• Susie Aguilar

Staying Positive In Uncertain Times

The #quarantinelife is one that we are all trying to get used to. It can feel overwhelming, limiting and plain ‘ole frustrating. It consumes our mind and we can’t see beyond the present time. The funny thing is that this also happens to us when we are working towards a goal or get wrapped up in life priorities. That means we can get so tangled up in it, that we lose touch of everything and everyone else.

My goal today is to invite you to think outside the box and look at things from a different perspective. Might I even suggest to see this situation from a positive perspective? Shocking I know but I believe more than anything else we need to have a bit of faith that all this chaos is happening for the greater good.

Whether it’s the current pandemic or everyday life, you can use the ideas I share with you on today’s episode to create a positive mindset.

You all are creative and I’m sure you have even more ideas to share. Let’s do that together!

You can message me on social media with your ideas or contact me through my website and I’m going to create a collective list to share. Then we can reach those parents who are barely hanging on and the generations who may be wanting to break the rules!

We are in this together and by uniting, we will get through this!

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