• Susie Aguilar

Fear, Panic, Stress and Money During Crisis

The world feels as though it is in full fledged crisis mode right now, doesn't it?

Maybe you've noticed how someone else's reaction or panic has a trickle effect on you. Or maybe you realize how fear and stress has set in as you hear the headlines unfolding daily. Fear, panic and stress are highly contagious - let alone the actual Coronavirus itself!

We are truly observing how the fear of the unknown can have such a major ripple effect. The thing is, while we are hyper-focused on this one thing right now, this is an epidemic in all areas of our life. Fear is a liar and has created a snowball effect that has impacted us all.

With the sheer state of chaos, I felt it was appropriate to point out a few things we can do to:

  • personally choose a new mindset

  • be aware of our actions

  • consider financial tips to help us get through these times

  • implement ideas on how to get through a new routine while we quarantine

Some parts of Friday's Episode 12 are a little tongue-in-cheek because it is my belief that when things get somewhat crazy, we need a bit of humor and laughter in our lives to distract us. A good hearty laugh is great for our soul.

If this episode helps you and you know someone who it can help, please share it with them. It's as simple as texting them a link to put their mind at ease and feel a little bit more in control of their emotions. This is a time where unity and compassion will help us rise together. It would be absolutely amazing if you could leave me an iTunes review as well, this helps other ladies like you find the show.

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If you enjoyed the tips on today’s show, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on the freebie I made for you! Take a deeper dive into how you can acknowledge, understand, and embrace the fears you are faced with. The questions in your FREE handout will help you on your journey, grab it here.

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