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Fear Holding You Down? My Secret Weapon To Combat Fear!

Fear is a liar! It likes to keeps us stuck, scared, and stagnant!

On today’s episode, I am revealing my top secret weapon to combating FEAR and show it who’s the boss!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real!

Likes to keep us comfortable and thinks it’s protecting us from harm. It's doing its job, keeping us safe.

Challenge is, it's like that overprotective parent who doesn't let their kid do anything then as the child grows up - the parents wonder why the kiddo rebelled and got into tons of trouble. I remember that as a kid growing up and I'm sure you can think of some examples of seeing some of your "innocent" friends go off the deep end.

Imagine, the same is true when fear limits us and keeps us small. When we finally break free we can be too risk-averse, taking on too many challenges at once and then possibly hitting our head a lot on the journey.

It hurts and can be counterproductive. All that excessive risk can then make us not want to have any more risks ever again.

So how do we push through without going too far?

My secret weapon??? Take slow, consistent, messy action, baby steps, small simple, first steps. We gotta start somewhere.

Think of a baby learning to walk. They attempt to take one step and fall. Boom. They get up and try again. Maybe two steps and falls again. This is a cycle that happens over and over. What's happening inside is the baby's brain is figuring out "okay if I move my leg like this, turn my body this way, then I go a little further." It's calculating every time.

The same is true for us as we work towards achieving our goals. We take a baby step and maybe it's not the best experience, but we did it. Okay, try again. Neat, got a little further and I'm gonna try that again but tweak it a little more.

As we adopt this method of baby steps and trial and error, we are learning more and gaining more confidence. Then we start to move a little quicker as we get more comfortable with those first steps.

This is MOMENTUM! Just like the baby who was scared, you took sloppy action and guess what? You made some progress and pushed passed the fear that was holding you back.

The added bonus is that you just expanded your comfort zone because now fear knows you are safe trying those steps you just mastered.

Think of how that impacts you over the long term? You'll make massive progress if you continue down this path consistently.

Remember - when fear shows up, it's just trying to intimidate you to stay small and play safe. It's time for you to show it who's the boss! YOU ARE!

Every woman should have a secret weapon.

~Wonder Woman movie

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