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ONE Thing Holding You Back From Success Is...

Do you want success in your career or business? There is something that has been holding you back that I believe you may not have even realized. This weeks #wordoftheweek is a HUGE key to helping you choose to stick or skip the goals you’ve been working towards.

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Hey friends, it's a new week and I hope that you're doing well. Thank you for coming back to the show and learning all things, fear related and how we are pivoting in our careers. As we dive deeper into this conversation, there's a particular thing I wanted to talk about today that I felt could really fit the theme that I've been following here, which is the word of the week. I have really had something on my heart that I felt needed to be shared because it's one of the things that when I'm coaching my clients, I see this sticking point almost where we forget why we started in the first place and where our focus should be coming from. And when we're getting ready to make a big transition in our career, it can feel really scary. There's a lot of unknown factors and a lot of things that we are trying to figure out.

Once you start getting through that, there's this process that I believe that we unfortunately sometimes forget to look at or dive into in the process and that my friends, the word of the week is commitment. Yeah. Yup. You heard that right. Its commitment. So now that you've gotten this roadmap, does it, do you know what direction you're going? You know, if you're starting a new business or you're transferring your skills to a different career path. Fantastic. So now you start making these steps and that direction to move yourself into this new opportunity, but then other things distract you, everyone also, as challenges become your challenges, right? If you're a mom, we know how that is with our kiddos, our families, our spouses, you know, family members, all those other areas of our life. And we get distracted, right? And when we get distracted, what ends up happening, we forget about the commitment that we made to ourselves.

And I was curious what the definition of commitment was and it, what it is is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity. So are you dedicated, did to that path that you chose, and if we're making a pivot and a change in our path, and we know that the reason why we're doing it is really a longterm benefit. Are we dedicated and committed to moving forward on it? I know that can be scary. I know that could be challenging. I know it's easy to say everything else is a bigger priority and sometimes that's true. And sometimes we just have to fit things in as best as possible. But what I want to challenge you with is this one thing that stuck out for me because I'm guilty of this myself. So I'm shaking my head, you know, telling myself that yep.

You've been there too, is that whenever for our family member comes to us or a dear friend comes to us and asks us to help them with something or do something for them. When we give them our word, you best believe that we stick to our word, right? I'm sure all of you are shaking your heads in agreement saying, Oh my gosh, yes. Like every time someone else asks me for help, I can't let them down. Right. I can't let them down, which is beautiful. And I don't discourage that whatsoever because when we make a promise, we want to stick to that promise. And of course, with some limitations, but we try our best right. To come through on what we've promised to those people who matter to us in our lives. My question for you here in a reference to this is, huh? How often are you breaking the promises to yourself?

Think about that for a second. How often are you breaking the promises to yourself? Self? Because if you're making this commitment that you're ready to change your life or change your career or make this big change. And then when the time comes to hunker down, get the work done, keep moving forward. Yet you backpedal or you say, no, no, not right now. It's not the time. Um, but you don't do that with anyone else except for yourself. And, and I know that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes, but I've told you in the past that I'm here, not only to support you on your journey, but to also give you that bit of self or tough love that we all need in order to push past our comfort zones and stop staying stuck and frozen and where we're currently at and thinking that we're not able to keep pushing forward because that's not true.

You, in fact can push forward. You, in fact can surpass whatever challenges in front of you right now in this moment. Absolutely. Yes you can. And how you do that is you commit to yourself and you stick with it. You don't deviate. We don't excuses. And we don't say that we're not as important as everyone else, because I believe that if anything, you're the most important person that you must be taking care of. If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of anyone else. It all starts with us. And that is absolutely necessary in order for us to show up for anyone else, we need to show up for ourselves. And I'm speaking this from a place of challenge in my current life. In my current situation, I'm feeling a lot of frustration and inks like an angst about everything that's going on in my world. Feeling frustrated about not getting results as quickly as I want in certain areas and, and getting phenomenal results in other areas. But sometimes we just are our own worst critics. And what I want to remind you of right now in this moment, because I'm feeling this deeply with you is don't stop showing up for yourself. I know that it's hard. I know that there's days where you want to throw the towel and say, I'm done with this. What was I thinking in the first place? Or why did I even begin this process?

Yes, I know.

I know how hard that is. I promise you that you're not alone alone in this journey whatsoever. I'm right here in the thick of it with you. And I want you to know that number one, you are capable. You are so powerful and amazing at being able to set your mind and think of what you want. And then you're going to take those actions day in and day out to make it happen and make it a reality. We're not just imagining these things and then not doing anything with it. You are actually going to do this. I believe in you now it's time for you to believe in yourself and to commit to yourself and show up for yourself because someone in this world is waiting and depending on you to share your message, to get the words out that she or he needs to hear so that they know that they're capable, too.

So keep pushing forward my friends, I know that this can be challenging, but I do want you to know that you're not alone. And that if you find yourself in this really gritty situation right now, and you're feeling overwhelmed and consumed, and just unsure of where to go, I've told you before that you're alone. And if you need a little extra help with that, and you're just not sure how let's have a conversation, you can reach out to me. You can send me a message. And I would love to be able to sit down with you and help you gain some clarity and help you map out what these next steps should be looking like for you and your own situation and needs to be customized to you and your needs. This isn't some boiler plate, you know, template that you're going to download off of the internet.

This is a conversation that you need to have to really be able to dive deep and understand what are those root challenges that you're faced with, understand where you're currently at and where you want to go. And then we map out a beautiful plan for you to get there. That's how I can help you in this process, because I know exactly where you're at. I know how it feels to be stuck somewhere that you feel unfulfilled and you just want to do something completely out of the box. And you want to be that professional rebel. I know I'm, I'm smiling ear to ear because I envision myself in your shoes too. We're in this together. And I would love the opportunity to be able to help you overcome this hurdle in your life and help you start seeing the possibilities and help you see what an amazing journey you have in front of you. And we'll lay it all out together.

So again, let me remind you that the word of the week is commitment and it's time for you to commit it's time for you to commit to your dreams. It's time for you to commit to that thing that you've been holding back on saying that you know, that you want to do something that you're ready to start that business. You're ready to make that leap, but you just keep holding back. Not any more. My friends. This is the time for you to dedicate yourself, to making this a reality and no longer waiting for permission. You are your own permission slip, and I hope to be a part of your journey and to see you follow it through. I'm so excited. Thanks again for tuning in, and I'll see you on Friday. Have a great rest of your week.

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