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This has been my philosophy for the past year and in particular, the last 6 months. As of April 15, 2019 I took a hiatus from social media entirely. And in case you were wondering, it's just a coincidence it was Tax Day!

The true irony lies in in what I shared in my last post. It was a statement I would dig into much more deeply than I could have ever imagined.

"Following your heart will always be the right thing to do, don't ignore it"

While I had not planned or intended to turn off this switch, it was as if subliminal messaging was creating this reality in the background. Something deeper within me was brewing and I just was not in tune with it quite yet.

I remember I couldn't breathe. I needed oxygen. It felt like what I imagine drowning would be like. Scary. Heavy. Impossible.

Until I put my mask on and realized this feeling was self-induced. It was time to take a sabbatical from "the norm" and simply rediscover who I.AM.

Releasing the expectations and owning my voice to face my reality. It's the only time where I would self prescribe isolation and digging into self awareness boldly.

Let's be honest, it is so easy to be distracted by the chaos in the world and in the mean time ignore our internal chaos. In the midst of it all, someone deserves to be heard...

I pushed her away, silenced and ignored her...she finally rebelled and revolted. Quickly reminding me we cannot hush our inner voice, she will speak or if we shove her down too long - she will unleash her fury. Just like a pressure cooker, she will release the steam and you do not want to be in her way.

Be honest, have you been silencing your inner girl? Have you been "shushing" her to behave? Telling her times will get better, you'll get to that thing eventually, this is just temporary, you will take care of yourself later, or it's just for now?

Oh my friend, if this is you, then I suggest you act now. Don't delay, don't redirect or deflect! You need to face her head on and listen to her wisdom. She is letting you know that she matters and in essence, you matter.

I promise you will feel relieved to learn from her as she gives you a raw perspective on what she needs. She will not mislead you, she will guide you and help you discover and unveil things you didn't know were within you.

She is your intuition!

So the next time you get that "gut feeling" or you feel overwhelmed or consumed by external factors, be still my friend. Let that whisper take hold and root you in what matters right now in this moment.

My promise to you is that you will not regret this unorthodox move. You will uncover the things she has been so desperately trying to convey to you.

My inner Wonder Woman was downright furious with me and I had a lot of apologizing and rebuilding to do. As I open this doorway of communication again, I vow to be a reliable source to her and to you. If I keep myself accountable to us both, I know I will steadily show up.

I am genuinely excited for what is to come and unveiling this new chapter. I'll leave you with these fitting words as I step out of my incubation period.

"It is never too late to reform, as long as you have the sense to desire it,

and the strength to execute your purpose." ~Anne Bronte, writer

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