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Disconnect To Reconnect! Why Unplugging Is Vital!

Have you found yourself consumed with all the hustle and bustle? We are taught that busyness and being connected constantly is a necessity. Today, I challenge that theory by sharing how it’s abundantly necessary to disconnect in order to reconnect with what truly matters to us.

Stop feeling tied to a device, distracted by all the noise and give yourself permission to have some white space in your life. After all, creativity and connection are two of the powerful outcomes you’ll enjoy. Who doesn’t want to focus on the meaningful moments and deeper connections you’ll form by putting your devices down?

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


Hey, beautiful friends. It is a different kind of episode today. I have a little bit of a bonus episode for the reason of disconnection. And maybe that sounds kind of weird to you, but what happened if you tuned into my episode last week, Friday, that was actually my 10 year wedding anniversary with my husband. We are in Southern California and everything related to COVID has completely changed from one day to the next. So essentially, any plans or attempt to try and go do something to celebrate our anniversary, were completely off the table. Our plans got switched around, which was fine. You know, there was no problem with us redoing stuff and trying something a little bit different. However, there was a huge lesson in our, or should I say not our, but in my ability to just say I wanted to fully disconnect from pretty much the world this weekend.


And I dabbled here and there on a couple things that I wanted to watch, but otherwise it was a fully disconnected weekend. And I got to fully enjoy my time with my husband on our anniversary. We were very fortunate and where we got married, they still had our dinner reservations except we had to sit outdoors. And quite honestly, for me, I thought that that was so much better to be able to sit outdoors. And the odds were in our favor!


We actually got to sit on the same exact balcony where we got married and it was absolutely beautiful. We had the most amazing time together. We reminisced about our wedding day and the energy that we had between us and the connection we had. It was very strange, you know, with the tables, spaced out, wearing our masks and all the things that have changed for us in the world when it comes to this pandemic.


However, none of that mattered. Having the opportunity to sit there with my husband, enjoy a beautiful evening, just kicked off our weekend to be absolutely beautiful. After our beautiful dinner. On Friday night, we came home and we had family time with our daughter. We had to tell her the bad news that our plans for the weekend had been canceled and she was bummed. Cause we were going to go see one of her friends, but you know, it all worked out in the very end. And the reason why I say that is because as I have just been really acknowledging the changes that the pandemic has created for us in our home and our families and our work life and all the different areas that get affected; I have, and we saw this trend coming that more things are going to get shut down again. I started to think of how can we really enjoy when we're home.


Now, this is just a little silly thing that I did, but I ended up getting us a projector screen and projector so that we could watch movies inI our backyard. I mean, we have the perfect setup where we have our pool, a little fire pit, and we can just hang out outside and enjoy our yard instead of being cooped up in the house, right? Because how many of us feel that way now? So I ended up doing that for our anniversary. I got it. My husband and my daughter had no idea. And we spent our Saturday morning as a family together, building a frame of where we were going to set everything up. We had to go buy the parts. We had fun building it together and we were fully connected. And that was the beauty of this disconnect to reconnect concept that I want to share with you by stepping away from social media, the news, the TV, all the things that consume and distract us, my family and I, we got to connect on such a deeper level.


And by us sitting together, building this thing in the yard, goofing off, laughing as things went flying, and we were just having a good time together. Not only was our connection deeper, but we were giving each other full on attention. And we were really focusing on what matters, which is being safe at home and being together. And, you know, in the end it just was this beautiful combination of priceless moments that we enjoyed throughout the entire weekend because we ended up hanging out in the backyard from Saturday morning until the next day. We actually camped out in our backyard! Randomly spur the moment, had no plans to do it. And we just did it, which was beautiful because it was really fun to just hang out in our yard. And it was kind of crazy cause it was 4th of July and you could hear all the fireworks from everyone that wasn't supposed to be doing them. But it didn't matter.


It was a time for us to be together, to enjoy each other's company and our teenage daughter who, you know, teenagers, they have a different type of personality and attitude. She was smiling the whole weekend, the absolute entire weekend. She was smiling and enjoying herself and having a good time. For me, that was just a huge win. See her enjoying herself, not being stuck in her room, you know, hiding out from her parents. She wasn't stuck to an electronic device and ignoring us. It was family bonding, time to a whole new level. We were swimming and goofing off and laughing and it just got us to really enjoy family time together. So I really hope that you can find ways to integrate how you disconnect in your weekends or other days, whatever your structure looks like, but find ways to do that.


And one of the other wins for me that was massive is I got a brand new book. That's almost 400 pages. Okay. 400 pages you heard that right. And I got it Friday afternoon. I started reading it Saturday morning and I got through over half of my book in two days! You guys, that's incredible. That is just me completely diving into this book. And it's a book for my health and wellbeing. So it's something that's going to absolutely serve me in an amazing way, but ordinarily a book that big, gosh, I would read like maybe a few pages a day because that's part of my morning routine is I like to read a book as I wake up and are you kidding me? I spent hours this weekend just reading.


And it was so sweet on Sunday morning after we all came in from our little camping adventure in the yard, my husband and I had been hanging out in the family room and we were both reading. I was reading my book. He was reading his, and then my daughter woke up, of course, right. Teenagers. They wake up later than us. She came in, she saw us reading, went and grabbed her book because she's a bookworm too. And we all sat on the couch and read for probably three hours straight all of us together. So we didn't even have to say anything to one another, but we were all connecting. We were all sitting together. It felt really nice. It was quiet. And we did something that wasn't based in an electronic. I mean, how wild is that for us to be able to say that, right? And I just, again, I'm sharing this because I hope that you will realize that there is immense amounts of a value and demeaning in other areas of our life that we can enjoy. We can truly enjoy and find different types of things to focus on that don't require electronics.


That don't require us looking at other people's social media accounts and living vicariously through them. It's okay to do that stuff. But at the same time, it's so valuable to focus within ourselves and within our homes. And I just wanted to encourage you. That's why this is a bonus episode because I absolutely felt this desire to share this message with you fresh off the weekend and get this to you so that you can try implementing this sometime this week. Even if it's just half a day, you know, where you focus on doing something else, that's not the normal thing that you would do with connecting to electronics of some sort.


And when you do get back on here, then come in, tune in for the other two episodes that I'll have for you this week. One is in reference to how we feel when we have change and how we can learn to thrive and not just survive. And then the other episode is going to be related to fear of judgment and how do we stay strong?


And to wrap up this bonus episode, you know, my style, I always have a quote for you that I love to share. And this one is from Arianna Huffington. And she says.

"Disconnecting from our technology to reconnect with ourselves is absolutely essential for wisdom."


I absolutely love the idea of how we can disconnect to truly reconnect to ourselves, to our families and to the things that matter most. I hope that you have a beautiful week, my friends! I'm your host, Susie Q and my crazy sidekick Wonka signing off.

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