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Let Go Of Perfection & Keep Showing Up!

Friends, can you believe it’s May 2020? Where in the world has the past 4 months gone? Oh yeah...a bit of quarantine life can get us lost in time right?

Seriously though, am I the only one who feels that every year seems to fly by quicker and quicker than the previous year? I’m imagining you sitting there raising your hand with me :)

Earlier today I was writing out a bit of a vulnerable message I wanted to share about my perfectionist tendencies…anyone else have a problem of letting go of all the details? As I wrote it and released the way I was feeling, I realized that at the end of the day the thing that matters is sharing our gifts. If your are a blogger, podcaster, mother, wife, daughter, teacher, and so on - it really doesn’t matter just how “perfectly” phrased we say things, it’s ultimately about the meaning and impact of the message.

With that said, you might see me show up around here a little differently.

You may or may not know that I have a podcast (brownie points if you do)!

  • And I realized that this is hours and hours of FREE valuable content that is available at the touch of your fingertips, but I don’t talk about it often.

  • And I realized that maybe someone out there really needs to hear the messages of encouragement or the tips I share to shift you.

  • And for that, I am sorry.

I am sorry because I didn’t think anyone was listening until I realized over 250 of you are tuning in! Many of you keep showing up and it’s my commitment to keep showing up for you.

Guess what, the same is true for you. Even when you don’t know if anyone hears a word you say or reads a message you share, there is at least ONE. They may not tell you, they may be silently watching, possibly afraid, and they look to your voice for reason, hope and that touch of a silver lining you offer them.

So my friend, I tell you this so you’ll keep showing up the same way I’ve promised to show up for you. Because for the one woman I can give hope to today, it could be 2 women hearing it tomorrow. I encourage and urge you to KEEP SHOWING UP.

Even if the silence is deafening,

even if you think your message may not matter,

even if the naysayers show up and say it’s nonsense.


With that, I want you to know that whether or not you see a message from me here every week, you will be able to find me consistently encouraging you to keep pushing forward on my podcast,

She Embraces FEAR.

True to the name of the show and what lies in my heart, I show up despite the fear, despite the silence, despite the unknown. I see the downloads, subscribers and reviews rolling in so I know that it MATTERS. I am obligated to show up for those who need it. The beautiful part is that I absolutely love the podcasting world and it’s becoming more and more effortless the more I show up. Like anything else in our life, if we practice, we get better with time.

Doing a podcast is like that.

Sharing our voice and message is like that.

Being consistent is like that.

No typos, no naysayers, no self-doubt should hold us back anymore. We are the unconventional ones who think outside the box and do things differently.

It’s time to start acting that way.

As I hinted at in the beginning of this message, you may see things shift around here going forward. I plan on sending you one message a week where I’ll share a little overview of what’s happened in podcast land for the week and how the episodes may help you. If they resonate for you, great, go listen in. If it doesn’t speak to you, no worries, hopefully a future episode will. Or maybe, it doesn’t really help you BUT you know someone struggling with the exact challenge I’m speaking about. Then can I ask that you please share my email or episode with them to help them find hope? When we know that someone is thinking of us, it sure does make us feel good.

At the expense of letting this email drag on too much longer, I’ll give you the cliff note version of what happened over on the She Embraces FEAR podcast this week.

On Wisdom Wednesday, I prompted you with a question my holistic doctor actually asked me on my recent visit. Tune in as I reveal the important question we should be asking ourselves, especially during times of isolation. It’s a question that we tend to easily overlook or answer casually, that I truly hope you’ll take some time to think about it and reflect.

Then on Friday’s episode, I left it raw! Meaning no editing, no fussing over it being perfect, I truly left it alone…..GASP - my inner perfectionist flipped out! Hhhhmmm…in hindsight, I guess there was a theme for the week. Say it with me, we let go of our desire for perfection! I know the struggle is real but remember, we are in this together.

Now to the nitty gritty, let’s be honest - the world feels heavy right now. Whether we are in a pandemic or not, the truth is that there are voluntary and involuntary things in our life that affect us. On this episode I shared some tips on the things you can consider evaluating in your life. From the things you listen to, to the people you hang around - they all impact the energy around us. Surround yourself with uplifting people and your energy and vibe automatically rises. Enter a space with the negativity swirling and you can spiral downward quickly. By taking this inventory of what you are allowing to enter your world, you’ll recognize the things that bring you happiness and the things that drain your energy. You can control this space and it’s time to surround ourselves with what brings us joy.

Oh and if you are new to the show, here’s the flow. On Wednesday’s, I give you a short and sweet episode to get you thinking outside the box or give you a bit of inspiration. Then on Friday’s I typically give you a lesson or idea to consider, along with some action steps you can take to implement it in your life or create change (aka growth).

If you’ve been tuning in and enjoy it, it would mean the world to me to hear from you. I want to know what’s helped and what else you want to hear from me. You can reply to this email and tell me all about it. If you are feeling EXTRA generous, an iTunes review would make my day! When you rate and review my show, it makes it more visible to other viewers. If you find it in your heart to do that for me, I would deeply appreciate your time.

Well friends, it’s about that time to go enjoy some quality time with my family to wrap up what’s been an extremely beautiful week full of love and laughter. I hope you have a wonderful week and I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

PS - Just for fun, this is our wild chocolate Labrador, Wonka, doing what she does best!

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