• Susie Aguilar


I didn’t understand the magnitude of the situation until I heard my husband describing it.⠀

I really struggled to even share this but what pushed me to do it is maybe I can help one woman pay attention to the signals of her body. Because to be honest, even when we sense something is not right, we try to be brave and push ourselves harder to prove a point or come across strong. Sometimes, it’s necessary to just say we are not okay.⠀

The short version of what happened is I lost consciousness twice in the middle of the night. I woke up with severe pain in my stomach, radiating up to my shoulder that made me feel paralyzed. It took me, what felt like an hour, to push myself to a somewhat sitting position.

The first time, I fell off my bed and broke my toe (yes it’s okay for you to chuckle because that’s the only humorous part of the story and we all crack up when we talk about it).

The second time, I thankfully was in my husbands arms and he carried me to safety. Without a doubt my Superman 🦸‍♂️ ⠀

As I came to, his face was terrified as he was calling 9-1-1. ⠀

The fear. The pain. The unknown.⠀

It scared him to unimaginable depths, but boy did he keep it together amazingly well. ⠀

I was hospitalized for a couple days while they ruled out surgery and I received around the clock care. It was pain and fear like I never felt before (and yes, I did have my daughter naturally - this trumped that pain hands down!)⠀

As I listen to my husband describe what he saw unfold, God, I am grateful for this man. He caught me, watched my eyes roll back as I lost consciousness and he says how scared he was that he was losing me. He ran around the hospital as I screamed in agony and there was nothing he could do. I felt selfish as I heard his view of what happened.⠀

My heart broke for him and I beat myself as I realized that had I just woken him up instead of “muscling through”, the situation may have been a little different.⠀

And while funny now, my fall from our tall bed could have resulted in a much more serious injury. The poor man doesn’t get a wink of sleep anytime I barely make a move in bed. ⠀

What I hope you hear from this is that as fierce as we want to be as women, we also need to recognize that getting help is not a bad thing. ⠀

Please, ladies, do it for yourself and for those who love you.

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