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Feel Like You’re Drowning In Chaos? My Secret, Revealed!

Between the chaos in the world and all the challenges around us, it gets exhausting. Learn to honor and be kind to yourself.

Today, you’ll learn:

  • My #1 secret to handling the chaos and challenges

  • No decision is permanent or final, we can always pivot

  • Find a community for the season of life you are in

  • Learn to honor and be kind to yourself

  • Your decisions are your own, do what feels right for you

If you’re like me, community during this time of isolation was something I was terribly craving. I decided to launch the She Embraces FEAR Movement Facebook group to bring us together for candid conversations as many of face different pivots during this season. Come on by and hang out with us.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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Susie Q

~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Between the chaos in the world and all the challenges happening around us. I wanted to take a moment to share with you and reveal my secret to no longer drowning in the chaos and honoring ourselves. Come on into the show.

Are you wondering what the secret is that I'm about to reveal to you? I know that right now, especially if you have kiddos, a lot of us as parents are challenged with figuring out the schooling situation. Are they going to school? Are they not going to school? You're trying to figure out, are you working from home? Are you not working from home? And just trying to keep up with everything that's happening around us, whether it's pandemic or any other time of our life or season of life, should I say where things can get so chaotic? There is something that is really hard to embrace, but I believe it's a secret ingredient, in my opinion, to helping us get through the chaos and not feel like we're drowning.

Not only trying to maintain my full time job working from home thankfully. I also am building my business. I'm also recently just transitioning into my daughter, going to homeschooling style. We are not going with the traditional option that our school district offered us here in California because it just wasn't working for us. And we just didn't feel confident in what we were seeing them communicate with us. And that's just a very personal decision. That's the other part of this is that whatever decision that you make for your family. And I'm just going to speak specifically to schooling, because I think it's a hot topic right now. If you choose to send your children to school beautiful, like I'll tell you here in California, in our County, we are not allowed to send our kids to school yet. They are not allowing them in person schooling.

Well, that was very limiting in what we could do, which made it a challenge for us to try and see what are the options available to us. And what I want to focus in on is whatever decisions you make. Again, the secret, the remedy, the ultimate way to handle this is to give yourself grace. We are in a season of such uncertainty and unknowns right now that this is not your normal, you know, schooling situation, don't fret and stress and panic about your decisions. I was, and I'm just being fully transparent here. I was very concerned and I was overwhelmed and I was stressing out and I was researching for hours on end every night after work and going bonkers, trying to balance it all and figure out what I was doing. And then I just stopped. And I recognized that I was working myself up into a very negative space.

And I just needed to say, you know what? It's got to go deeper than just, you know, the surface level of panic. And at the end of the day, if I'm being fully transparent about it, no decision that we make is permanent. It's not final. If this homeschooling option that we've selected for our family just does not work for us. Then you know what? We have the choice to change it. We have the option to redirect. We have the option to say, Oh, that one didn't work. All right, let's try something new or, Hey, school's open up. Great. You want to go to school? Then let's go back to school. Nothing is final. And that's what I want to help you in this hectic chaotic season is to remember, to give yourself grace and to remember that not every decision is final. We can always course correct.

We can always do things just a little bit differently or find better solutions. And that is something that we can embrace. We can show our families how we can pivot. And it's just a great way to recognize that we're just trying to do our very best. And that's what I hope that if you're in this season of madness and chaos and figuring out schooling that it's okay, you're not alone. We understand as that we're trying to balance and juggle and do it all, but we can't, we can't do everything for everyone. And then neglect ourselves on top of that. So give yourself grace, do our very best and just chat with other moms.

That's what's really helped me through this process is learning from other moms who have been through this experience and that I've been able to learn from. And I just want to invite you that if you are looking for a community where you can have an open and honest conversation, please come join us over in my new Facebook community. It's called the she embraces fear movement group. And you can go on there and chat with us. Talk about the different fears that you're experiencing, because I believe that right now, a lot of us are experiencing challenges and fears around making the right decisions. And all that does is limit us and holds us back. I know want to be able to help you through that. And this is a different season for all of us here. I don't want you to feel like you're alone and it would be a pleasure to have you be in this group with us hanging out and just having a good conversation with likeminded women who are on different journeys in their life. So come on in, hang out with us and let's have a conversation about how we can all give ourselves a little bit of grace during these seasons of madness and chaos happening around us.

And it's not just now I promise you there will be other seasons that will probably feel the same way, and we need to learn how to manage that. And we need to learn how to be kind to ourselves and honor ourselves through this process. I hope that this has been helpful for you so that you can start to recognize that the season that we're in is temporary, whatever it is that you're facing, won't be forever. And that it's okay to honor ourselves. It's okay to have grace with yourself. And to remember that we're just going to keep marching forward. We are strong women. We need to recognize how much we have been doing up until this point. And that I believe we're all doing our very best with the circumstances in front of us. And it's okay. And you know what? The other thing I really, before I wrap up here is to say that your decision is not going to look like anyone else's and that can be, you know, your schooling for your kids, that can be your profession and what career you choose or what type of business you launch. It looks different for everybody. Don't let someone else's fear or judgment hold you back, keep pushing forward. Keep looking ahead at the next thing that you want to work towards and keep moving forward. Have grace with yourself, through the process, understand that you're not alone and come and join us in the Facebook group so that you have other women who can support. You have candid conversations with thanks for tuning in, and I'm your host, Susie Q signing off.

Hey Lovely ~ Before you go, are you wanting to dive deeper on how to embrace your fears and pivot in your life and career? I have free resources and tools for you in the She Embraces FEAR Movement Group, come join us!!!

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