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Afraid To Lose Your Career Identity? How To Make A Pivot!

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The thought of losing our career identity can feel painful. We’ve worked for multiple years to become an expert, all to let it go for something new? Recognize what signs to look for and use my key strategy to expand your abilities beyond your traditional career.

This can be a tough challenge for some of us.

Let's say you've been working in your career for over 10 years, achieved your Bachelor or Master's degree, and you decide that this just isn't for you anymore.

You know you want more, not sure what, but you gotta figure this out.

The first thing that comes to mind is "I've worked so hard for my education and to get this far in my career, how can I ever give that all up?

This can feel like a hard pill to swallow. Or maybe you recognize the value you have to offer in a different way but your friends and family are saying you're crazy for giving up the security you've established for yourself. You're wasting your talents, your seniority, your education and all that effort you put into your career. Any of this sound familiar?

I know how that feels and it can be pretty disappointing to have these thoughts or to feel as though you have no support.

As you know, I love to always look at things from a different angle. Rather than seeing a degree or career as wasted, I believe you can pull out some key things.

I call them transferrable skills. For example, say you are currently a teacher. If you are overwhelmed by the way the traditional classroom has changed, how much harder distance learning is and the overall challenges you are facing - you may be considering what other options you have to making a living or adding a supplemental income to your portfolio.

In a classroom setting, you already design a plan and curriculum for your students. This is something you create continuously.

You could take these same exact skills and do private tutoring for kiddos. Or you can design an online curriculum that you could sell to parents of children who are homeschooling. Or you could design workbooks and worksheets to help parents keep their kids engaged in some sort of school work during the summer. The opportunities are endless.

The key is that you are using a set of skills you have already mastered and applying it to a setting where you control the platforms, how often you get involved, the style of teaching and so forth. The beauty is in recognizing that your skills, no matter how unique you think they are - can absolutely be used in a different setting if you allow yourself to explore just a bit.

So while we may fear losing our identity of our careers, the truth is, you are expanding it to be something so much greater! Think of how many more lives you can impact? I think it's pretty powerful and I hope you do too.

I also want to remind you that while you may be gung-ho about this transition, not everyone is going to get it. The reality is, they are not in your shoes, don't have your experience, your dedication and quite frankly sometimes people choose to try and keep us down so we don't grow beyond their own potential.

With that, I truly do hope that you recognize the value you have to offer the world. The opportunity you can take to use your current skills and apply them to that dream job or business you've been secretly thinking about. It's time to put your feet to the fire, dig deep into where you see yourself going, and then take that first step. It can be as simple as researching how to get started in that industry. Once you open your eyes to the possibilities, I promise there will be no stopping you. I believe in you, you got this!

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Your beliefs are the architects of your results

~Christian Simpson

You are not your job, you are not defined by your career. If we lost it all tomorrow, are we done? Do we disappear? NO! We recognize how to adjust, use our current skillset and make something new with it. Now it's time for you to start believing in that so your results demonstrate that. Otherwise, you will always be stuck in an identity that maybe no longer serves you.

After you tune in, if you’ve been shaking your head in agreement, then it’s probably time for us to chat. Maybe you’ve taken all the free courses and webinars, done countless hours of research, and you just cannot seem to be able to drill down to figure out where to go next. Sound familiar? I hear you and I want to remind you that bringing me in to give you a fresh perspective can really make the difference in your journey. Let’s set up a time for us to chat and help you with your breakthrough.

Let’s continue the conversation where you can learn more free tips while having a good time with like-minded women. Join us in the She Embraces FEAR Movement group.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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