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Designing Your Own Roadmap To Success

Imagine you are headed on a road trip with a vague destination and no map….you could drive in circles or take a really long time trying to find the end point. The same is true in our life and career, if we aren’t sure what direction we are headed and why, then we are aimlessly working towards nothing. Well that’s frustrating and pointless.

Over the span of a few weeks, we have taken and will continue to take a journey in helping you navigate how to get clear on your WHY and gain clarity. I have first hand knowledge and experience that if we don’t know where we are headed and the reason behind it, we will sit stuck and frustrated.

As a recovering perfectionist and a natural born analytical person, it can be hard for me to take a step forward without having EVERY detail mapped out. I’m here to tell you that until you get crystal clear on what your end game is and what you are working towards, the details are meaningless and if anything only creates more chaos! Yes, you heard that right, chaos.

That’s why I designed this series of episodes to help you get UNSTUCK! You know I am all about building your confidence and giving you resources to help you. Dive into this series to create a baseline to designing your roadmap.

First, we gotta hunker down and pinpoint our values and vision to gain clarity. These areas set the foundation to prepare you to develop some actionable goals to up level your life and career. I’ve got you covered in episode 30! Before we jump into more tactical tools, you are going to answer 3 questions to set the foundation.

Now that you’ve got your framework with your vision and values mapped out, are you ready to jump into the nitty gritty of goal setting? Great, let’s jump in!

You know that feeling you get when you set your mind to do something and the sense of satisfaction you get when you’ve achieved it? Yup, that jump for joy moment is exactly what we are after in episode 31. I am teaching you how to break down your big ideas into smaller bite-sized chunks and simplify the process. With my goal setting techniques, I’m going to help you rock your life and career success!

Now that you’ve gotten this far, let’s press pause for a moment. If you’ve dug into both of these episodes and done the exercises, it’s time to CELEBRATE!!! My friend, by you investing your time in yourself, you are going to see a major shift in your momentum. That deserves a round of applause and if you know me by now, add that to your list of WINS for the day! YOU ARE DOING THIS!

Ready for the next step? Awesome, now lets start to structure our day.

In episode 32, we dive into how to maximize your 24 hour day. Full confession, I got a little nerdy on you! Bare with me though, I guarantee it’s going to open your eyes to endless possibilities.

I walked you through an exercise to write out the hours in your week.

Intense? Maybe.

Worth it? 100%

To give you a glimpse into my own results from this exercise, I realized that after being honest with myself about where I spend my time, I actually have a lot of time available. Once writing out the essentials, non-negotiable and other categories where my time is invested, I have a whopping 17.5 hours of FREE time! Holy moly, say what?

Wouldn’t you want to find extra pockets of time in your day to dedicate to the things that matter most to you? Maybe it’s reading a book, getting fresh air or taking that course you’ve been thinking about? Whatever self-care looks like for you, this will be the catalyst to helping you work towards that reality - evaluating where you spend your time and how you might be able to shift things around.

At this point, does your desk look like mine? Piles of papers or sticky notes scattered all over the place with all these ideas….yeah I feel you friend. It’s precisely why episode 33 was born, to help you create a snapshot of the steps you’ve taken and keep those values, vision, and goals safe in ONE spot.

No more sorting through mountains of documents to piece it all together. Following my suggestion on this show is going to bring it all full circle and have it be front and center in your mind. It’s my version of recapping the journey to helping you build this beautiful road map.

My intention is to help you start designing a life you love, on your terms, your way. We don’t need to live based on someone else’s expectations, opinions, or rules. We want unstructured success the unorthodox way.

That’s my promise to you.

We aren’t cookie cutter and made to fit in a mold! My desire is to help ambitious women like you to step out of your comfort zone and help you define what success and fulfillment mean to YOU. I am honored to be on this journey with you.

One of the best tools I frequently mention is having an accountability partner and someone who will be your rock as you work towards achieving your goals. If you don’t have a person in your life you can reach out to, I truly don’t want you to struggle. It’s why I am so passionate about helping women push forward in their journey. I give you some tough love, but as your guide, we make progress. If you’ve been on the fence about how to achieve those goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Book your call with me now and lets start moving forward together. 

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