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One Powerful Word Missing In Your Vocabulary! Tune In….

There is a trend I’ve been noticing lately I want to address. Sometimes, it takes a reality check for us to open our eyes and acknowledge where we may need to tweak things just a little bit.

As we sit there thinking of the things we need to do, there is a clear difference in someone who will or will not make progress. The key word is ACTION. Yes, the word of the week is ACTION! I’m spilling the beans by giving you a bit of tough love while also sharing strategies on how you can implement ACTION in your own life.

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We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Hey friends, it's Wisdom Wednesday, and I'm pumped to be here with you. One of the things that I've been noticing when I'm working with some of my clients and just some general conversations I've been having is that there's this trend I've been noticing lately that I want to address on today's show tune in for the word of the week.

I hope that you're curious about this word that is on my mind constantly lately, and that I really hope is going to help you in your business and into your life. But before I do that, I need to tell you, as I usually do miss Wonka decided to come hang out while I'm recording. So you may hear her grumble in the background just a little bit. And I don't know if we're going to compete more with her or with the neighbor's dog that has been barking all morning today, but you know, that's just real life and we all know what it's like to be cooped at home. Right? Gotta let those for babies outside and breathe a little bit too.

Before jump into today's topic. I do want to share two reviews with you from the show that I have been posted, and I just have to be wholly transparent here. I keep forgetting to do this part of the show because I love reading the reviews and I'm constantly reading and checking up on them. Sorry. I appreciate the time that you take to do them. And I just forget to remind myself to share them on the show. So today the first one I want to share with you as a five star review by Jean Marie, 12, 12, 12, and it's titled.

Will leave you determined for change:

"Susie comes off with such passion and energy. Every episode is packed with so much value and life altering content."

Thank you so much, Jean Marie, that means the world to me to hear that this is helping you make some changes in your own life and career, and that you sense the passion and energy behind my messaging, because I really do love what I do.

And the next review I want to share with you as also a five star review by Ashley Carroll and it's titled such a great podcast. And she says:

"Susie is a great podcast host, helping us embrace change and make waves. I love the tips!"

And I appreciate get your time Ashley to share the tidbits and feedback with me. Because to me, it lets me know that I'm on the right path and that I'm sharing things that are a value to each one of you as my listener and change is a huge which thing, right? Especially in the state of the world that we're in right now, we are feeling a lot of change, uncertainty and chaos all around. I want to know that I'm helping you through that. We don't only face that when we're pivoting in our careers and transitioning, but we experience it in all areas of life. So I'm really happy to hear that these been helpful to you and that we can continue this conversation.

And one of the ways that we can continue that conversation beyond the review. So if you do leave them for me, please let me know, because I really appreciate hearing from you. But one of the other ways that we can continue this conversation is with my Facebook group. I recently launched it and I'll be very honest with you guys. I was kind of resistant to doing it because I've been a part of those communities where you just get spammed with stuff. And it's something that just distracts me from other things. And I had a lot of resistance towards it until my eyes were opened up about why I have found values in specific groups. There have been groups that have helped me on my journey with motherhood that have helped me on my journey to podcasting.

There are different groups that have served me in very specific ways. And that's what I want to invite and encourage you to do is to focus in on the things that matter to you. If talking about fear about finding ways to face these challenges is something that you need. And if you're facing a pivot or transition in your career right now, especially with the state of the world and the economy and all the things happening, then this would be the perfect platform for you to come and join us and talk about those things with us. I will share my best tips and advice for you after going through a lot of challenging things in my own life and career. And there's other women in there willing to support you too. It's a community of women who are bold and fierce and who want to be on this journey together, learning from one another.

And then every once in a while, I throw in funny things because you know, me and my corny humor, I love to make you smile and make you laugh. So I would love if you came and joined us, it's called the, She Embraces Fear Movement group on Facebook. And I would love for you to come and join us. So if you head onto Facebook and request access to the group, I would love to have you with us. And I will also link it in the show notes below. So you can just click and tap it real easy and come be a part of this awesome community. All right.

So are we excited and ready to hear what the word of the week is and where my mind has really been focused on lately? I got to laughing about this, cause I feel like I'm, you know, on the Sesame street show and what's the letter, what's the word of the week, right.

But it's true. And I just want to help you with something that I know I've been struggling with and share with you, hopefully a remedy to help you push through it. And I just want to preface with I'm completely guilty of all the things that I'm about to share with you. So it's not that I'm trying to point the finger or make it sound like I have this happen in my own life, because that would be not true. This episode today is going to be all about self love and what it means to truly take ownership and be honest with ourselves. So here's kind of how I've been seeing it. We might be sitting here thinking about all the different things that we need to do, and I've noticed that there's a very clear difference in someone who will or will not make progress. And the key word, my word of the week, I want to share with you is action. Yes, you heard that, right?

The word is action.

See, we can sit around and cast the blame on the world point fingers at everyone else and just play the victim. And then what does that lead to we wallow in self pity. The alternative is we can choose to face the challenges head on. And as my friend says, give it a wink. My friend that shared this made me smile. She's the owner at a local small business here in town called women in tandem. And she shared this message. And I just thought it was absolutely genius because it's true. Why not take a look at all these problems and give it a little wink like I'm coming after you. And I just want to share a shameful plug for her here is that if you live in the city of Riverside in California and you ever just need a space to sit down and hammer out a few hours of work, completely uninterrupted in a high vibe environment, then you need to go check out her space and I'm going to tag her on this too.

And there's this other quote that I've come across in the past that I also love that it says it's to the effect of be such a fierce woman, that when your feet hit the ground, the Devil says, Oh no, she's up. And all of that is me just trying to say that we're not going to just let others or circumstances get in our way, especially the things that we cannot control. And you know that I've talked about this plenty of times in the past, because what we can't control. There's no reason to just focus and dwell on it because we can't do anything about it. Now, listen, I know that the world, our lives and everything just feels completely out of sorts and chaotic right now. Yes, it does. It's terrible. And it's exhausting. In fact, I had a pretty rough week last week, even with some really great things that I had happening, but I just found myself in this pool of self pity and it was not pretty, but I let myself feel into it. I shed few tears and then I told myself it was just time to stop either. I can continue to stay in this miserable mood or I could get my behind in gear, kick butt at what I know that I'm really good at and do the dang thing. And I know that that's gotta be in the back of your mind too.

That is why my friends this week, I am focusing on action. And that's what I want for you too. Once I took action on a one tiny little thing, I felt just a little bit better. Then I went on to the next thing and I felt a little bit stronger. This continued as baby steps each time, but with each new accomplishment, my confidence level was increasing and I was starting to feel amazing. So I want to share with you a couple examples of what that could look like. First one is one that I hear a lot and I'm guilty of this myself. I don't have enough time and insert blank, you know, enough time to work on my business, enough time to spend with the family. How are we going to take action on that? Let's sit down and look at our agenda for the next week. If that feels like way too much looking a week in advance, okay.

Then let's look at just today and you're going to pick one thing that you're going to focus on. That's going to give you a boost then the act of planning and looking ahead and taking off the checkbox is a huge win, especially when we're feeling in the pits. Right? So again, we're going to take a look at our agenda and we're going to pick simply one thing to accomplish. And I don't mean rewrite your entire website and republish all your content. Let's start small. The next example I have for you is you feel sluggish, right? And that happens to me quite a bit. Our action is we are going to move our body. If you're feeling ambitious, then do one of your favorite workouts or go outside for a nice walk. Because one of the things that I've told you here before, and I don't think we're all strangers too, is that nature has a great health boosting benefit to it just on its own.

So even if it's sitting on your patio and doing something easy out there, just something to get you moving is what we're going to focus on. And if that seems like too much and you want to start with something smaller, perfect, then let's stand up and let's do a stretch, especially if you've been sitting behind a computer screen for a really long time, right? For those of us that are working from home we're just jamming on our screens. You probably are sitting there, pay attention. You're hunched over. You're like crouched in. We need to get moving and get that blood flowing. And I'm just going to give you something in my own life that has helped me with that in specific is I have a watch that reminds me, Hey, it's been an hour since you've moved, let's get up. Sometimes I get up and I stretch. Sometimes I get up and use the restroom. Sometimes I get up and refill my cup of water, or I grab a snack, whatever it is, it's small, it's simple, but it gets you moving. And that movement and blood flow not only helps us with that sunk in feeling we might get, but it also helps creativity.

I really want you to use this one as one of the ways that you can implement in your own life to take action. So again, these are just a couple things to keep in mind, but the thing that I want you to focus on is doing something, taking action, but do anything that tiny bit of action and implementation is going to make you feel so good. And then that good feeling becomes contagious and you begin to create even more of that. So how do you get more by accomplishing more things and you see what's happening here, right? It's this ever going cycle that we're getting into? It's just like going up a Hill. It takes more effort to get started when we're at the very bottom of that Hill, right? We start to take small steps, push through the discomfort and maybe a little bit of pain.

And as we push further up, we start to gain momentum and we begin to feel more at ease with more time and more progress. Well, guess what? The same is true for us, with our actions and our life. If we make slow yet steady progress, it is going to make a world of a difference. I promise you that. Now you tell me, does it sound reasonable to implement this in your own life? If you're on Instagram, reach out to me, tag me in your story and tell me about how you're going to take one small action in your own life. Any action, no matter how big or small is a huge win. So let's connect and share ideas of how we are all taking action in our own lives. And as you know, I love to leave you with a quote and this one is a short and sweet one, but I think it hits right on the topic that we are discussing here. And it is by Mohan does Gandhi and the quote States.

"Action expresses priorities"

Now think about that. Action expresses priorities. What we're saying here is that it is important to not only focus on action so that we build this momentum, but it's also defining what's important to us, right? So if something's not important for you, if something's not important for you, then no, you're not going to take any action. You're not going to move forward. And you're just going to sit still and not do anything about it.

It's time to shift that focus. We're going to take action to make progress on the things that are priorities and that matter to us. I'm excited to have you here. I appreciate that you tune in every week and I can't wait to hear from you. I'm your host and my sidekick Wonka over here signing off.

Hey Lovely ~ Before you go, are you wanting to dive deeper on how to embrace your fears and pivot in your life and career? I have a free resource for you!

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