• Susie Aguilar

Disconnect to Reconnect

Enjoying our 8 Year Anniversary dinner at a local historic hotel

Be honest, do you ever find yourself constantly reaching for your phone, jumping to every DING, and wondering if your last post was a hit? Come on, we all do it. Really….we do. When I find myself in that place, where the alerts or fires around me are choosing my priorities, I realize I need to take a step back. Many of you reached out a couple days ago for our anniversary and for that we are truly humbled and I’ll be sure to get back to you soon, I promise. On our anniversary, my hubby and I chose to truly disconnect to reconnect. Huh? I surprised my wonderful man with what he thought was going to be a date night, instead with an overnight escape at a local historic hotel. We had a 2 hour dinner, where we listened to the birds chirping, enjoyed the summer air, and listened to sweet music during our meal. We took photos to recollect a few moments, but no social media, no email checking, no texts pinging = NO CONNECTION TO ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF US. And the lovely thing about it…we got to enjoy great conversations from our goals and dreams in the coming years to silly things that made us giggle. We spoke about how we want to spend our 10 year anniversary, that we should plan something big from our bucket list. The point is, we reconnected by disconnecting from the day to day things we normally fret over. We literally escaped for a short time and that sparked a new way for us to enjoy each others company. All this to say, when you find yourself in that space of chaos, STOP! Take a deep breath, walk outside for fresh air, and reconnect with something that you are passionate about. Have a conversation with a loved one, read a chapter from your favorite book, sit down and play a board game with your kids, whatever sparks your joy - indulge in it and mute the notifications around you. I promise you won’t regret it and you’ll want to find ways to do it more often, trust me I already am.

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