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Circumstances Got You STUCK? #1 Way To Break The Cycle!

Feeling uncomfortable? Facing a transition and you feel scared? When we get pushed out of our comfort zone, we can feel uneasy and awkward.

Sometimes, we may even retreat or get stuck in denial. Today, I’m sharing the word of the week which will help you face the obstacles and stop feeling stuck or limited.

We gotta start somewhere and after this episode, you will learn that taking the first step is key.

Nodding your head yes as you tune in? Then it’s time to bring in someone with a fresh perspective. I offer 1:1 strategy sessions where we can hammer out a plan of action that is going to set your momentum on overdrive. If you’re ready, then head over to https://www.unorthodoxbusinessmom.com/contactme and let’s get you on the books for August before all my slots fill up.

If you’re like me, community during this time is what I have been craving. I decided to launch the She Embraces FEAR Movement Facebook group to bring us together for candid conversations as many of us face different pivots during this season. Come on by and hang out with us.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Welcome back to the show, friends. I hope that you're having a great week today. We are going to talk about another word that I think we need to add into our vocabulary. I'm noticing this trend on Wednesdays. I am doing a word of the week and I'm kind of liking it. So I hope that you are too! Come on in and let's talk about the word of the week.

Well, friends this week, I am sharing something with you that has just been on my heart. Something that I've been observing in my own life. And I think that it can help a lot of us in this journey because the entire world is really undergoing a lot of transition, a lot of change. And when we're faced with new things, it can feel really uncomfortable. This week's word of the week is gonna really help you with that.

And I'm going to give it to you for my own perspective of what's currently happening in my house. So if you guys noticed the quality of today's audio might sound a little bit different. And the reason why is because I have my fan in my office at full throttle here. And the reason why is because over the weekend, our AC decided to poop out. And what that means and looks like for us, living in Southern California is we have been in the triple digits for at least a week now just about straight. And it's burning up over here. And I don't mean that just figuratively, but literally we're having massive fires in our state, which is terrible. But the thing is that our house is feeling like a sauna up in here. So yeah, the quality may not be perfect. And I hope that you'll pull through with me on this because I want to bring you content that matters and that's valuable to you.

And the reason why I share this as, because we have to adapt, right? When things change when sudden changes occur in our life, or we need to think a little bit differently over time, we learn how to adapt. And that is the word of the week. Well, with our AC breaking, it's not been fun. We're trying to figure out repairs, but it's taking some time. So we are without AC for a few days while we're trying to get parts and the things that we need to cool off again. But the thing that I want to focus on here is that planned or unplanned, we over time learn how to adapt and looking at a dictionary definition of what adapting means is we are making something suitable for a new use or a purpose. Maybe we're modifying something we're becoming adjusted to new. So we're basically finding a workaround, right?

In my own words, I see it as we're finding a workaround or we're finding a way to cope and deal with the situation at hand, think of the entire world, the entire world right now has been flipped upside down and everything, as we knew it has completely changed. There's no stability. No, everything's the same as it was. It's completely changed for us. And in fact, last week, my daughter and I were driving around, um, to the store. And as we were driving along, we both were just taken a way by the amount of businesses that are either completely shut down, or you can tell, I don't really know how they're surviving. And it was very disheartening to the two of us.

She said something to me that really stuck out. And it really blew my mind as her mom. And it gives you that awesome aha moment of like, yes, I'm so proud. Like this is my own daughter, right? That saying this. But she just said to me, "Mom, they're adapting. We all are." And what she was referring to is that we had seen some businesses, especially restaurants here in Southern California. We can't dine inside. So they're creating these environments outside with popup tents and these big gazebo type contraptions, right? Where you as a customer can still go and get your food. And it looks very different and it feels very different. A little, um, stores had popups outside and nail salons, right? Everyone's trying their very best to sustain their businesses. And while it's disheartening to see all the loss that's happened in a lot of the businesses. And of course we can't let any of that overshadow the impact it's had on our livelihood.

The thing that was really eye opening for me and for her was just that they're adapting, you know, and we all are trying to adapt. So the first thing I want to tell you is that yes, it can be a struggle. It can be hard during these times and it's okay to feel frustrated. It's okay to feel overwhelmed and to sink into that for a little bit. But then we have to make a decision. There comes a point where it's time to decide you're at this fork in the road. Either I'm going to continue on this path of feeling worry and fear and scared and uncertainty and let that dominate me. Or I can go to the flip side and say, okay, this isn't ideal. This isn't the perfect situation, but I know I need to do something about it. I need to handle it and do something with what's in front of me, right, to play with the cards at hand.

Well, that's where adapting comes in is you look at things from a little bit different perspective and you see where the challenges and struggles are. And we just started to come up with a plan, build a little bit of a roadmap. Okay? Like I'll give an example that I believe affects a lot of us as moms is our kids in school. The kids are in school, but we have no idea what's going on. Right? Like all the school districts are completely different across the U S they're all over the place. Some are communicating in advance, some are waiting. Some are waiting until the last minute others or somewhere in between, some are online, some are virtual. It's just all over the place. Right. And then some of us are like, Oh, forget it. I don't know what they're doing.

I'm homeschooling, that's us. We're in that camp because we felt uncomfortable with what the school district here was doing. And we weren't being communicated with very frequently. And I'm a planner. If you guys have learned one thing about me, I'm so far on this journey is that I like to plan things out. And I know I can't have everything perfectly planned out. That's not my expectation, but I do like to be able to have some things in place so that we can do what's best for our family. Anyhow, that's a whole different rabbit hole. Right. But what I want to share with you is that as parents we're having to adapt, we're having to figure out what's going on in the schools. What are we doing around us? Are you letting other people influence you? But those are things that are very personal decisions.

So don't wait out on someone else to give you the best advice ever, because is it really going to be the best advice it's going to be the best advice based on their needs and their family situation and their child's learning style. But what we can do is a little bit of research. What we can do is a little bit of digging in and okay, this is what the school's offering. What are some other options? If I don't like what the school has to offer, what are the things that I can do to make this a smoother and more comfortable transition for my family? And as you go through this process and you start thinking about it, guess what happens? You start to get a little bit more openminded you start getting a little bit more creative. And the key thing is just taking that very first baby step in that direction of trying to figure it out.

It's not going to be perfect. It's not going to be like, Ooh, I planned out the next six months because that's not realistic, but we can plan from, you know, the moment that we're in right now and look at how we can start to move forward. Because if we just stay still, we're going to stay right where we're at, nothing's going to happen. And if anything, I've heard a saying where they talk about that when you're not moving and you're just standing still, you're basically dying. And that is alarming to me to hear that. But I believe that it's very, very true, because if you think about it, if we're not moving, if we're not growing, then what are we doing? Are we just sitting there in the dark? Are we just in denial? Are we just sitting in fear? We have to find ways to start moving forward.

I was actually just talking to my cousin, who lives in Arizona today. And she was saying, how you know, we've been in this roller coaster ride for six months now it's exhausting. And absolutely it is exhausting. So instead of focusing on the thing yeah. That we can't control, right? You've heard me say that before. It's time to reel it back. You can get close to home, focus in on what matters and start to ask those questions on what you can do to help your situation so that we can start to adapt so that we can get comfortable with this new way of life. Because this Seesaw process that we're going through, I personally don't see it changing overnight. Like you hear people say, Oh, I can't wait until things are back to normal. What a month from now, two weeks from now? I don't know if that's really so let's plan for the unplanned, right?

Let's figure out how we can make things work as best as possible for our current circumstances and our current situation. I'm giving an example that I think is relatable to a lot of us because of the kids and the transition with school. But I believe this to be true. If you're looking at taking a leap out of your career and you're like, Oh my God, where do I start? How do I even begin this process? This is applicable in all areas of life. And I just want to remind you that this is something that you don't have to do alone. I know it feels like it's overwhelming and that we have to figure it out and get to the nitty gritty details by ourselves. But that just makes it more overwhelming. And then you just get stuck in your own head about what the right thing to do is, and I'm here to remind you that you don't have to continue on that path, that you are actually able to design and build a roadmap for your own journey.

We don't have to make it look like everyone else's. We don't have to follow the rules, right? And the boundaries that everyone else tells me, my belief is that we should be designing our own strategy, our own roadmap to pivoting out of our careers and making it work for us because it doesn't look the same. And if anyone promises that they have this bullet out roadmap, that's going to be a hundred percent for you and you can leave your job tomorrow. Let me tell ya that is more than not true. And I just want to let you know that you don't have to struggle and continue to stay on this hamster wheel all by yourself. I love to help women find the thing that makes them so happy in their life, that they can envision themselves taking that next step into starting their own business and figuring out how they're going to do that.

How do I go from my study career that I've been in, into this unknown unchartered territory for me as a business owner, I know it's scary. I know that it feels impossible, but I tell you what, if we sit down together and we build this roadmap tailored to you and your needs and what works for you, you're going to see how it's actually a reality. So I am excited to be offering professional rebel coaching, where we design and build your own exit strategy plan. That is custom tailored to you. I just want to, again, like, I've always told you, you don't have to do this on your own, and it feels like a lot. So let's book an appointment for us to sit down, have a conversation virtually of course. And that way we can just work through this process together. Maybe you just need a one time conversation and we can do that too, so that you can get your thoughts together and figure out what makes sense for you.

But I don't want you to keep struggling because it's frustrating and it's time to adapt, right? It's time to pivot. It's time to see what are the options out there for me in this climate, because everything is so different. If that sounds like you reach out to me, I'll put a link in the show notes so that you can book your appointment with me. I would be honored to work with you. And again, I'm super thankful that you've been tuning in. You all are loving the show, loving the content and exciting news. We are almost at a thousand downloads and I'm super excited about that. So thank you again for your continued support here, and let's keep the conversation going. You can come and join me in my Facebook community at she embraces fear movement, and we can continue the conversation. Thanks again for tuning in I'm your host, Susie Q signing off.

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