• Susie Aguilar

Finding Your Support System

Mom & I goofing off as usual

Friday was  #nationalbestfriendday and the number one person who has been with me NO.MATTER.WHAT. has been my mama. You are my whole world and I am so blessed to have you be not only my Mom, my best friend, my confidant, but you are the reason why I do everything I do. You have been my inspiration through everything.


Regardless of the hurdles you faced, you ALWAYS persevered and the impact that had in my life as a child growing into a woman then becoming a mom is priceless. I don’t know if I could truly ever explain how much you mean to me and how your journey pushed me to want to do more and be more JUST. LIKE. YOU. 


If there is one picture to describe us best, this right here sums it up. I'm a major goofball who my Mom laughs at constantly. But we know how to have a good time.


From being there at all my sports games, to me taking you bar-hopping in Miami, while battling cancer with a toddler, to when I was figuring out how to be a mom myself - you have been there through it all (even when I was a brat and didn't appreciate you).


There are not enough words in the world to describe and share just how much you mean to me. I can only hope that my little girl will look up to me someday the way I have always looked up to you. 


I love you so much and happy best friends day to my #1. 

I share this in hopes that if you are looking for a mentor, a confidant, someone to understand your struggles, a support system is an important part of the process. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a Mom like this and I realize how fortunate I am. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a tribe who has your back, who pushes you past your limits, and shows you that success is possible. Whether you are shedding a tear, laughing hysterically, or just need some inspiration - you have found a place here without judgements. YES, you are capable, you are strong, and you are fierce. I hope as you read these words you feel my energy. I want to make a difference, take action, and share that with the world. Let’s not be self-limiting, let’s be empowering together!

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