• Susie Aguilar


Have you admired the beauty of a water lily?

Below the picturesque water lily, lies a powerful story of resiliency. The lily is born in thick and muddy waters, pushing its way through the thick layers of grit and grime to reach the water surface.

Every night, it submerges itself back into the murky waters. The next morning, undeterred by its dirty environment, it re-blooms without any residue on its petals.

In my heart, I believe as women and mothers, we mirror this beautiful cycle of a lotus. We are rooted firmly in our beliefs and values, while striving to push through the day.

Some days are harder then others and we feel the heaviness upon us, where we wonder if we can continue on. The truth is it's not always pretty, we feel like surrendering, and sometimes it feels like our hope is gone. Then beautiful moments happen that remind us why we keep pushing forward.

The baby giggles, our toddler hugs us with a snotty nose, our teenager shares something they learned, the dog wags her tail like crazy, a loved one sends a heartfelt message - you get a little glimmer of inspiration just at the right time to help you push through.

Like the lotus, we submerge into the muddy waters, just to break the surface and bloom again. We are rooted and firm and resilient. And I hope that when life throws you a curveball and you feel defeated, you'll remember the cycle and rise again.

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