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Discovering The Leader Within You

Did you grow up believing leadership was strictly for those of elite status? I know I did and yet, I recall some pretty significant people in my life that mentored me who were humble, kind and caring. They impacted me in positive ways and I never felt threatened or beneath a status. The truth is, being a leader is purely about influence. Today I give you a sneak peek at how you can discover the leader within you and how to use it to help others.

Right now, the state of the world is loud and in our face. During this or any other crisis, we have to choose if we want to move forward or take a step backward. This is why I believe you, yes YOU, have the power to develop yourself and influence or guide others.

What is leadership? Simply put, according to my friend, John Maxwell, leadership is influence. Leadership is influence...

Okay so what is influence? Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. Hhhmmmm as a mom, the first thing that came to mind is I’m constantly influencing my kids. And that teachers are incredibly talented at effecting our kids in classrooms. Then I considered how the greatest mentors in my life have been leaders too and how it didn’t require some fancy title or status for me to listen to their guidance - they were simply helping me grow or see a different perspective through their influence.

Wow! Are you as stunned as I am?

I believe most of us have been taught that leadership is some lofty pie in the sky status we can’t achieve. Honestly, as a woman, I was led to believe leadership was unattainable. That if I wasn’t a white male in the corporate arena I couldn’t be a leader. In the home, a man made the money and the decisions, while us ladies are the homemakers.

What I’m getting at here is that these were false beliefs instilled upon me as a child that influenced my thoughts and actions. Thankfully, I was surrounded at different points in my life by incredible women who showed me I was capable of so much more. And it was their influence and ability to help me shape a new perspective that led me to realize just how important each person has been in my life. And that each person, good or bad, can be a leader based on whether or not they influence your thoughts or behavior.

This brings me back to my experience with John Maxwell's teachings. If leadership is influence and influence is effecting someone’s behavior or character then maybe we just call it IMPACT or HELPING or GUIDING others. I know not everyone feels comfortable being called a leader or influencer, but maybe you’ll relate more to being a GUIDE or MENTOR. The point is don’t get hung up on the label of a “leader” because it’s about the end result, not the status. And in the state we are all in right now, we could use some good, positive influence don’t you think?

Much of the world feels like it’s contracting, withdrawing and potentially stepping backwards. It’s why the importance of creating traction and forward movement is so important otherwise we get consumed by distraction. Not only do you need this, but those around you that are watching for your guidance, they need to know who they can lean on. Sure, we need safety and there are plenty of precautions and guidelines available to us in order to care for our health. The step forward we need to take is in paving the way in who we are going to become after this. How are we going to show others around us that we will get through this and we are not alone.

Maybe you’ve known for a while that it’s time to pivot and you just need to hunker down and take action. Sound about right? Are you ready for me to mentor and guide you in developing your road map towards a successful business or career move? Rather than get frustrated without making progress on your own, we can work together to build a strategy that works for you. Stop putting your dreams and desires on the back burner, go here and schedule your FREE discovery call with me today!

Are you fired up and ready to guide those around you to help them feel heard and understood? This is your time to pave the way for those who feel lost or alone. Extend your hand and reach out to the people who need your positive light to shine on them.

I would love to hear how today’s message inspired you to take action in your life!

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