• Susie Aguilar

Seeking Validation Or Permission? STOP Looking Externally!

Have you ever faced a pivotal decision and get stuck on what to do? Maybe you thought you needed to reach out to your friends, family, colleagues or experts to make this decision for you.

All the while, the answer has been within you the entire time. It’s time to stop seeking validation and approval from people who are not in your shoes and won’t be dealing with your circumstances.

Ladies, it’s time to stop asking permission and grant ourselves authority in our own lives! I am here to help you on that journey and if you are ready to dive deep on this, lets work together to help you gain that confidence and design your roadmap.

Did you hear the exciting news???!!!

>>>>>We are about to hit 1,500 downloads!!!!<<<<<<<<

I wanted to say thank you with a fun giveaway, to you, my loyal listeners.


You can enter by:

  1. Subscribe to the She Embraces FEAR Podcast and leave a review. Take a screen shot of your review (before you submit it) and tag me on your Facebook, Instagram or Linked In stories.

  2. Head over to Facebook, search for my Unorthodox Business Mom page and leave me a review. Share what you love about the show.

  3. Screen shot one of your favorite episodes and tag me in your stories.

BONUS ENTRIES - Come join my Facebook Community to hang out with me.

The entry period is 9/30/20-10/6/20 and the winner will be selected on 10/7! I am grateful to you for being on this journey with me and I cannot wait to do this giveaway.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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All My Love,

Susie Q

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