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Have You Fallen Into A Black Hole Lately? Let’s Take You From Feeling Loss To Winning!

My friends, I have to keep it absolutely honest here and tell you I found myself trapped in the despair of the world. I didn’t want to show up on social media, I didn’t want to talk on the phone, I wanted to curl up and just space out….am I the only one? I’m sure it didn’t help that I got slammed with a migraine to top it all off. I get a sense most of us have felt a sense of loss or lack of motivation during this time. Are you with me?

If you said yes, it’s time to flip that on its head because we can no longer allow ourselves to sit in this space any longer. Today, we are going to shift from what you may have lost to instead focusing on what you are gaining during this once (I sure hope) in a lifetime experience.

As I worked my way back into humanity again, all I craved was to live with intention for those closest to me, spend quality time with them, and get lost in their company. It’s why I decided talking about it was much better of a release than internalizing or ignoring it. The way we feel through all this is not right or wrong, it’s exactly what it needs to be. Don’t get down on yourself for feeling any particular way, we all process things differently. What’s important here is that you allow yourself to process things at your own pace so that then you can move forward.

Why you ask?

Because if I could take a guess, you might be feeling down or that yucky S-word……STUCK. I don’t want you to get stuck here and feel like there is nothing good in sight. Hence, it’s why I am challenging you to think about where are you winning when it comes to this #quarantinelife. Think about it.

Are you spending more quality time with your loved ones or are you reading some good books (ps - if you have any great ones to recommend I would love if you shared them with me. I’ve been on a reading frenzy myself lately!)? What are those things you are gaining that before all this, let’s be honest, you weren’t making space for? And now - you are definitely gaining some new skills or enjoying an old past time. Maybe it looks like gardening, coloring, home projects, organizing photos, the list can go on and on. The key is, there is no right or wrong answer here, just take a little time to reflect on what are those things you are enjoying now that you probably didn’t make time for before.

Dive deeper into this topic by tuning into today’s episode.

I offered a bonus question and content about embracing our childlike behavior…..it’s a good one, I promise, go tune in!

Just like on the show, I’ll wrap up with a quote by Margaret Atwood,

“There’s always something to occupy the inquiring mind.”

This is the true lesson in today’s message, you can choose to occupy your mind with anything you like. If you seek the good or bad, you are sure to find it. Why not focus on the things that bring you joy and happiness versus focusing on the doom and gloom? Either way, you will get what you are looking for and I hope you search wisely.

Now tell me, what are you choosing to focus on?

Take a screen shot of the episode or this post and tag me with your takeaways and what you are going to start focusing on.

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