• Susie Aguilar


I have always been the type of woman who has believed in others even when they don't believe in themselves. When I see a woman completely lacking confidence, I am drawn to helping her find that one grain of positivity to boost her. It's something that comes naturally to me. I feel it in my heart and soul.

The irony is, I am beyond confident and excited to share that with women who need it, but I've been hiding something. I have been scared to say that I am "officially" a coach who wants to guide women. I have been helping women naturally for the majority of my life. Yet when you shift to making it your profession and specialty, your nerves sabotage you! Y'all, I'm serious, I have mentored women professionally for almost 15 years and have helped women build their confidence as long as I can remember. But why is it that when we are ready to make it "official" - we poop all over ourselves? I mean, seriously, we freak out and stop ourselves in our own tracks. Can you relate?

Well my friends, that's called fear. This sabotager doesn't raise its ugly little head until you start to get out of your comfort zone. Fear enjoys safety, routine, the norm - thats its way of protecting you.

As you begin to teeter totter on the edge of trying something new, rest assured fear will show up to put the kibosh on it. The beauty and power comes from showing fear who is the boss and doing it anyway. Don't let fear keep you small.

Why does that matter? Because I am scared as heck right now being vulnerable and telling you I am right now announcing that I am officially opening the doors to making an impact in the lives of women. As a coach and speaker, I want to teach women how to follow their hearts even when they feel scared. My passion is to empower women and make them shine. If I can do it, I promise, you can do it! And together, I will show you how.

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