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TIRED OF YOUR JOB? Questions to Answer Before You Walk

Have you been on the edge of leaving your J-O-B? Tired of the corporate hustle and no longer fulfilled? If you answered yes, then tune into today’s episode. You don’t have to continue to struggle and fight that deep desire you have to walk away.

However, I will always encourage you to come up with a plan or at least have a few things in order before you take your leap. I’m sharing with you the questions you need to ask yourself as you prepare to embark on this new journey.

As I’ve shared with you before, there is no need for you to do this alone. To help you confidently take the right steps, you need to develop an exit strategy. If you feel overwhelmed by that idea, fear no more. Shoot me an email and let’s get you on my books for August by connecting with me.

With my help, we will develop your customized plan to say bye-bye to corporate America. Stop waiting, this is the time for you to claim it!

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It’s a community for women who want to crush it in life and career by busting through the lies FEAR tries to tell us. I’ll answer your nerve-wracking questions and dive deeper on my tips to help you bust through your comfort zone. I’d love to see you there!

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Hey ladies, it's Friday. I hope that you're ready for the weekend and that you are having a great week today. We're going to get down and nitty-gritty. If you're tired of your job, then you want to tune in to hear the 10 questions that you have to answer before you take that leap and walk out. Come on in!

If you've been sitting there either in a toxic workplace or just not feeling fulfilled in your career, I know that it feels exhausting, probably frustrating, and actually you might feel like you're stuck. The thing here that I want to talk about today is you should be thinking about a few things in preparation for your departure from the corporate world. So I'm going to share with you 10 questions that you should ask yourself to get yourself ready for that.

So the first thing that I want you to think about here is why do I want to leave my job? Is it because your skills aren't being used? Is it a toxic environment? What are the challenges that you're being faced with there that you want to get away from or do something differently in your next career path? Whether that's entrepreneurship or if you're pivoting in your career.

The next thing I want you to ask yourself is what steps can I take now that will move me to my ideal career? So if I want to go from being an administrative assistant to an executive assistant, I know what skillsets or education or sort of certifications I need, or I'm going to figure them out. And then I'm going to work my way backwards to start working towards that. And that's just an example, but depending on what your career path looks like, you want to get a good understanding of what are the things that you need to start moving in that direction.

I know it's very tempting to want to just bounce out of the corporate world from one day to the next. And sometimes it's inevitable and that's going to happen and I'm going to help prepare you for that too. But today we're talking about if you've been thinking about it and you're struggling and you're on that journey of, yes, this is going to happen. Let's start creating a plan.

Now, the third thing I want you to think about is what important lessons have you learned from your current role that you can use going forward? Because I like to call those transferable skills and we're talking about what things can I use right now that I can use in multiple areas. So let's use myself as an example. Yeah, I have my bachelor's and master's in leadership and management. Now I don't only have to utilize that in the corporate world. I get to utilize that in the entrepreneurial space too, by leading my own organization, by helping women who are looking to develop themselves. I teach them leadership skills as well. So there's different ways that we can apply our skillsets. As an analyst, I utilize that in my business a whole lot, right? Because I'm learning the data and getting things pulled together that are similar in similar relationships. So I want you to do that kind of analysis yourself of your own skill sets and understanding what lessons that you've had in your current role that you can use going forward as well.

The fourth question is who is the person that I want to become. So in order for us to start moving forward in our journey, we have to say, okay, I'm currently in this space. How do I start to move forward to that next tier or that next level? So we need to start to understand that so we can create and develop our own plan.

The fifth thing I want you to ask yourself is why are my goals important to me? There has to be a deep seated and root reason as to why you feel compelled to make this pivot in your life. If the goals aren't important enough to you, or it doesn't really matter, guess what? You're not going to make it a serious commitment that you start to work towards. So we need to dig deep and really understand why this is something that's important to you.

Next, I want you to think about what do you need to believe, think, and feel in order to achieve what you want. It's very common for me to see my coaching clients struggling with this a lot. We have our own limiting beliefs as to what we can or cannot accomplish, or if something's realistic or not. The thing is we need to start getting out of our own way and just start taking steps in that direction. So that's why I want you to give this some consideration as to what are those things that you need to start to let go of in order for you to start achieving the things that you really want.

Next, I want you to focus on your future and think about how can I focus on my future and actively work towards it? So maybe you're not ready to take that leap today. That's great. You know, that you want to, in the next three months, six months, one year, whatever that plan looks like for you. Okay. So how do I start to put myself in the right networks? How do I get my name out there that I specialize in that skill? How do I start making myself known for those things? These are all things that I really want you to dig deep on and think about how you can start making those steps forward.

The eighth thing that I want you to keep in mind is what does success look like to you? And I'm gonna repeat that. What does success look like to you? We have this very fuzzy concept of what success means based on everyone else's perspective. And I'm saying that as a guilty party here, because many times I've seen other people who their business is soaring or their career is just exponentially great. And I'm like, man, but I've been trying to do that thing. And how come that's not working for me, but you don't know their journey. You don't know what their goals are. And quite frankly, some of us want that six figure salary or a seven figure salary, and some of us are just fine with our day to day needs. And not this luxurious expensive lifestyle because that's just not us.

We need to define what success means individually to ourselves. Not based on someone else's picture and portrait and all the pretty things that they share with us. What is it that you truly desire? Is it having another home that you can travel to in the summer? Is it obviously right now we know with the way the world is, traveling is a bit more difficult, but hopefully sometime in the future travel will be something that we can do. Again, maybe traveling is your thing, or maybe you just want to have this really cozy home or you and your family can enjoy nature and you live near a Lake or you live by the ocean, but your definition of success is what you say. It is not based on someone else. Don't let yourself be influenced by all the flashy and shiny things. Because if that doesn't matter to you, you're going to be working towards this goal, get there and then be completely unsatisfied. And I don't want that for you. I know that's not what your goal is here either. So let's dig deep and really understand what is it that success means for us? What does that look like for us and hone in on that? Don't let yourself get sidetracked by what other people are saying that should be for you. So I'm sorry. I went deep on that one, but I really want you to focus on that.

Now the ninth question I want you to ask yourself is I want you to think back to a time where you might've labeled a situation or an event as a failure. And then later on, or maybe just now you realize, you know what, it was actually a stepping stone to something great, or it was incredible learning opportunity for me. So I want you to think back to that time and think about what those steps were that you took during that time and how you can start to use that in this journey that you're in right now, how can we apply that to help us move forward in our transition?

And then the last thing I want to leave you with the 10th question is where do I see myself in the next 90 days? I want you to start with your vision. You need to be very clear. We talked about your why, why does this matter to you? What is your own level of success? And then you're going to tie it back to that question. Number nine, where we talked about what are steps that you took during a previous challenge in your life. And then you are going to reverse engineer that. And if you have this 90 day goal, how do we work backwards from that? How do we start to break that down and say, okay, if I want to get to this new level, I need to do these three key things or learn these three skills. It's going to look different for all of us, but I want you to really think about that and start to work on your own plan. And if you need some help with this, you can go back to my goal setting up episode, which was number 31. And I went into this process of how to set attainable goals and how to break them down into baby steps.

I want to focus on something here as I wrap up this episode, if you notice the things that I shared with you, these 10 questions. When did I talk about your financials? When did I talk about money? I didn't right. And I'm not saying that money isn't important because we all know that that would be a lie, if I said that money wasn't important. But the thing is that when we find ourselves in these situations, yes, money is going to be a part of this conversation. And I will definitely dive into that in a future episode. But when we start getting that desire to make these pivots in our lives, there has to be something that's much more deep seated and rooted in us than just a paycheck, than just what we get paid for every hour. It needs to mean something to us. It has to have value and just overall be meaningful to us. Otherwise, what's the point. If you're miserable in one job today, and you just switched to another company, or you switched to another thing, that's a shiny object. You're still going to find yourself unhappy and unsatisfied. And we don't want to be unfulfilled, right?

Because I know that you're not about that. If you're here listening to this show, you're ready to take these actions in your life and implement things that matter to you. So we're not going to sit here and say, Oh, well, we're just going to create these goals that are solely focused on my financial wellbeing, because that's all that matters, no. Yes, that's part of the equation. I absolutely agree. And I will dive into that. However, it first starts with you. It first starts with where do you see yourself? How are you going to start making this transition? And why the heck does it even matter to you? What is it that you're running away from in this current space that you're in? Is it a toxic workspace? Is it the job just doesn't make you happy anymore? Is it the people that you're surrounded with? Is it that you just realize you're worthy of doing something completely different and you just want to make a whole 360 spin here and go in a different trajectory?

Those are all the things that we need to start with because otherwise we're doing things based on what other people tell us sounds like a good idea. And with the wrong intention, if it's solely about money. So let's reframe the way we look at this and dig deeper as to why this transition and pivot is so meaningful to us. And I just want to remind you, you don't have to do it alone. I know that it's a struggle. I know that it's very easy and compelling to honestly just get stuck there and be like, Whoa is me. I can't do it. I have no idea what I'm going to do or how I can even consider this as an option.

Trust me, you are not alone. And that's why I help women develop their own exit strategy plan, because it is hard. It's not easy.

And if you have people in your life that are unsupportive, they're going to say, you're crazy. They're going to tell you that there's no reason you should even be considering making a change in your life or in your career. I'm here to debunk that myth for you. And I'm here to tell you that we can do this together. I can be your support. I can be your partner on this journey and we can lay out a clear plan for you. If that's something that you've been struggling with, please reach out to me, send me an email. I will link my website below and we can get you in the books for the month of August. So that way, by the end of 2020, you are championing in your career journey and you are taking action in your life to make this pivot a successful one. You don't have to do it alone. You are worthy of doing things that light you up, and I am here to help you on that journey. I'm so pumped that you're here with me. And before I wrap up, I want to leave you with this quote that I hope will inspire you. It is by Mark Batterson. And he says:

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death.

Ladies, we are not about that here. Right? We are here to thrive. We are here to succeed and we are here to live a fulfilled life. That's what I hope that you've grasped from every one of these episodes is I want to help you on this journey. I want you to face that fear head on and start to take action, because if we don't take action, we're just going to stay planted, right where we are. And I know that's not what you're here for. Thanks again for tuning in I'm your host, Susie Q.

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