• Susie Aguilar

Perfectionism is my weakness...

From motherhood, home life, career, finances, and all the things in between....I have a tendency to want everything to be seamless. To flow effortlessly and show up perfectly.

As I write this, thinking of the exact words and making certain they are all spelled correctly. The truth is, it doesn't matter.

  • My family doesn't care if our home is sparkling clean 24/7, they only care if I am healthy.

  • My friends who are looking for inspiration don't care if what I share is lengthy or I create a one liner that makes them reflect deeply, they only care if I show up genuinely.

See the bottom line is not the perfect outcome, but instead, its about the journey. It's about the process. It's about the messy middle.

The truth is I stopped showing up because of my desire to "get it just right" or "say the right thing" when really, it doesn't matter. When your heart tugs continuously, its wise to listen because you either tune into it or it will knock you down.

To any of you who, like me, find every excuse to procrastinate on sharing your message and your heart - take it from me - its time to stop. More than likely its out of your comfort zone. You aren't sure. Or you feel scared.

The thing is, its a disservice for you to keep it to yourself and not give hope or inspiration to those of us who need to hear it.

I know, I know.

It's scary. It's uncomfortable.

What's scarier is the fact that your words, your impact, your perspective could be the one thing someone needed to hear to make an important decision in their life.

Through your story, they felt supported, full of possibility, or saw a new way to handle a situation.

It's selfish of us to keep our gifts to ourselves and its time we stop using "perfection" as our crutch. Today, I release my guilt over dotting every "i" and crossing every "t" because in the end, what matters is giving of ourselves to inspire others. It's my mission to help other women uncover it, too.

The world needs our voices of resilience, optimism, and hope. Let's stop worrying less about typos, who may get offended, or our own end game. Let's instead focus on serving, inspiring and rising together.

PS - What this means is you are going to be seeing more of me and if that bothers you, I understand. I appreciate you being here until now, you are free to unfollow my dose of positivity.

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