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When I decided to relaunch my blog this month, I really wanted to emphasize the need to advocate for caring for ourselves. I say this from a place of true compassion.

Being a mom can often be trying, caring for our family can feel overwhelmingly exhausting, and growing a career and businesses can be downright tiring. Who can relate? As a woman, I believe we tend to feel this desire to do it all, care for everyones needs and then put ourselves on the back burner. Can I get an amen?!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my family and friends. What I will tell you is that during this time of stillness I experienced, there was this beautiful voice reminding me that I needed to care for me, too.

At first I felt selfish, then guilt set in, and then I battled my heart and mind. Ladies, we need to STOP this, I can't be alone in feeling this way. So, tonight, I want to offer you a couple baby steps you can take to put yourself first:

~Sip a cup of coffee or tea before your family wakes up, soak in that silence

~When someone offers to take your child on an adventure, accept the offer and use the time to do something you enjoy alone

~At bedtime, enjoy a quiet bubble bath to relax your mind and body before laying down

~Grab a notebook and journal, you will be absolutely shocked how releasing through writing will make you feel relieved (for my techy friends - bust out a voice recorder app on your phone and release)

These are just a handful I can say have wholeheartedly helped me pour into myself so I can then be a present woman in my home. And in case you didn't know, yes, I am the woman who wakes up 1 1/2 hours prior to my family waking up so I can get in my time of self-love (aka my alarm is set for 3:40 a.m.). That is how valuable my time for self-love is and I am willing to do whatever it takes to do that first thing everyday.

Mama, if you are not investing in you, feeling at your prime or fulfilled - it's going to be really hard, if not impossible, to show up for your family and those you care for. They deserve your best and so do you.

You tell me, what's your favorite way to soak in some self-love?

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Take time to sip self-love this month

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