answer your questions in a live session!

This is our chance to connect and get to know each other. I can’t wait to see you there!

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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All My Love,

Susie Q

~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


It's about that time. It is Wisdom Wednesday, ladies, are you ready for today's episode? I wanted to give you a little bit of inspiration. So if you've been feeling like the chaos of the world has been weighing you down and you're wondering if there's any good reason to still have hope and to have dreams, today's episode is definitely for you. As I share a quote with you and I give you a couple of things to think about.


Well, my friends I have shared with you before that I've got my morning routine of things that I do consistently every day. And one of those things is that I read something to start my day. And I found this book, it's called a year of positive thinking. It's daily inspiration, wisdom, and courage. And the author is Cindy Spiegel. And Cindy, I hope that I'm saying your name, right.

She offers messages, quotes, different little pieces of inspiration for every day of the year. And I absolutely love it. This morning's message is titled - ALLOW YOURSELF TO HOPE AND DREAM:

"No matter how broken the world may seem, allow yourself to continue to dream of a better way. You are strong and your spirit will rise to every mountain top as long as you allow it to keep believing in what is possible. Even if you can't quite visualize it yet. Without your hope and dreams, what else is there to look forward to? The energy and intentions behind your hopes and dreams, carry magic. Allow it to occur and be open to our dreams coming true."


How beautiful is that message? I know in this time, right now, we all feel a bit uncertain. We are not sure from one day to the next what's happening around us and this message, I believe the timing of it is so perfect for a lot of the things that many of us share that we're feeling.

The reason why I wanted to share this with you is because I believe that we allow ourselves to get distracted with a lot of the things happening around us and granted the pandemic, everything in the world that's going on, just from all sorts of things, right? That we are all seeing unfold every single day. It's like nothing we've ever been through before. So I completely understand having some hesitation, being concerned, maybe withdrawing a little bit. The thing is though that there's a lot of distraction. It's a matter of where the noise is coming from and what we're focusing on.


That's why I thought I needed to talk about this today, is not allowing the weight of the world, the things that are happening outside of our control, to stop our efforts on the things that we want to go after.

Yes, there's a lot of things going on.

We can still be resilient.

We can keep pushing forward.

There's no need to let the weight of everything else stop us in our tracks and keep us playing small, because guess what? You're here to play big. Aren't we? We are here to achieve those goals, to go after those dreams, and we are going to be hopeful. We are going to take inspired action and intentional action. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. We can't do that if we're being distracted.

If the weight of the world is taking you down or keeping you stuck, shut everything down, turn everything off. That's a distraction. Stay away from the things that are not allowing you to be creative, that are not allowing you to think of something different than the Corona virus or, you know, whatever the issue is at hand, wherever you are, because I know it looks so different for all of us.


Some of us may be struggling with family members that are ill or dealing with financial challenges. The picture looks different for each and every one of us. But if we are distracted by things that we are allowing in, then it's not helping our case. It's not helping us to be those big believers and dreamers and chasing after the things that are going to help us with moving forward.

And I know what you might be thinking, because I thought this way too. Part of my thought process was, well, if I'm too optimistic, then how's everyone else going to take that,? That I'm just ignoring the problems of the world and that I'm not taking seriously what's happening around us. And that my friends is in fact false.

Guess what? People are probably gonna think that you're crazy if you're an optimist.


Number one who cares? Who truly cares if they think you're crazy for being optimistic, you know what? I have been an optimistic person, the majority of my life. Even when the crap hit the fan and I was in the most difficult and most challenging situations in my life. I always tried to find that silver lining because there was something about it that kept moving me forward.

If we can find one good thing in every single day, like, Hmm, let's see the biggest blessing is opening our eyes every single day. So if you're alive and you open your eyes, that in itself is the biggest blessing that we could have. There's one positive thing to be grateful for. I just started your gratitude list for you. And I'm sorry if it sounds that I'm ranting.


It's just that I feel very passionate about this because I know that there's a lot of skepticism around people who are just too positive. We're too fluffy or we have too many bright ideas. Guess what? Those people that have those bright ideas that keep that momentum pushing forward. We're the ones that create movements. We're the ones that make things happen and change things for the better.

And not that every single thing, works out perfectly. I'm not trying to go down that path. Cuz trust me, I'm going to cover that on Friday's episode when I talk about analysis paralysis and perfection. But what I am talking about is how we can find those moments and those little nuggets of positivity and yeah, use that to inspire us, to continue chasing our dreams, to help us find hope. And then guess what that's contagious.


That contagious effect helps other people who maybe you just helped step away from a negative space. How beautiful is that our energy and resilience will inspire others?


And that's the last thing I want to leave you with is that it creates a movement when we are all working towards that same thing. So that energy and the resilience that we have when we are optimistic, when we are moving forward, when we have those goals in mind and we're like, guess what? I'm marching forward.

Despite whatever hurdles come my way, it creates a huge positive impact in the world.

Not just for yourself, not just for your goals, but guess what? You're inspiring that woman next to you, that's been secretly watching. You're inspiring the countless other women who have been in your place and saying, wow, how do I get from point a to point B? And how do I make this happen? Guess what? My friends, that's what I like to call a movement. Because the one little thing that sparks an ember here starts to build a flame that's larger and greater.


I have a fun announcement to share with you in regards to a movement. When I started this podcast, my goal was to do something that was greater than just my voice, than just this one message that you hear a couple times a week. My desire has always been to make a greater impact to help other women, to serve women that are in need of some inspiration and positivity in their life and who are making big shifts in their life, but they need someone that's by their side, pushing them forward and supporting them on that journey. Well, with that in mind, I decided to finally do a Facebook group for the She Embraces FEAR Movement!


Yes. You heard that, right! I want to create a movement. I don't want this to just be a one off thing that is just a group of randomness. My goal is for each one of us to inspire one another. I'm not the only expert that's going to talk about things in this group. I want each of you there. Who's looking for accountability, who's looking for some inspiration, who has knowledge that you can share with other women who might be in the same position as you. Struggling day in and day out that want some inspiration and motivation on how do I get from point a to point B in my career, or I want to pivot completely out of my career.

How did you make that really scary leap? We're going to have raw talks in this group. We are going to have open conversations and I'm going to share a live video each week with you answering your hot and juicy topics and questions that you have for me, because it is about you.


This isn't about me. That is the goal of why I started this in the first place was how could I help other women? I wanted to make a greater impact. And this is my way of working towards that goal. I hope that you'll come join us! Again, it's the She Embraces FEAR movement group on Facebook and I will link it in the show notes.

I would love to have you there to come have a conversation, to get more tips that I will dive deeper in than I do here on the show. Cause I try to keep these a little bit lighter and shorter, I know that you're busy. So I try to do that, but the group will be an additional free resource for you. I would love to see you there. I would love to have you join us and be a part of this community and tribe.


That's bigger than just one thing. It's bigger than me. It's bigger than just the show. This is something that my desire is to make it an impact for women all over. And I would love to have you there with me having a conversation and getting to meet one another on a whole different level, because now we can have a conversation.

I look forward to seeing you there, stop on by today and join the conversation.

I am grateful that you're here. I appreciate you tuning in and I am flying solo today because my cohost Wonka is actually outside swimming with my daughter. So I'm your host, Susie Q signing off.

Hey Lovely ~ Before you go, are you wanting to dive deeper on how to embrace your fears and pivot in your life and career? I have free resources and tools for you!

  • Something I believe in is the importance of setting a foundation and boundaries in our life and career. We do that by identifying our values and I have a free worksheet you can download if you are ready to pinpoint them in either English or Spanish.

  • Ready to be surrounded by other women like you who are facing their fears and thinking of leaving their toxic jobs? Come hang out with us at the She Embraces FEAR Movement Facebook Group. We will dive deeper into the topics shared on the show and learning from one another on what how to push past our comfort zones. I can’t wait to chat!

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