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Stop Letting FEAR Keep You Stuck! 3 Ways To Break Free!

When was the last time you tried something new? Truly, think about that, when was the last time you gave yourself space to do something a little different? In today’s episode we are talking about how fear likes to keep us in our safe bubble and realizing when it's time to expand our comfort zone.

I am sharing with you 3 strategies you can implement in your life to push through your fears and identify ways you can expand your personal growth journey. We are chatting all things mentorship, community and educational resources. STOP feeling stuck and START making progress in the areas that matter most to you. You are intended for greatness. My friends, no more settling, no more waiting, start now.

My goal is to help you go from feeling stuck and frustrated to feeling fulfilled and making progress towards your goals. Sometimes the IMPLEMENTATION part of this is the toughest part, you know what I mean? That’s where I come in and help you by being your accountability partner and mentor you on your journey. I’ll help you dig deep on how you can work towards achieving your goals successfully. Book your strategy session with me today!

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


Happy Friday. My lovely ladies. I am excited to be here with you today. I wanted to talk about the sticky topic that you know, I love to talk about, which is fear and fear likes to keep us stuck! Today, I'm going to narrow it down to three things that will help you break free from fear in the area of a self investment and new opportunities.


Ladies, I am absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for all of you. If you caught up with me at the beginning of this week, I dropped a bonus episode sharing with you on how amazed I was by a number two ranking that the show received. In addition to hitting almost 500 downloads since sharing that news with all of you, I've gotten nothing but incredible support messages from all of you sharing how excited you are and how much you're loving the show. I am ecstatic to tell you that we are actually beyond 500 downloads now, and we're almost at 600 now. I am absolutely consumed with gratitude. And I can't believe that we've hit this milestone in the show. And I wanted to take a moment to say thank you, to tell you how much I value and appreciate you all for tuning in and for checking in with me, letting me know what is serving you.


Now let's talk about that ugly monster fear, because it really likes to keep us stuck. Doesn't it? And for me, you know, that is something I love to hone in on in the show is talking about, well, how can we navigate fear? Today, I have a question for you to start us off. When was the last time that you tried something new? Now it can be anything that's really small, like maybe just trying a different food, a new food that you've never had before. Or it could be something a little bit more bold and bigger, which could be you signed up to take a new course. That's a pretty big step.


The reason why I ask you this question is I tend to notice, and I believe this to be true, not just for myself, but for other people that I learn from; the things we tend to focus on, whether good or bad they can grow, right? The things that we focus on are going to grow just like when we plant seeds and we nurture and fertilize and water it. As much as we tend to it, it's going to continue to grow. If we neglect it, it doesn't grow well. I also believe that it attracts things, because as we grow we are radiating positivity. Well, when we radiate positivity, then we start to attract other people with those positive vibes with us. Well, guess what? The same is true for the other side of that. If we're in a constant negative state, then we're going to attract more negativity around us. That's not to say that good or bad things can't happen in the midst of both of those scenarios, but it's to say that more than likely, I believe that we tend to attract what we're focusing on. And we also grow whatever we are focusing on as well.


I believe that's so important because when we're on this personal growth journey, your awareness is going to be increasing. And that my friends is the perfect opportunity for you to hone in and start discovering what self investment in yourself looks like for you. The ideas and list of things I can think of for self investment are plenty. But today I want to share just a few things for you to consider and think about how you can implement them in your life.


That's why I want you to really think about when the last time was that you tried something new. And the reason why that matters is that it first and foremost expands our comfort zone. It doesn't keep us in this cozy little bubble that fear has created to protect us and essentially prevented us from growing. So when we expand our comfort zone and we bust out of this fear bubble, then it leads us to growth and expansion. Isn't that what we've been working towards. We want to grow, we want to expand and we want to beat fear, right? So let's walk through some of the ways that you can do that by investing in yourself. And this can be applied to whether you've been thinking about switching careers, starting a new business idea, or maybe you're just moving somewhere completely different. This applies in our personal and professional lives.


The thing that I want you to hone in on is that making a commitment to be open to the new ideas and that all of that starts within us. We have to claim it. We have to commit to it. And then we show up for ourselves in order to get ourselves prepared for these big shifts in our lives. We have to start small. That's the thing I want to emphasize. Don't feel like we have to start climbing mountains on day one. It really can be a small, simple thing. Think about going and doing a Google search on something that you're researching or considering that you have in mind. It could be that simple or another great example is you're here listening to a free podcast, right? My mission is to add value in your life, help you think of new ideas. Think outside of your comfort zone and push you to think a little bit differently.


It starts small. It's that simple with these little actions that we can do. The reason why we do that is we want to start easy so that we can get ourselves ready for that next level. We have to take the baby steps first. Let's just put it this way. Would you sign up for a marathon next week? If you've never run or walked a long distance in your life, I'm guessing you're shaking your head, no. In saying that well, I definitely would be disappointed trying to do a marathon, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I have not conditioned myself or prepared myself for that type of journey. The same is true in the other aspects of our life and our career. We don't want to just jump and dive into the furthest destination. We have to start to build up along the way.


Now you're getting ready to do that Google search and start your discovery of how to invest in yourself for that journey you're on. Well, what are you going to look for? Where do you even start? That might be some of the questions you're asking yourself. I'm going to share three ideas for your consideration.


The first one, who do you know that is doing something similar to what you want to do? It could be someone in your inner circle, someone that's near you or maybe it's someone that you've watched their growth at a distance, but you'd like to get to know them. Well, why not reach out to them and see if they are willing to share their knowledge with you? A lot of people that have made progress in their own careers have a gift of wanting to share their knowledge with other people. Most often, if you ask, you may get some help in discovering how they got to where they are or any ideas that they might be able to share with you which a simple Google search may not provide us. The question that you might be wondering, well, how do I do that? Think of it this way, who is one or two steps ahead of you? Then that person could be a mentor for you. Having a mentor in your life can be a very rewarding experience because they're guiding you along the way, helping you along and giving you some insightful feedback. The thing that I want you to focus on first is this mentorship arena.


Next, have you noticed things like Peloton communities and Facebook groups of people that are wanting to connect that are like minded? Does that sound familiar to you? I'm sure you're nodding your head, yes. The reason why I mentioned those is essentially just to get you to think about what the vision and intention of those groups are. It's to get a group of people that have a similar idea or have similar interests and they want to learn and grow together. You may not be into the social media communities, we all have different preferences. Another way that you can generate that type of community and energy that comes along with those types of groups and environments is being a part of a mastermind.


I'll be completely transparent with you. I have invested in myself to be a part of a mastermind for the She Embraces FEAR podcast. I am in a community with other podcasters who are also trying to grow their shows and to learn how to be awesome podcasters. Well, that's a group of likeminded people that I am absolutely loving being a part of. And what does that do? By being surrounded by them, we all have these visions for where we see ourselves in the next several months, where we see our growth, where we see opportunity. We bounce ideas off of each other. We guide each other along the way and we're all learning together. What that does is create this incredible sense of community, an awesome energy together. And it's just very contagious and exciting. So is there a community that you can become a part of? Is there somewhere that you can go ahead and find other people that are working on similar goals as you are, and surround yourself with more people? Part two is finding community.


The next tip that I have for you is, are there any courses, guides or books that you could try out in the space that you're thinking of? And this could be our health journey, right? If it's our fitness or our meal planning, if it's your business, you know, how do I start a business? If you're switching careers, what do I need to do to get from point A to point B in my career. This applies in so many things or even think of motherhood. As a mom, that's probably one of the main things that I research. How can I be a better mother? Or how can I handle these challenges of motherhood? We're always looking for resources. Well, I know that we oftentimes do these searches and these things don't have to be expensive. A lot of times you can find free resources.


I do want to disclaimer though, that there is a difference. If you sign up for a freebie course or one off thing, it's fantastic to get your feet wet and get that exposure to what opportunities are out there for you. The difference becomes just like I spoke about the mastermind group I'm a part of. When we make that financial investment in something that we want to work towards, it does a whole different level of commitment for us because now we have something to lose, right? Because we put money into it. And I'm not saying it has to be some over the top expensive program you invest in when you're just starting out. When we're just starting out, we get our feet wet, do the discovery calls. We find out what are the things out there that interest us. So you dabble around find those things. That's great. Once you get to that point, that you're like, you know what? I've been dabbling at this for a while. I really am just feeling stuck in the same place where I've been, and haven't made any progress.


Even though I've read a jillion things and I've signed up for all the free courses and done all those things. Then my friends, this is a great time to remind you that you need to choose YOU. And you need to start thinking about how you're going to take action in your life. If you're not willing to invest in yourself, if you're not willing to take that first step, then it's not going to happen. Remember that it's okay to be nervous, to feel a little bit scared, but find the people, the resources, and the community that adds value to your life and commit yourself to it. Make those steps and investment in yourself to move forward and to make progress. But I just want to make sure that you recognize that there are ways to start getting unstuck and tell fear that you are no longer going to stay in this place that you've been and start taking action.


And just to refresh your memory:


1. The first thing you're going to do is you're going to try and find a mentor. If you've heard the show before, or if you are a new guest here, welcome, first of all! Please know that I do offer mentorship opportunities as a business strategist. I love to be able to help women design a roadmap for their particular journey in life and career. I do not believe that we should be doing this alone. We need someone that's going to help us be accountable. We need someone that's gonna guide us. Someone that's been a step or two ahead and can say, Hey, this is the journey I've traveled. And hold our hand back, help pull you along and show you what you're capable of doing and how you can move forward.


2. Then the second thing that I want you to think about is where can you find community? It can be a Facebook community. It can be another online resource that you have, or if there's somewhere local right now, it might look a little bit different with all the COVID restrictions going on. But I'm sure they have zoom sessions because a lot of the memberships I'm a part of that has that community aspect, we do things online. So please remember to find community as your next step.

3. The third thing is what other resources are available to you? It could be courses, guides, books, maybe the library, but remember to be resourceful. That's the message I want you to take away from tip number three.


To wrap this up. I want to take you back to my original question at the start of the show. When was the last time that you tried something new?


When we allow ourselves to be open to change, we're going to grow our level of comfort. As it expands, we seek and attract more opportunities for growth. And the key here that I want you to focus on is taking that very first step. We have to have that self belief that we are worth it! You and your wild ideas and all those ambitions that you have are very much worth fighting for. Because what's the point of us living a life that we're disappointed in?


You weren't put here to stay small.

You weren't created to simply fit in.

You were made to bloom.

You are intended for greatness.

My friends, no more settling, no more waiting start now.


To conclude the show, as you know, I love my quotes and my friend, John Maxwell says:

"What you focus on grows"


Which I shared with you at the beginning of the show as well. Before I let you go, I want to ask you one question for you to consider and then chime in with me, come reach out and let me know. What is the one thing out of this episode that you are going to focus on today? Pick one, start small, and I'll see you in the chats. Thank you again for tuning in. I hope that you have an incredible weekend and this is your host, Susie Q signing off.

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