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Transitioning From Corporate America? Grit And Grace Wins

If you are thinking of pivoting in your career, this episode is for you! I had the wonderful honor of interviewing my friend, Stefanie Gass.

In today’s episode, she shares the challenges she faced as she made multiple pivots in her career and provides us with strategies on how we can also succeed in our own career and life transitions.

You’ll get tangible tips to walk away with and a boost in your confidence to start planning your own career pivot. Go learn more about Stef Gass and tune in to her amazing podcast, The Mompreneur Mastermind Show.

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First, I want to say thank you so much Stef for being here and joining us, and I'm really excited to have you on the She Embraces FEAR podcast. So I'd love if you would take a little bit of time to give us a little bit of background of where you've been and how you got to where you are today.


Well, for sure. Hi Susie. I'm so excited to be here. And okay. So let's see. I'll start going back because I know that all of the audience that's here are amazing corporate powerhouses or busy women that run businesses or are in business that are thinking about transitioning and entrepreneurship. So let me start by saying, I never knew entrepreneurship was an option, right? Like my parents went to school and my dad had the degree and he was the first one in his family to get a college degree.

It was like, that's what you're going to do. That's your thing. Okay, great. You know, I didn't think I had an option. So I went to college. I have a degree in finance and accounting. I then went on into the corporate realm and I went in into, um, finance and I became the youngest financial controller of this global solar company. It was a, uh, everywhere. So by the age of 27, I'm like jet setting. I'm going to Spain to Germany. And it was great because it was just me, you know, just me rocking and rolling. And it was great. And then the company shut down where I live. And so my options were moved because there was a position for me, maybe in Germany or somewhere in the world and, or be laid off and figure out something else. Well, our whole family is where we live here and we live in New Mexico and we were ready to start a family.

So I'm like this really isn't the time. We were engaged, our wedding was coming up and I'm like, I'm not going to move right now. So I kind of took this time Susie, to be like, what am I going to do? And if I want to have kids, maybe there's something I can do from home. And the word entrepreneur was introduced to me. And I think like so many people, it was actually through network marketing or direct selling. You guys know the companies, you know, the Mary Kay, all the companies. So that's the first, my first almost gateway into entrepreneurship. And to be really honest, I just saw this promo video. There's this girl on a pink Flamingo in the pool, she's got her Mojito or whatever drink it was. Her kids are like being perfect angels. She's making Millies and I'm like, well, that looks good.

That sounds like a great idea. Right. You know, if that girl can do it, so can I, so I jumped in and I didn't have anything else going on for me at the time. So I was just like full force built it totally the wrong way. I was spammella Anderson all up in the DMS. I was like pounding the pavement, hitting up strangers. I was the crazy person. All right, don't do that. However, I was able to hit the top 1% of that in two years. And so what did that mean? It meant amazing amounts of income. I had free trips and the free car and all the things. And then I was also married with one kiddo. And so what I didn't realize though, is I had let the success and recognition of the industry kind of become an idol for me. And I was like a full fledged workaholic at this point. And I'm sharing this with you guys on purpose. So stay with me for the story. I basically went crazy for the next two more years, grew, grew, grew. And then, because it's not yours. Okay. When you are an affiliate, which is what you are for something, someone else's company, and you make a commission, you don't own it. And the detriment of that is you don't own it.

And so when the company went through a rebrand, changed up their main ingredients, there were new shiny things to sell. Everybody wanted fast success. My organization kind of crumbled in the course of about a year. I went from $17,000 a months to two, $3,000 months. And it was a huge, you know, it was a huge issue for us because we were living out that higher income level. And so there was this moment, Susie, where I'm pregnant, I've got a two year old we're we just bought this new camper, all these things. I sat down at the computer and realized we don't have any money left. Like there's no more cash flow in the bank. And I had to go to my husband, who I had ignored for three years to build this business because it was for him. And it was for them. And with tears rolling down my face, admit that it was gone.

And that what I had been doing wasn't really, for them, it had been for me. And, um, it was the first time I'd ever failed at something in my life. And so it was a really hard, like dark phase for me to recognize that it wasn't what I thought it was. I had let it become an idol, a false idol in my life. And I let it take over and become the most important thing. And like that it's gone because things of the world are always going to be gone. You guys, if you don't know me, I'm a kind of that crazy Jesus lady. So take me with a grain of salt. Okay. If that's not for you insert your belief, but I believe that if we are not keeping God or our heart highest power at the forefront of every single thing that we do, it will always fall away because things of this world are things of this world and they are just distractions.

Anyway, long story short, what did I do? I got out a sheet of paper and I realized I'm not doing something right here. Like I have got to become the woman that Christ has called me to be. And I don't know what she, what she looks like right now. And I don't know, but I've got to start somewhere. And so I got out the sheet of paper, Susie, and I wrote down all the things that I thought he would want me to become. And it was like she would be fit and healthy and energetic. And she would get into scripture every day. Her husband would be number one and her kids would be number one. And her health would be number one. And she would serve and solve and lead women fearlessly without worrying about how much money she made because of it. Like money would be the last consideration because God's got this.

So every day I woke up and I just did one thing off the paper. One thing I'm like today, I go to that gym. Or today I go live, even though I don't know what the heck I want to talk about. Like, so I started there, well, three and a half years later, I'm the woman on the paper. And it's really crazy to think what I do today. And here's the moral of the story is that I help these faith fueled entrepreneurs get clarity over what their calling is, what their soul, their giftings are. I help them bring it to light. I help them give it a word and a phrase and messaging behind it so that they can run with it. And then I help them create a business. I helped them create a podcast to grow the audience and then coaching since to make money from it.

And it feels like a dream and it feels so amazing. And I only work 20 hours a week and that feels weird and amazing. I make more money than I've ever made all on my own terms, because I finally got out of my own way and I stopped letting everything be an idol. And I stopped getting distracted from all the shiny objects. And I said, God lead me, bring me the right people, bring me that clarity I need. And then I was willing to do the messy work, to really build a successful entrepreneurial business, but on my own terms with really crazy boundaries in place. So that's a long story, but I think it's full of a lot of truth for you because the road to true freedom, entrepreneurship is not going to be easy and it's not going to always look pretty and you have to be ready for that. And you have to also know though that it will be worth it.


Most definitely. And I think a lot of what you were saying and sharing is that through each of those transitions and phases that you went through, I imagine you must've been faced with a lot of uncertainty and a lot of fear. So can you dive into kind of how you were dealing with that and the background of how to keep pushing forward?


Oh yeah. I just panicked. That was a hot mess. I cried into my Doritos a lot when I, you know, I watched like binge watched Netflix and just eat and be like, I should look for a job. Like I went on indeed all the time and panic job search because that's the reality is why are you fearful? We're fearful because we can't control something. We are fearful because of the unknown.

Well, any time that you pivot, whether it be from, from one corporate job to another out of corporate, to entrepreneurship, out of network marketing, into coaching or whatever, there's this level of uncertainty and fear. And I believe that that's one of the enemies other than distraction. That's the second favorite tool that the enemy uses to keep you stuck is fear because, and what does the Bible say over and over do not live in a spirit of fear. That we are just, it's a direct directive, like do not live in a spirit of fear because then we are being controlled. And so we have to ask ourselves, is this fear I could fear should never be real, but why am I feeling this fear? And when we can determine and discern like, okay, this fear is what, because I feel guilty because I'm being unloyal to the job I'm leaving.

But is that real? You know, you have to almost for a moment, remove yourself from your emotional perspective and look at the future and make a list of like, why, why do I want to leave? You know, am I being called for something different, something greater, something more is, what about this is not making me feel happy or fulfilled. You guys wouldn't be listening to this episode if there was a, if you loved what you were doing, you wouldn't be considering leaving the job or switching paths. So there's something off. And when your gut tells you that there's something off, you need to listen and you're going to be afraid of it. So what I did though, is I probably didn't handle it the best way, but that's normal. So no you're going to face fear and anxiety, but also know that the fastest way out of fear and anxiety is action.

Yes. The fastest exit plan exit stage right, is to actually just open your mouth, have the conversation with the job and move on. Because when I look back and think about all the jobs I stayed in for an extra year, because I can't, couldn't talk myself out of just going, cause I knew it was wrong. I then went back to jobs that were wrong for me because it was more stable, but they paid me more money, all the wrong reasons to do something in your life. Like we live once tomorrow is not promised. So if you've got it in your gut, go for it and just tell people open communication is always my best policy. What I know now is invaluable for what I wish I had known when I was younger, I would have just marched on in there and been like, look I don't really like this.

I don't really think corporates for me anymore. I have this vision of maybe running my own business or being an entrepreneur. And I feel really bad because I feel so loyal to you, but I've got to do this for me. And I hope you guys understand, and I hope that we can leave on good terms. And that's just where I'm at. And if I would have just had that open, honest conversation, instead of thinking of all the excuses I could've made for why I had to leave or why I had to stay, the fear would have left me years ago. So if you are stuck in fear, take action. If you are stuck in anxiety and overwhelm, open your mouth and have a true real conversation with the people that you're feeling guilty towards and also know that uncomfort discomfort is growth. So if you're not experiencing discomfort in your life, you're not growing, right.

I want to always challenge myself. How can I get more uncomfortable? What can I do next that will make me feel uncomfortable or nervous because those are ways that you grow and excel? Anyway, long answer for that. But yeah.


No, I love it. I think that's great because I always talk about how we need to create a discomfort zone. We need to push ourselves outside of that safe little bubble we like to sit in. And we need to get uncomfortable because on the other side of that pain and fear and the unknowns, there's so much potential for growth and opportunities to open up, right. Because we're allowing that to be available to us. So I love that you said that, and I also enjoyed hearing you talk about how we need to take action, right? Because there's distraction, there's all these things. There's things that we don't know how to take the next steps, but we have to try right. And take the first baby step, take those little moments and opportunities to move forward and start to generate some momentum. What might be some tips that you can share with the audience and regards to, how do I start? Like what's a baby step? What's an action I can take to start moving forward?


Sure. So let me give you guys a visual of this. I used to be so terrified of public speaking. Like when I started in network marketing, as I started to get more notoriety or whatnot, they wanted me to share my story all the time. Like stand up and share your story, how you got the free car. So I would like literally have a panic attack. I would like black out, my vision would get blurry, I would get so sweaty and also kind of pee. Like I swear every time think I'm like, I think I'm peeing, I don't know.

I have the goal. Like this is so crazy. Why am I being when I'm nervous, I'm going to have had kids, but you never know. So anyway, I'm like, this is not going to work for me. Like I can't keep dealing with this because I want to do, I want to speak on stages and I want to be this public, a beacon of light for all of these people. And so what I did is I started just practicing a little bit at a time. How can I practice public speaking? How can I get more comfortable and confident? So I would start with little mini presentations and just get in front of my family. Then I would do a mini one at a little, we'd have network marketing parties. And I'd be like, can I just share my stories? I can practice. And every time it got a little bit better and a little bit better, and then I would start going live online.

And I remember my first live and I realized when I would make it really casual, I wouldn't get nervous. So I started practicing that. Like, I'm just going to embody being myself and being casual. It got easier. So there was this constant evolution. And if you were to look at me now, you'd be like, she never gets nervous when she presents like you guys, I run masterminds. I can speak on stages of hundreds of people. It doesn't phase me at all. But if you were to rewind back seven years ago, you would see a very different woman. But I knew that God had called me to the platform. I knew it I've always been called to ministry and to preaching. And you know, I stepped on my soap box Susie, and absolutely if I'm going to be that girl, I can't be nervous. And so it took years of practicing, itI takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at your craft.

So you've got to do it. And even though you're going to suck at it at first, cause that's inevitable, whatever your thing is that you're nervous about doing, you're going to suck at it at first, just get over it. Okay. It doesn't mean don't do it. It doesn't mean stop. It means do more, right. It means get, be willing to get constructive criticism back. You know, I got lots of great criticism or constructive criticism like you're pacing too much or you're, you're not smiling. Or you are like blinking really weird. Or like whatever your inflection of your voice is funky. Like be willing to get that constructive criticism and the things that you want to be great at and then be willing to do it like over and over and over again until it's second nature. That's my master tip for all of you. That's the only way to get better.

Absolutely. I love that because it's true. We feel like we're repeating things over and over, but someone else it might be the first time they've ever heard us. So I love that you shared that. And also that we might suck and I think that's so true because you're nervous. You know, everyone knows that I talk about analysis paralysis and wanting to have everything be so perfect because that's just in my nature. So I believe that a lot of other women probably relate to that and not getting stuck in that perfection, right.

That perfection is a lie. There is no such thing. And you know, what is so beautiful is being willing to be vulnerable and be messy because then you're showing other people that that's okay, we've got to normalize being vulnerable and messy and authentic because anything else is all things that we, we as women, especially those of us that are transitioning into this entrepreneurial sphere that will be there getting into that.

You have the choice, you can be stuffy and weird and you can not be yourself and you can hide behind this facade of what you think people want to see, or you can truly just be you. And when you truly just be you in whatever that looks like for me, it's hot mess express. Okay. I love to wear my PJ's all day. I have no makeup on my face right now. Like, and you know, what's cool. My audience doesn't care. They totally know me. They know that I bring the same value, whether I've got bedhead or not, they just know Stef has to have her coffee. And other than that, we are good. But the second I dropped all the fanciness and really stepped into who I am, whether it was messy or not. That's when I exploded. So you got to challenge yourself to say, how can I just show up authentically as myself today?

Even if I'm unprepared, even if I'm not even sure what I'm going to say, even if I don't know if this thing will sell, be willing to try and fail because the next time will be 1% better. And the next time we'll be 5% better. And the next time we'll be 50% better. And then all of a sudden you'll look back and go. I don't even recognize that chick back there and you're going to be so much stronger and better for it.


Yeah. I love that's so funny that you said that because I think when we're coming from that corporate frame of mind, it's very polished and professional and there's a certain approach we have to have. Right. And I find myself in that point where I'm all, wait, I get freedom to do things so differently when I'm doing things for my business versus in the corporate structure. And I think that's a great opportunity to kind of hone in on a little bit is how do we kind of let that go and not feel so like, Oh, I have to be tunnel vision on being that corporate professional. If I'm making that pivot, how can I start to put my own flare and bring my authentic self forward?


I think the first thing that makes us feel a little bit better about this is envisioning the person we are serving or speaking to. So there's a difference between if somebody, one of you is you're transitioning out of corporate and you're going to be a legal consultant. Okay. Picture the person you're going to talk to corporate. Exactly. You have to show up differently. Okay. And that's okay. So it's picturing, who am I going to talk to? Who do I want to attract with my new entrepreneurial business or my new business versus I went from corporate finance to I'm teaching mompreneurs, how to grow online businesses.

I pictured her like me. I'm like, she's in her, PJ's doing laundry listening, but she's got a dream in her heart. And I want her to know that it's okay to be a mom. Who's an exceptional mom and an exceptional business woman, but she needs boundaries. And she needs certain things that I can give her. She needs to automate all the things, but I pictured her and I'm like, she's wearing her pajamas right now to this right now. And so that gave me permission to just show up. The other thing that really helped me, Susie was picturing, what do I want to normalize? So you, as a public figure, which all of you will become. If you stick with what your calling is long enough, you will grow into a micro niche and you will become an expert in your field if you're willing to serve for long enough and help people in whatever it is that you do was what do I want to normalize?

And I almost had to take a stance because I had a choice of like, I can just put on my makeup every day and certain things, but I don't really want to do those things. And I want to normalize that you can be a multi six figure earner from home, with courses, with coaching, and you don't have to get dressed up if you don't want to. And you can stop talking for a minute and give your full attention to your children. When they walk in the room, I wanted to normalize those things. So I knew if I was going to make a change or I wanted to see this change happen, I had to go first. So if those two things help you based on who your market is and the things that you want to stand for, then again, it's your responsibility to do them. No one else is going to do things unless you actually do it. You got to start it.


Yes. And it's funny because I talk about values quite a bit on the show, because I believe that we very easily get distracted or find other things that we might go down that rabbit hole and let other people dictate what boundaries and values we have. So I really love that you touched on that because it, I think it just confirms that that needs to be a starting point for a lot of us when we're facing that decision to make some sort of pivot, whether it's in our career or our life.


Absolutely. And that's one important thing I do want to just quickly talk about Susie, because as when you're pivoting into entrepreneurship, what do you do? You, you Google overload, you have a list of a budget and 70 million things to do all the tech things that you don't know how to do. You're so overwhelmed. Like, Oh my gosh, am I an S Corp or an LLC? Like, you're totally freaking out about all the things. I'm not saying the legal things aren't important, but you're focusing on the things that will, that aren't going to move the needle for you. You're focused on the tech and the overwhelm instead of how can I just show up today and start talking? And how can I just start to click with people and resonate? You can do all the little things behind the scenes and why I'm bringing this up is because from day one, you have to have boundaries or your lines will so quickly become blurred. That you will find yourself on your phone, 24 seven. If you have kids or a spouse, you will be ignoring them because you got to work and get this off the ground and make a profit.

And all of a sudden, you're working at nine at night at 6:00 AM. Every weekend I've been there. I have, I am a recovering workaholic and it is never, never something I want to ever have to deal with. Again, that is truly a disease. And so what I do now, which I wish I had done from day one was get organized, have a paper planner, schedule, all the things I'm doing for my business that week, knowing what actually mattered. What's going to move the needle. You do that first. And then if you have open time, you do all the other little things on the list they will get done. So what if it takes a year to figure out all the techie stuff and get the website and have a landing page? None of that matters. If you don't have an audience to send it to, right?

You're not going to get a client to worry about legal. If you're not showing up somewhere. So it's doing the things that matter. And then it's turning it off. Like at 6:00 PM, you will not find me working anymore. I don't take clients after three usually on weekdays. On the weekends, I delete Instagram every single weekend. I delete it completely because if you're going to be in this entrepreneurial world, your lines will get blurred. Unless you take ownership of your life from day one and decide who are you actually doing it for? And if you're doing it for your kids and your spouse and yourself and your home, and to get out of debt and to tithe or whatever your things are, don't ever let it overshadow those things. Because those are the things. Those are the reasons set the boundaries from day one, and don't be willing to do what any other fancy hustle harder coach is telling you to do. All that matters is what you and your family need.

And then I truly believe that if you're intentional about that, God will open the doors. He'll bring you the clients. He'll bring you the success. You've just got to decide how you want to run your life and not let other people dictate that.


I love it. Thank you for sharing that because I think we get so consumed in trying to produce so much that we forget. We need to set up those boundaries and we need to have some structure. It's okay to say these are the pockets of time that I'm dedicating to this thing. Because I think a lot of the women who are tuning in, they have that full time job and they're trying to fit in building a business or pivoting in their career and trying to squeeze it all in. So I think that having an understanding of like, what are my values, what are my boundaries? And having everything really outlined and detailed for yourself has to be one of the first things that we do.


Yeah. If we're not going to keep the promises to ourselves, then what's the point. You know, why are we even going to do all the things if there's never been? Like, if you, if you think about your family and you think about, you made a promise to your best friend or your spouse or your kiddo, it's everything to you to keep it right, like a full on promise to them that you're going to do something. But all of a sudden, we make a promise to ourselves about boundaries or about what this is going to look like. And we're, we're the last thing on the list where the first promise that we break and there was something so wrong with that picture. So let's, let's begin to normalize putting our own boundaries and our own worthiness first, because when we keep our promises to ourselves, we are better for it.

We are more present and we are better mamas and better spouses and better entrepreneurs. And one note on those of you who are like, yeah, but Stef, I've got the full time job and I'm trying to become an entrepreneur so I can leave the job. And I've got a family and I'm cleaning the house and the dishes are piling up and I've gained five current and pounds, all the things, girl, hear me. Hear me, where there is a will, there is a way. B there is a solution to every problem, every problem. So what I did, because if I can do all of these things, so can you, is I got really resourceful. I started looking for help. That was super inexpensive. Y'all outsource. You can get people on Fiverr or Upwork for 10 bucks an hour to help you with some key things.

I started asking. I got, I outsourced house cleaning. If you've still got the corporate job and entrepreneurship, think about that. How can you allocate funds to give yourself more time? Time is more important than money and will always be more important than money to me. And so the beauty though, is the money you make, the more time you create, cause then you can outsource more things and you can be kind of creative and in the big picture thinker behind your business. But I also reached towards family and friends. It was like, how can you help me? Like, I need you to either watch the kids for me this weekend. While I pump out a course or husband, I need you to be on board with me while I do this. Or that bringing them into your business so that they can see the fruits of your labor. Like asking for advice from your spouse or your loved ones, helps them feel involved and seen the problem comes when people don't feel seen anymore when they don't feel important anymore.

And that's what happens when mom's busy, right? So it's, how can I help them? And then also remembering that this doesn't need to get done overnight. You guys, what's the difference from a one year exit strategy to a year and a half, if it creates weekends for you again. So what, let it be a year and a half. You're not going to die. Like you will be fine. You need to have joy in your life. Even when you're in a hustle mode, even when you're in a, I've got to get out of this job mode. What's, that's just how I feel. And I know some of you may feel different. Like you don't get it. My boss, the biggest jerk I do get it. I have had those bosses, but six months wouldn't have mattered. If I would have been able to detox every weekend, go pour into my family, pour into myself.

Like we like to mountain bike. I want to go to church. I want to do my sports with my kids. I'm going to sit here all day long and check things off the list. Right. There's plenty of time for that. So I don't know, take that with a grain of salt.


No, I think that's beautiful because it's so easy to get honed in on that checklist. Right. Get that to do list. And we just keep going. And I actually just got a new planner, coincidentally, that says, what are your three things, your three things, because otherwise I think we're all guilty of doing the list of 50 items on there. Absolutely. And that's, that's insane like who in their right mind can do that. So I love that you said that, and I know that we're, I'm watching the clock and we're starting to get towards the end of our interview here.

So I had two things that I wanted to ask you as we wrap up the show. I always talk about wonder woman being my alter ego. I absolutely love her as my symbol of power, of being resilient, and just being a strong woman representing who I am. Right. That's just one of the things. And I don't know if you noticed, but my shirt that I'm wearing today actually says break the mold. So I am all about wonder woman and breaking the mold. Right. I love to think outside the box, but I'd love to hear from you who or what is your power mentor or mantra? What is it that resonates with you?


Oh gosh, I was going to say like, when I'm on here, I saw this and I was like, Ooh, is your, you know, like an alter ego or something like that. And I was like, is pajama mama a theme?


I love it. Pajama mama that runs on coffee!


Kind of create the pajama mama. No. Yeah. So, I mean, I don't know if that's a thing. I, uh, I think why that's so important to me though, is because I'm just so fiercely, like passionate about people getting to do life their way. And so my way is these weird leopard PJ pants I have on right now, Susie at one o'clock in the day, and then I'll go work out and shower and then I'll put on new. PJ's like, Oh, that's awesome. But I don't know. I don't know if that makes sense.


No, I love it because it's relatable. You know, especially as a mom, who's at home with the kids doing all the things. I think it's super relatable. The last thing I would ask you for is I love to wrap up the show with one of my favorite quotes or something that's just inspired me. So do you have a favorite quote that you would share with the audience?


So I think one of the quotes and it's actually a scripture from the Bible that I all for years always go back to and it's one of the favorites that everybody loves, but it's so like, it's just, everything is Philippians four 13 and it's, I can do everything through him that gives me strength. And the reason that that versus so everything to me is because it's promised like I can do everything, everything, and that means I can public speak. I can leave this job. I can be a mama and an entrepreneur. I can, whatever, whatever it is on your heart that you are called to do, it's promised you can do it because God will give you the strength. So I think that's just so powerful and something that we constantly need to be reminded of is that if you stand on your own, if you try to stand on your own, you will not be successful, but you can sit, you can stand on the shoulders of God and always know that you'll have enough to keep going.


I love that. That's beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that stuff. And I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for letting me interview you for the show and to share your knowledge and your journey with us and some great tips on how these ladies can also start to gain strength and confidence in making the pivot in their life and their careers.


You're so welcome, Susie.


Well, Stef, I just wanted to say thank you so much for being here. And I would love for you to share where everyone can find you and get some inspiration from you.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, thanks for having me. This was so fun. And if you, if, and when, let me say, when you guys really leap into the entrepreneurial journey, I have a podcast called the mompreneur mastermind show, where I teach all about online marketing.

We do live coaching over there. Talk about podcasting, all the things. So come hang out with me on that platform, wherever you listen to shows it's the mompreneur mastermind show. And then my website is Stephaniegass.com. And then Instagram is at Stephanie Gass, come say, hi!


I love it. And there's so much inspiration and great things that you share with us on there. So I really hope that they'll go and find you and chat with you. I appreciate your time.

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