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Feel Like A Failure After A Mistake? 3 Tips For Growth

If you’ve ever felt like a failure because of a mistake, this episode is for you! My belief is that through the most challenging and painful events, we have the most opportunity for growth. Today, I share a quote to help you find the silver lining no matter how many times you bump your head. I share 3 pointers for you to implement in your life that will help you recognize how to flip the script.

Here, at the She Embraces FEAR Podcast, we are all about pushing past our comfort zones and conquering fear. It may feel uncomfortable or awkward, but once you build a little momentum, all bets are off. You are going to soar as you learn to embrace the lessons in your journey instead of dwelling on the negativity. Fuel yourself with today’s quick recipe to achieve fulfillment in your life.

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


Have you ever felt like a failure, maybe you made a mistake or you bumped your head a couple times? I want to share with you a couple pointers on how we can learn and grow from these lessons. If there's one thing you've probably learned about me throughout our journey here on the, She Embraces FEAR podcast is that I love all things positivity and I enjoy sharing quotes with you. I have this little box of quotes that I got on Amazon. And it's just a little box that has a variety of images and sayings in there that I absolutely love. And when I feel like I need a little bit of inspiration, I'll open the box, grab a card out of it and see what it's telling me for the day. Well, I pulled a card out yesterday that I thought was a really great thing for us as women, for us as business owners, as career professionals, I think it's something that is very relevant in many areas of life.


I thought it would be a great thing to share on the show today. And I want to make sure I disclaimer again that miss Wonka is hanging out here in the office with me and I already hear her huffing and puffing. So just a fair warning that you might hear her in the background! The card that I picked this week stated:

"Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons."

The pointers I want to share with you are:


1. First, when we feel like we may have made a mistake or something went different than we

planned or visioned, we need to learn how to feel into it. And it's actually okay for it to let it

bother us. It might make us angry. Maybe you feel a little bit disappointed, but the thing is

that if you don't recognize what the issue is, what the root of it is for you, then you're going to

be in denial. You're going to maybe avoid it. Have you ever avoided a problem and been

like, Hmm, no, that's a mistake or that's something I'm trying to not really pay much attention

to or focus on, but then what happens? It comes and rears its ugly head later on. So we

definitely don't want to do that. We want to acknowledge it. We want to be aware of it and

just understand, okay, this is the situation. Here's where I'm at and recognize that.


2. The second point or I have for you is that when it comes to fear in particular, that's what tends

to hold us back and keeps us afraid of trying something new because we're just afraid that

we're going to make a mistake. So essentially fear holds us back. And that's one of the things

that I try to emphasize to my clients, my friends, and the people that I care about. Even

though we feel scared, even though there's uncertainty, what's the harm in trying something a

little bit new, maybe something outside of your comfort zone? That's a little bit different. Yeah.

It's going to be scary. Yeah. You might bump your head. But again, that silver lining is that

it's not about the mistakes because they're going to happen. Things happen all the time, but

what lesson are we gaining out of it?


3. And that's what leads me to my third pointer for you today is that if you do bump your head,

that thing happened that you didn't want to happen. Right? We're going to learn how to dust

ourselves off and keep on moving forward. We have to look at the silver lining. Yeah, it

might hurt. It might be painful. It might be a financial hit. It might be taking yourself into a

whole different direction that maybe you weren't planning, but think about everything that's

going on in the world.


Everything that's maybe going on around you. There are so many events that could happen, right? We've got a pandemic. You may have experienced a health event. You may have a life event that makes you switch gears. Every time something happens. I guarantee you, if you took some time to reflect on it, you would see that, "Oh my goodness. Guess what? I actually was able to redirect what I saw as a mistake into an incredible opportunity. One door closed and another one opened." Why can't we see it that way? Why can't we find that positive perspective? And when we see things from that positive point of view, why not take a look at it as flipping it around and finding the value in that lesson? That's where I would really love for us to focus on because it is easy. My friends isn't it easy to just fall down that negative rabbit hole and just get caught up in all the bad things happening, whether it's personally to you or just around you? It's easy to get sucked into that vortex and that downward spiral, but we are not going to do that are we?


We are going to find the little nuggets of positivity wherever we can. And even if things go sideways, you can find, I guarantee, there is one little piece of silver lining in that situation. Maybe it's a financial thing, if it's just your perspective on something, it does not matter. I promise you that if you dig deep enough and you reflect and you're very open-minded, you will be able to find that little piece of opportunity that comes out of bumping our head in the journey that we take as we're growing, because that's part of growth too, is we have to stretch. Well think about when people work out. Think about when you're flexing a muscle, when you flex and you stretch. When you lift and you carry the heavy stuff, did you know that your muscle is actually tearing?


And that with that tearing that's what allows the growth. That's what it allows it to expand. Well, the same is true for us. We might have to face some giant situations. It might be a little painful. It might be a little bit difficult and challenging, but I guarantee you what, on the other side of that hurt and pain is going to be incredible growth, transformation, opportunity. The list goes on. So I just hope my friends at this is helping you to open your eyes, see things from a little bit of a different perspective. And I just want to leave you with these words that I've heard often shared in the past. I don't know a specific author to it, but it's a message I've heard recurring over time and that's that.


"Life is happening for us, not to us."


So keep that in mind, it's happening for you, not to you. And you get to dictate what that looks like. You get to decide how you're going to move forward. Either you can stay firmly planted where you are and not make any movement, progress, or transformation, or we can decide that we're ready to start moving forward on that next pathway. I am really hopeful that this message is resonating with you. That you can find the little nuggets and the silver lining that light you up every single day. I'm grateful that you've tuned in. Thank you for coming and hanging out with me. I hope that you have a beautiful day.

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