• Susie Aguilar


Have you ever felt a sudden yearning for something but you couldn't quite explain what it was?

This past week for me has been one of magnificent energy and a series of events that are just best explained as harmony. I was invited to my first Latina conference and once I accepted and registered, this flow of other events came trickling in right afterwards. It was simply beautiful.

In the past 5 days, I have spent 3 of them surrounded by incredible, strong, intelligent and resilient women. All speaking their stories and sharing their truths about the struggles they endured to get to where they are today. As I heard their journeys unfold, it gives courage to women like me who are getting ready to make big shifts in their lives. It gives us hope, courage, faith and belief that "If you can do it, I can do it!" We relate, we connect and we feel a safety net of women who understand our struggles.

It's confirmation that we are not alone and that together, we are better. With community, we are more powerful and supported. Because let's be honest, change is scary. Fear tries its darndest to keep us "safe and protected" while really, it is keeping us stuck and small.

While I sat there at each of these events, learning about women from completely different walks of life, I learned a few key things that I hope will serve you:

  • We are all unique and there is no other person like us, therefore we each have that one special thing to offer the world that only we can

  • We all have the power to own our voice, the victory is when we choose to use it for a greater good

  • The common mantra was "if I can do it, you can do it", a belief we can all adopt into our vocabulary

  • As women, we often sense our intuition or we have a "gut feeling" and sadly, we are often told to silence that part of us because it's not practical. I was reminded to go with my instincts because they have never steered me wrong.

  • I experienced the significance and need for more community. Being in a room full of Latina's made me feel confident, empowered and like I belonged. When you are in the right place, competition and comparison go out the window, so find your tribe.

There were plenty of other exciting tidbits that came out of these events, but I gotta keep you coming back for more. So tune into a future episode where I share more about how to connect with the right group for you.

P.S. Based on what I experienced, it lit a fire in me to take a leap of faith into something I have never done before. So stay tuned for what is about to unfold.....

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