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Applying Road Trip Lessons To Your Career And Life

Our family recently took a 10 day road trip, visiting 9 different states…..during a pandemic! See, the thing is, we are often nice and cozy in our comfort zones, that I believe, gets us stuck in a rut.

While I’m an advocate for routines, I also live for adventure. In today’s episode, I share some integral lessons I observed on this trip that apply to your life and career.

As I mentioned, it can be easy to fall into this trap of our comfort zone and feel as though there are no other options available. Now is the time for you to recognize that feeling unfulfilled and undervalued in your career is not acceptable or “just the way it has to be”! Why not commit to your goals now? If you are ready to implement the strategies and framework that will lead you to success, then let’s schedule your session. There are only a few spots left and there is one with your name on it, friend.

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Happy Friday, my friends who else is ready for the weekend, as you know, if you've been tuning into this show, or if you're new here. Hi, welcome. We just got back from a road trip on Sunday. So we have just been home for not even a week and you know how it is when you get back, you're trying to catch up, do all the things that feel like the world is upside down, but we are making it happen. And I thought as I was preparing to record, today's show that it would be a great idea to talk about some of the lessons or observations that I made while we were on our road trip and how you can actually apply these things to your career. 

On a total side note, I need to make a mental note, not to eat peanut butter filled pretzels just before I'm about to record because my tongue feels tight. And because I just wanted to make you laugh by sharing that random idea with you, because why did I think that was a good idea? I have no clue, but if any of your podcasters, or if you do videos, don’t eat anything with peanut butter in it before you're about to record because it makes it a bit more challenging. 

Anyhow, let's jump into the show here, friends, because I want to drop some gold nuggets on you today. So as I mentioned, we were on the road. We actually traveled to nine States in 10 days. That sounds bonkers. Doesn't it? It was a beautiful lengthy, but beautiful trip. And it was just myself, my husband and my daughter. And we have had this idea to do a really nice road trip for quite some time. But you know, things happen, life happens, COVID happened. And then just trying to coordinate everything. 

We finally decided that it was time we've been cooped up at home for months, right? I think we all have been, and it just felt like the right timing. It was a good time for us as a family. And I realized that when we were on this trip, there were really a few key things that stuck out to me that I see as beneficial as a mom, I see beneficial as a wife and I see to be beneficial as a career woman and a professional in the workforce and as a business owner, because there were some things that really opened up my eyes being on the road. One of the biggest things which I talk about here, adamantly on the She Embraces FEAR podcast is stretching out of our comfort zone, right? I always tell you that in order to grow, we have to go through some pain and challenges.

And on the other side of that discomfort is a beautiful opportunity. And there's great things on the other side of that discomfort. Well, on this trip, you know, it was uncomfortable. There were a lot of things that we didn't know what to expect on the road. We planned for all types of weather. We planned for all types of what, if no restrooms are open because everything shut down and there's no restaurant. So we took, I mean, we took all sorts of food. We took a portable toilet. We had, uh, stuff for the vehicle for all weather conditions, stuff for us. As far as our clothes, we were prepared, but it was uncomfortable because we didn't know what to expect. And so one of the things that I really recognize is that it put all of us outside of our comfort zone, but it also brought us all closer together, which was a really neat thing to see.

But by pushing us out of our comfort zone, I realized that we got to meet so many new people. And of course it was different than I think normal circumstances where you're not wearing face masks. You can't see facial expressions, but we got to meet new people. You know, whether it was at a restaurant, whether it was the person who was checking us into our hotel. And what we learned is that there were so many, many gracious and kind people that genuinely care, they love what they do. They love to, you know, be hospitable. And it was just amazing. We had a couple hiccups on our trip, um, nothing major thankfully, but a few things that could have set us back, like trying to figure out other accommodations. Cause one of them didn't work out the way we thought it would. And we had the most generous kind people and that wouldn't have happened, or we wouldn't have experienced that.

Had we not stepped out of our comfort zone and gone to do something different and then meet these people who were just so warm and really made us feel at home and made us feel like, you know, even though the news and all social media, you hear all this negativity and you hear about all these bad things happening in the world, but there was living proof right in front of us that, that in fact is not true. And there are a plethora of amazing people who are kind and generous and that wants to help you out. So I just wanted to share that nugget because it really opened up my eyes that depending on where we're at in our life and in our career, we might have this limited, uh, focus or this a limited point of view because that's all we're exposed to.

But then when you expand that and you push out of your comfort zone, guess what happens? You see new things, you experience new things. And that's what we got to enjoy was meeting these people who really helped us during a couple hard situations. And just in general, a lot, all the places that we visited, it was amazing to just meet people who are genuinely kind. So that will happen to us in our career and in our life in our day to day. So just think about that in terms of where you're at in your world, um, are you so focused? And so, uh, surrounding yourself with the same things, the same people, the same information, the same content all the time. So that's all you ever feel like that's all that exists and you feel that's the only thing that makes sense. But then when you grab a new book or you, you know, go to a new restaurant, you step outside of your city, you start to expose yourself to different things and realize, Oh my gosh, there's more diversity.

Oh my gosh, there's more opportunity. Oh my gosh, there's other things outside of what is in my bubble that I know about. And I thought that was a really neat experience to be able to share with you because in general, you're just experiencing new things. And that's what we did. We got to visit monuments and national parks and see amazing natural wonders of the world, which was so much fun and such a great opportunity for us. But it also gave us just a new experience together as a family, which was very beautiful. And that brings me to this point of, you know, we're in this bubble that we're comfortable in right now, and we're exposed to the same content, the same news, the same people telling us what's happening around in the world or what's happening in our neighborhood or whatnot. But it goes to show that that limited amount of information that we're receiving really is not true for everything in the world that's going on.

So I found that to be interesting because you hear, you know, bits and pieces on the news of things that are happening in other places. But then when you step outside the boundaries of your, you know, County line, your state line, and go into other States that we visited, it was different. It was different from what the media might be sharing and different than what, you know, social platforms are telling us and all the different sources of information that you get your news from, or you get your updates from. It was very different because when you have the blinders on, that's all you're ever going to see, think about that when you have the blinders on, that's all you're ever going to see. And that's all we focus on, right? Because that's all we know. But when we expand a little bit and we realize, Oh my gosh, there's other things outside of these four walls.

There's other things outside of this one network I listened to, or that one newspaper, that there is other information and that things look different on the outside. So expose yourself to that, learn from it and open your mind really is the point I'm trying to drive here. And that's so true in our careers. Think about the person who's been sitting in the same job, same post, same responsibilities year after year after year after year. And then all they ever know is that one or a team. They only know that one position or that one responsibility that they have, but then something new might come along and they're like, Oh, what's that. But if they are not exposed to it, they would never even know that that opportunity just passed them by. But if we dabble outside of our area of responsibility, then we can start to see, Hey, guess what?

There's this other thing over there that really is interesting to me. Maybe I should look into it and it starts to open us up to other opportunities. And we're not so limited to the resources or the things that we've been blindfolded by, right? Because we're so honed in on that one thing, but it doesn't open us up to other opportunities unless if we're willing to expose ourselves and to realize not to always believe the resources that are readily available to us, and we can start to search for some other resources outside of our comfort zone, our own bubble. 

And one of the other things that I really wanted to share was to talk about connection because when you're traveling in a pandemic it’s definitely weird. Um, you know, not being able to see faces, not to get that genuine reaction out of people, because you say something funny and people, you're not sure if they're really laughing or they're just smirking. I mean, you can't get the full expression. But what I did recognize was that the connections we did make with people, obviously socially distanced, were huge and that eye contact was powerful and just being able to connect with people. But quite frankly, the beautiful part was connecting with my family because of all the distractions of the day-to-day things and our normal routines, we were outside of that element, we were in a whole different world, right. And it just felt so amazing to connect with my family and to connect with new people and to, to new areas.

It wasn't even just connecting with people, which was huge, hugely important, but it was connecting to, you know, these connecting to nature and these new places we were traveling to and seeing the opportunities of just a whole different world in front of us, it was really an awesome part of this trip. And I think that's true in our careers and our professional lives is that we need to find those people that we can connect to that make us push outside of our comfort zone and get us out of that bubble. We're used to sitting in all the time. So I really hope that these are helping you. Um, because like I was saying, I just felt like these things that I observed on a road trip I believe are applicable to us in life and in our professional journeys and the underlying thing here that it just resonated so much for me is that there is so much more beyond what we currently have or that we're experiencing.

And what I mean by that and excuse my voice for being scratchy, those pretzels and peanut butter are kicking in now. But what I mean is that we are in this constant routine day in, day out, we do the thing, you know, check off the to-do list and then we're done restarting tomorrow. But what I recognize that there is so much more outside of that. Right? And I know that, I mean, it probably sounds silly to even say that, you know, that there's more beyond your daily routine and the day-to-day living, but I believe it's so important to mention it because it's easy to forget because when we do fall into the routines, it's like a trap. It's great to have routines. It's good to have systems and be consistent and have those things like a well-oiled engine. I wholeheartedly agree with that. And that's my motto too.

However, we have to give ourselves permission to step outside of that and look beyond that and to see the opportunities of things outside of what we normally do so that we can experience new things. So we can open our eyes to different opportunities so that we can meet new people so that we can take advantage of this beautiful country that we have. If you live in the United States, like we do, we have such beautiful landscapes and beautiful places to visit. And I always w before, you know, the pandemic, we always talked about all these exotic countries we wanted to travel to, which is great. We love traveling abroad as well, but right here at home, we have such a beautiful culture. We have a beautiful country and a beautiful land. So that's what I want to encourage you is that don't take for granted what's right in front of you, but at the same time, look a little bit more beyond and see, is there something else that you can experience?

Can you add a little bit more spark in your life that will excite you and make you find the wonder in the world? Because that's what I'm about. I want to live my life and be happy and fulfilled, and I want to have that for my family, but I want to experience that in all aspects of my life, including my professional journey. And I believe that you want that too. I believe that you are seeking ways to feel fulfilled in your career or in your business. And sometimes it could be really frustrating because you feel stuck or maybe you feel undervalued. And I want you to know that I have been right there where you are. I've felt frustrated, confused, and desperate for change. And I felt like there was no solution that was until I found someone who could keep me accountable, someone who could call me out on the things I was avoiding doing or avoiding saying, and speaking my truth into it and realizing that I wanted more than just what my nine to five had to offer.

I wanted something that was my own tangible thing. And that's how I launched my business when I hired my coach, she helped draw that out of me. She helped me recognize that I was worthy of doing that. I could find a different way to bring in additional income into my family and still have a career, still have my business. And I could have my time with my family, which is sacred to me. I wasn't willing to sacrifice everything. Sure. There's things you have to sacrifice along the way. I'm absolutely, but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice everything. I believe that it's a matter of finding what really makes you happy, brings you joy and helps fulfill you. And that's what I want to remind you of is that I offer opportunities for us to sit down on a strategy call. We figure out where you're at in your path right now, maybe you're ready to take a leap out of your corporate role into entrepreneurship, or maybe you've been sitting in this career.

You know, you want to do something, but you have no idea what you want to do. And you need someone to draw it out of you. That's where my expertise comes in. As I love to help women find what they're passionate about, find what will light them up to design a goal strategy and a goal map of how you're to make it happen. You don't have to feel stuck and scared and overwhelmed in this process. I know it can feel that way, but I want you to imagine yourself walking away from one of these sessions with me, feeling absolutely confident in the strategies and the actions that are going to make you move forward. You don't have to do this on your own. I'm here to support you in that journey. And that's why I'm bringing this episode to you is because I want you to realize that no matter what phase of your career or your business, you find yourself in, there are things that I believe apply in our personal lives and into our professional lives.

And there are so many things for us to experience in both of those journeys that I believe we have to blend them. You can't just say, Oh, this is my personal life over here on column a. And then in column B is my professional life. I believe it's a beautiful blend of both. And that's why I felt that these lessons from our road trip would really be helpful to you. No matter where you find yourself, what stage of your career or what stage of your life you're at. These are things that I believe will open up your eyes to recognizing that there's so much ability and opportunity in this world for us to do things that genuinely light us up and bring us that fire and passion and excitement to do things that make us happy. And we can earn a living at doing those things too. So I just want to encourage you to think about that.

And the last thing I want to leave you with here is to imagine how much of this world, and I'm just going to speak specifically to the US and our own country. Imagine how much of it is undiscovered. Imagine how much of it has been unseen, right? Especially for us. Well, we, as I shared, we were talking about traveling abroad and doing all these other things, but we haven't seen, you know, 50 States in our country. We haven't, and I know that's a bucket list item. A lot of people put on their to do list, which I think that might be one of our goals too. That would be kind of a fun thing to track, but imagine how much is undiscovered. And a lot of the reason why is, as I was sharing earlier, you have these blinders on, you have this comfort zone, we stick to it.

It feels good, but then what are we missing on the outside? And I'm not saying we're going to go outside and experience every single thing in one day to the next. Let's not overdo and overwhelm ourselves. Right? But there is so much to be discovered. There's so much to be grateful for. And for me, it creates a lot of curiosity. And I want to inspire you today to be curious, be curious around your routines, be curious about the things that you do day in and day out. This can apply to your personal or professional life, but think about the things that you are doing day in and day out. And maybe once a day, let's do a challenge once a day. You think? How can you do it a little bit differently? I even heard an analogy used once that we get so mired down into our routines, that you know how when you're driving and you've been on the route the same way you don't even realize you've arrived at the grocery store because you've taken that route.

So many times, you didn't even know if you blew through the red light. You don't know if he cut someone off, like you are just so focused in because it's routine, you know, the drill you show up and you're like, Oh, I'm here. I left the house and I'm at the grocery store. How did I get here? Well, think about that in terms of our day to day things, you know, like I walk around my house and I'm, you know, get into the kitchen. I'm like, Oh, I didn't even like looking up. I was staring at the floor, you know, because I just know the route. I know how to get there. I, I know what chairs not to crush into or stub my toe on, but what are you missing out on? Are you lifting your head up long enough to see the new perspective or to see that something's changed?

And where can you do your own routine? Where can you make just one little switch, maybe use a new pen color. Maybe you grab a different notebook. I'm keeping it small here. So you don't feel overwhelmed, but where can we make one small change so that it feels fresh for you? So it feels new. And so that it inspires you to be like, Oh, this was kind of fun today. And then maybe tomorrow I'll encourage you to try one more thing. And then when you drive to the grocery store, pick a different route. And when you're in your job and you say, you know, there's that project and no one's volunteering for it. Maybe you can say, Hey, I'd like to be a part of that team. Speak up, try something new and see how it inspires you and what opportunities it can bring into your direction.

Because I promise you on the other side of that fear, you're you are feeling, I know it's scary. There is so much growth and opportunity for you, and it will be an amazing experience for you to recognize how you are able to push forward. Despite that fear, gremlin, trying to tell you not to do the thing or not to raise your hand or not to turn left instead of turning. Right? So my friends, I hope this has been helpful for you. It's a little bit of a longer episode, but I did want to be sure to give you the most benefit today and make you think a little bit outside the box, because you know, I'm an advocate for outside the box, thinking, pushing you out of that comfort zone and bursting that bubble, that fear tells us we are stuck inside of. We are not stuck in a bubble. We are capable and strong women, and I'm here cheering you on. I'm so grateful to have you on this journey with me. And I hope that you have a fabulous weekend. I'll catch you next week.

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