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Let's Celebrate Together - BONUS - Giveaway Time!!!

Holy cow my friends, I am over the moon excited! Within the last 2 days, I found out that the She Embraces FEAR Podcast has ranked #2 in the career category in Luxembourg (European Country - I had to look it up)!! Say what? I am just pumped and beyond grateful. In addition, I realized that the show is almost at 500 downloads and that’s a HUGE deal. When we are jumping for joy, what better thing than to celebrate, right?!

None of this would be possible, without YOU my loyal fans! With that in mind, it’s giveaway time. The randomly selected winner will get a choice of a 1:1 coaching session with me or a surprise gift from yours truly. Who doesn’t want some freebies??? Ready for details…..

Giveaway Rules (valid thru 6/28/20 - winner will be announced on 6/29/20):

  1. Hit “subscribe” to the She Embraces FEAR Podcast

  2. Leave me an iTunes rating and review

  3. Take a screenshot of your review

  4. Share your screenshot on your Instagram story and tag me @unorthodoxwoman

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and helping me grow this baby seedling I’ve been nurturing. I feel blessed to be able to add value in your life and be a part of your journey. As I always say, fear is a liar! Often, FEAR will keep us playing small and feeling scared.

As a business transition strategist, my goal is to guide you through your next steps and give you a clear action plan to conquer fear and confidently free yourself from your toxic job. As a powerful woman, you deserve success on your terms. And, there is no better time than NOW. We won't let fear, indecision, overwhelm, or lack of clarity stand in your way!

My goal is to help you go from feeling stuck and frustrated, to feeling fulfilled and making progress towards your goals. Sometimes the IMPLEMENTATION of this is the toughest part, you know what I mean? That’s where I come in and help you by being your accountability partner. I’ll help you dig deep on how you can work towards achieving your goals successfully. Book your strategy session with me today!

I am passionate about building confidence, giving you tactical tools, and creating the roadmap to empower you to take action. Tune in for helpful tips and honest conversation about what's holding you back from taking the big leap out of your toxic job and into achieving your new goals.

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this! Come on by and chat with me.

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All My Love,


Hey Lovely ~ Before you go, are you wanting to dive deeper on how to embrace your fears and pivot in your life and career? I have free resources and tools for you!

  • Are you wanting to combat fear? If you said yes, grab your FREE simple handout today!

  • Something I share about is the importance of setting a foundation and boundaries in our life and career. We do that by identifying our values and I have a free worksheet you can download if you are ready to pinpoint them in either English or Spanish.

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