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Have A Case Of The Monday Blues? Tips To Uplift Your Spirit!

When we work in the corporate arena, typically we work a Monday-Friday schedule. We may experience the “Monday blues” after the weekend and dread the mundane routine of going to the office. Does that sound about right? If you are shaking your head yes, then this episode is for you!

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Alright, now let’s jump in!

If you’ve been hanging out with me here for a while, you know that I share two episodes per week on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. This week I wanted to give you an extra BONUS episode because of that dreaded return to work on Monday’s. It can leave us feeling deflated and simply frustrated.

Today, I want to focus on how to help you find ways to uplift your spirit when you start to feel this way.

  1. Do you feel this way EVERY Monday? If you said yes, what is causing you to feel this way? A coworker, a particular project, or the people you work with/the organization, maybe it’s toxic? If you are nodding in agreement to all this then it might be time to consider if you need to find a new job or make a transition in your career journey. If you are surrounded by a lot of negativity, then this might be the best option. If you said, no, I don’t feel this way every Monday, then let's take a deeper dive.

  2. The next question is what is it that has you down? Is there something specific you are anxious about like a project or task you need to address first thing Monday morning? Or are you worried about the current amount of workload you have? If you are saying yes, then it might be time to have a discussion with your team about how you need help on this particular item. If things are keeping you up at night, you’ll feel limited and hindered. If you are feeling this way, my tip is to speak up and ask for help.

  3. Let go of worry on Friday. When I was working in the office, I used to feel flustered over the weekend thinking about what meetings or urgent things I would need to address come Monday morning. If there was a big presentation or meeting, I wanted to show up with my A game. After a while, I finally implemented a step that truly helped me. I would give myself 30 minutes Friday afternoon to write out the top priorities for me when I came in on Monday. I would print out my schedule for the following week and write these priorities on there so it was all in one place. It reduced my anxiety and helped me feel “at ease” when I left the office on Friday’s.

  4. The last suggestion is to look on the brighter side of things. Sometimes it feels disappointing to have to show up after the weekend. What I want to remind you of is that you can look at the good side of things and recognize how your work has been a good thing in your life and the pieces of it you actually look forward to.

Before I wrap up, I want to take a step back for a moment. The first question I asked, if you answered yes, I feel like this every single Monday Susie! Then my friend, I want to remind you to stop settling. I know I am saying this having no knowledge of what you do or what your life looks like. But I truly understand what it’s like to live a life that feels unfulfilling and dissatisfying. Think about it, we spend the majority of our lives in our jobs and if we feel discontent about it, how can we allow it to go on.

I simply wanted to take a moment to remind you that you don’t have to just tolerate that J-O-B and that going after a new passion or career that lights you up is absolutely okay. Sometimes we need permission or validation and I want to offer you this. My friend, you have authority right now, in this point in time, to make a decision. You can choose to stay right where you are, disappointed and dreading showing up at a place that undervalues you. ORRRRRRR you can in fact choose to take the first step towards creating a new path. At the end of the day, the choice is truly yours and it’s up to you to decide to live a life you love or stay unhappy where you are.

I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart, I am not trying to judge your actions. We all have a choice and my intent is to simply remind you that you are more than capable of making a change in your career that feels right to you. Yes it will feel scary and uncomfortable, but as you know, I always say on the other side of pain is major opportunity for growth.

Wondering how you start? You dig deep, you reflect, and you bring someone in from the outside that can be a mirror and support as you begin your journey. That is what I can offer you, accountability and the belief that you CAN in fact do work that you genuinely enjoy. Don’t let fear stop you! Through our sessions together, I will help you peel the many layers of what’s holding you back, help you create a roadmap to achieving your next level, and I will keep you accountable in the process.

Imagine 6 months from now, you are in a new career path or started that new business and you are absolutely filled with joy. No longer dealing with the Monday blues and instead, living life to the fullest. That my friend, is the result of us working together and I would be honored to be a part of your journey.

I only have a few appointments available left for the end of the month, so get in quick so we can start right away! Book here: https://www.unorthodoxbusinessmom.com/strategysession

To close us out, I want to leave you with this quote from Albert Schweitzer who says:

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.

Thanks for tuning in, I’ll see you in the next episode.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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All My Love,

Susie Q

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