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Afraid Of Upcoming Changes? Tips For Thriving Not Surviving

As you prepare to decide that a pivot in your career is eminent, I want to help prepare you. The reality is you are going to be faced with challenges along the way. And I believe that to be true whether you stay at a toxic workplace that is making you miserable or you muster up the courage to seek a new path.

Today’s episode is going to open up your eyes to some potential hurdles and ways to prepare yourself for them. This will not only apply to your career journey, it’s practical to use in our personal lives as well. After tuning in, you will feel empowered to ignore the naysayers, conquer self-doubt, and create a strategy to help you get through the chaos.

We are focused on solutions here at the She Embraces FEAR podcast!

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


Hey, beautiful friends. It is Wisdom Wednesday. As you begin the journey to pivoting in your career and knowing that it's an eminent decision, I want to help prepare you. The reality is you are going to be faced with challenges along the way. And I believe that to be true, whether you stay at a toxic workplace that is making you miserable, or you muster up the courage to seek a new path, today's episode is going to open up your eyes to some potential hurdles and ways to prepare yourself for them. It seems that as soon as we declare that we're going to do something, change something or try something new. Isn't it kind of funny how the naysayers love to be vocal? Well, that's the first thing that I want to help you with.


It's funny how, when we're trying to improve our own circumstances or think a little bit outside the box, how many people like to show up to throw you a negativity party? Do you know what I'm talking about? It's sad actually, because we're willing to tear other people down instead of lift them up and encourage their growth. If you find yourself swarmed by these naysayers, first of all, just know that you are not alone. I'm sure that you've experienced this, not only in your career, but probably your personal life as well.


Second, we've been doing the legwork. Haven't we? You already armored yourself with your vision and values to know how to set up your boundaries. This is going to be the moment where you are flexing that muscle and give yourself permission to create space from these types of people. On Friday's episode, I'm chatting all things, fear of judgment. And we're going to dive a bit deeper as to how you can learn to keep pushing forward despite these naysayers. So tune in on Friday for that episode!


The next thing that you may be experiencing is you might start to doubt yourself now that the naysayers have said their part. You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with fear and doubt about your idea to make a transition in the first place.


Does that sound a little bit familiar? I promise you I was in your exact shoes and I'm going to get a little nerdy on you as an analyst. I'm going to share one of my own personal tools that I use for a variety of things in my own life and career. And that is my pros and cons list. Yes, my friends, you heard groundbreaking news here today on thie She Embraces FEAR podcast. I've just revealed the golden ticket. I hope you can sense my sarcasm a little bit here. I'm just teasing and being a slightly bit dramatic. However, the value in this exercise will help you as self doubt creeps in. You're just going to grab a blank piece of paper and write your goal very boldly at the top of the page. Okay? Write it loud and proud and be excited about this goal that we're working towards.


On the left side, you're going to write pros and on the right side, you're going to write cons. Then just draw a line, splitting the two down the middle. Okay. Now think back to that moment where you decided, all right, enough is enough. I can no longer tolerate this behavior, treatment, or maybe you've outgrown your role and ready for some new responsibility and a new path. You get to insert whatever your reasoning is here for choosing to pivot. And this is going to help to evaluate your decision on the pro side.


You're going to write down all the reasons why this in fact is the right decision for you. You're not thinking about what the naysayers have said. You're not worried about everyone else's opinion or perspective. This is for you. This exercise is for you to write down all the things that you look forward to in your transition phase we're not going to worry about anyone else, but ourselves here. And dig deep, dig into your values, dig into your longterm goals, and really think back as to why you originally said this decision or this direction is the way that I want to go. And the reasons why, what are all the good reasons why I decided this in the past? And then all these perks. These are growth and opportunities. Maybe they're skills that you're going to gain, projects you want to do, and so on.


Then on the right side, we have our cons list. Now I know I don't expect this to be completely blank because wouldn't that just be nice, right? If we didn't have to worry about the negative or the potential challenges that we may face. However, my initial thought is that if you've reached this point in your journey, more than likely the good absolutely outweighs the bad we can now list down the not so great cons, which may be examples of reducing your pay. Maybe you have less knowledge about a new industry, so you're going to have to study some more and learning is going to be necessary, which I would count that as a pro because that's growth for us, which is fantastic.


Or maybe you're starting off at the very bottom of the totem pole to completely switch fields, right? And that can feel very scary. So that might be a con for you. Again, this is your opportunity to take your time. And I even suggest that you carry this list with you as you continue to evaluate your present state and how you're feeling about all this, because sometimes we get caught off guard, or maybe we get another idea of like, "Oh man, this would be a fantastic benefit as to why this pivot and transition would make sense for me." And you can just have that fresh list handy all the time, and you're keeping it current up to date. And when you feel a little bit of self doubt, you can bust out this handy list. You can take a look at it and remind yourself of all the good things that you've listed instead of automatically focusing on all the negative or potential cons on that list.


Again, this is just a way to help combat self doubt and how to face this head on!


The next thing that I want to share with you. My third tip here is going to be sticking to a routine when things change or challenges arise, it is super easy to let go of our normal routines, such as self care and everything just goes by the wayside. Doesn't it? If everything else in your life is chaos, the last thing that you want to do is not stick to routine. So let's just take a moment to think about our current situation here in California. We are having pandemic shutdowns all over again, and we hadn't even fully reopened as many other States in the U S have. Think of everyone who's been impacted. And we already know we are better off not stressing over what we can't control.


Right? We've talked about this before. We can not control what the governor does. We can't control what, you know, our own cities, states. We can't control that. Or even for that matter, what other people do, right? We can't control them, but we can control how we respond and how we react. So the question is, how do we move forward? In this case, we're going to have a plan a through Z, because it seems like everything changes from one day to the next and sometimes hour to hour. Once we have our multiple plans in place for different scenarios, then we know that we can rotate through them as circumstances change. I know we always say, don't have a plan B, but the times are a little bit different now. And this is an unlikely scenario that none of us could have ever planned for. So having a few ideas and backup plans in mind, I don't think is a bad idea.


The thing is that if you have a schedule and a block of time, that you're doing certain things back to our routine and our schedule that I was mentioning in this tip, we are bound to be more successful at facing the challenges. Think about that. If you have a schedule, you have a block of time where you're committed to doing certain things. We are bound to be more successful at facing challenges. Why is that? Because we get into these routines and norms and we find comfort in the things that we're familiar with. So even if there's a whole lot of discomfort and the world around us, things outside of our control, that we cannot change or alter in any way we can control ourselves. We can control our time. We can control what we give attention to.


I did a bonus episode earlier this week. If you get to go, listen to that, go tune in to why I spoke about how we need to disconnect to reconnect. But that's a great example. Here is how we need to get focused on the things that truly matter. And by sticking to a routine, it really helps us with focusing in on what matters. It helps take us away from those naysayers. And then it helps us disconnect from that self doubt that we may start to feel at different points during challenges or change in our life. And the thing is that our bodies and our minds like that familiarity. So this is how we maintain that while everything else might be going bonkers, focus on what you can control. And in this example, like I said, is going to be your schedule at the end of the day.


The way I look at it is that if we were just to coast around effortlessly and have everything just handed to us, we wouldn't understand the value of hard work, of quality and just pure value of what it means to work through the different challenges and find opportunity and all the growth that we will experience.


Have you ever heard the saying, and actually Kelly Clarkson sings a song about this, but she says, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I absolutely agree with that. And live by that standard. We are going to be faced with challenges. We're going to have hard times, but if it doesn't take me down, guess what I'm fighting through. I'm busting through my comfort zone and I am not gonna let up. I'm not going to stop. And we are going to keep pushing forward. I know that you're capable of doing this too, and I just want to help you through that.


Just a couple of things that I was thinking about when hard times are happening and we're faced with it:

1. We want to acknowledge what's happening. We can't just turn a blind eye to it. We have to acknowledge and recognize that it's there.

2. Brainstorm and journal and come up with your plans. I talked about this in my tips. Brainstorm, journal and come up with a plan.

3. Stick to your routine! And we're going to keep showing up, evaluate where things are at, and make shifts as we see necessary.

4. And the last thing I want to leave you with is focus on solutions, not the problems that you're faced with, not the naysayers. We're going to focus on the solutions. We're going to focus on what we can control so that we can keep moving forward.


And the final quote for today's show that I want to leave you with is by Earl Nightingale. And Earl says,

"All you need is the plan, the roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination."


My friends I'm here cheering for you, helping support you on your journey to that final destination of success in your career and your life.


I'm so excited that you're here with me. I'm grateful to have you. And I hope that today's tips are helping you on your journey. If the tips from today's show or any previous episode have helped you in your journey, I would absolutely appreciate if you send me some love for all this free content that I share with you on your Instagram stories or your Facebook stories. Because it means the world to me to learn what's helping you and to get your testimonial, to know that this is serving you. I appreciate you. I'm thankful that you're here and you may hear miss Wonka. My cohost here, snoring in the background. So we are signing off. I'm your host, Susie Q, thanks for tuning in.

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