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Feeling Defeated? Make Progress By Evaluating Your Agenda

By the end of the week, do you feel like you beat the week or the week beat you? It can feel like a toss up right? Well, trust me friends, you are not alone in wondering if all your planning went by the wayside or not. In today’s episode, I’m teaching you how to reflect on your past week to wrap up our vision, values and goal-setting series I walked you through.

It’s a great way to recognize what you said you wanted to do versus what you ACTUALLY got done. When you evaluate, you can adjust here and there, ask for help, or simply take on less responsibility. Quite frankly, it’s also a time to get honest with ourselves and identify if there are any time wasters or distractions we could do away with. And my favorite thing, is to remind you of how important it is to create white space in your day for self-care or any other enjoyable things to you.

Like I mentioned, the full series began on Episode 30. You can learn from the tips I share with you. Sometimes the IMPLEMENTATION part of this is the toughest part, am I right? That’s where I come in and help you by being your accountability partner. Instead of feeling stuck and frustrated, I’ll help you dig deep on how you can work towards achieving your goals successfully. Book your strategy session with me today!

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~


Hey, beautiful friends. It is Wisdom Wednesday, and I'm super happy to be here with you today. I am just looking on the brighter side of things as much as possible. Today we're going to talk about reflection, how you do that with your daily agenda and how this will help you move forward.


All right, friends. So if you're just tuning in to the show, and this is your very first time, first and foremost. Welcome. Welcome to the She Embraces Fear podcast. I'm so happy to have you here with me. I have been working on a series of episodes starting from episode 30. So if you're just tuning in, I have gone through and broken down for you my process of aligning my vision, values, and goals.I teach you how to do that. So if you're interested in trying to learn the framework that I lay out for you head back to episode 30, and that's where you're going to find the very beginning steps and work your way through. Now, I did take a mini hiatus in terms of what I shared with you last week. Sometimes things happen in life that I think we have to be sensitive to.


We have to catch certain things in the moment. As far as timing and last week, there was a lot of heaviness going on around us, right? Are you nodding your head? This isn't to have a debate, this is just to say that there definitely has been a lot going on around us that impacts us now. And just because I'm moving back into our goal setting journey here, it doesn't mean that I forgotten and moved on from anything that's going on in the world right now. But I'm hoping that the reason why you come here to join me every week is because you're looking for inspiration. You're looking for something to pull you away from any negativity you might be surrounded with, or just to help you see things from a different perspective. So I'm going to show up the way I've promised I would show up for you, which is as positively as possible.


Giving you nuggets and tips along the way of things that have worked for myself or for my clients and share those with you in hopes that I'm adding value to your life. In the journey that we had since episode 30, I went through the entire process from beginning to end, and we're going to put a sweet little end cap on this journey. Which is what we're talking about today; reflection. And if you don't know this yet, I am a major John Maxwell nerd. I'm a John Maxwell team member. And I absolutely love all the content that John shares with us and the beautiful community that we share together. The thing that he talks about, and it's funny that I was listening to him speak yesterday. He was speaking about reflection versus reaction, and that is relevant.


No matter if we're talking about you, your vision, your values, your goals, the state of the world that we're in right now, or anything in your life. If we reflect, instead of simply react out of emotion, out of anger, just off the cuff versus taking some time to absorb what's happening, thinking about it. If you like journaling, journal about it, but taking some time to really think through what's going on or how you want to handle it, or how you can move forward more often than not. It's not always the best to just react and jump right into it. And sometimes it's absolutely necessary, right? My friend, says stranger danger, and then, you know, you run away.


And those scenarios, obviously when we're at risk or something's going on, that's an emergency. We have to react and do as best as we can in the moment. But for some other things, it's really ideal for us to reflect. And so when we walked through from looking at your vision, I asked you three questions on where do you see yourself? Where do you want to go? Then you selected and defined what are your values? Because when we have our values in place, it makes it so much easier to set up our boundaries. Once you have your boundaries in place, I went through and broke down. How you set goals, how to work your way backwards, how to recognize how many hours you're dedicating a day to the different areas in your life. Unfortunately, we may have some distractions, right? Because the truth is we're all human.


And sometimes we do have those distractions that causes us to detour from what we really want to be working towards. But out of the nature of habit, we tend to just keep doing what we normally do. Well, that's the beauty of reflection because after you've gone through that process and you have defined your goals and you know how to assign your time to different buckets in your day, you create your daily agenda and then you try that out. So now you've probably been at this, if you've been keeping up with the series, you've been at this for a couple of weeks potentially.


Well, now that you've been doing that, I want you to take 20 to 30 minutes of your time. And this is something that you're going to do once a week. So for right now, for the first session, if you've been doing this a couple of weeks, maybe it'll take you a little bit longer. Maybe it will be less. There's no right or wrong answer here, but I want you to go through and take a look at what you had planned out and the goals and the values that you outlined, where does all that sit in? The things that you've actually gotten done. That's the big game changer, right there is what you said you wanted to do versus what you actually did because I have my hand raised with you right now.


If you're thinking, Oh my gosh, I had this full agenda of things I wanted to do. And I did absolutely none of them. Yep. I'm shaking my head with you because I know what that feels like. I literally have in front of me right now, my own planner that I fill up with tons of stuff, my friends. I'm forewarning you try not to do that, but you know, the ambitious side of us sometimes takes over and yes, that's me. I'm your ambitious girl. So I feel that I don't get nearly half of the things done that I set out to do. As I reflect at the end of my week, then I look back and go, okay, I wasn't being realistic. That was way too much to get done. In addition to all my regular responsibilities and everything else that I have on my plate, plus any random emergencies that may just come up. So for a great example, my husband would kill me if he heard this, but he actually had run out of fuel, randomly, last week and I had to drop everything I was doing, you know, of course, to go take care of my honey.


There was no other option. There wasn't much reflection I could do there. I love him to death, but my goodness now that's not so fun. Anyhow, it's I why I say that we always need to leave a little bit of white space. And I try to emphasize that. I know it's not easy. I'm not saying that it's simple, but what I am saying is to try your best to take one portion of your time in the week. So for me, I'll use myself as an example, and then you make this work for you. But I plan out my week, you know, Monday through Sunday and on Sundays, what I do is I take anywhere from half an hour to an hour, depending on what's going on.


And I look back at my week, what did I get done? What didn't I get done? What's urgent that maybe I ignored or that I was like, ah, it's not so urgent, but now it has become urgent. That's happened. I'm sure to you as well, and just look back and recognize how much you're actually getting done. And then have there been any time wasters because unfortunately those things that distract us, we don't even recognize that they're sitting right there, soaking up our time. So when that happens, you just got to recognize it. Don't beat yourself over it. I always encourage for you to have grace with yourself. This is a learning process. It's not an overnight thing that you just snap your fingers once and it's done. So on Sundays, I reflect, I look at what I can improve, what I can change. In my personal planner that I have right now, at the end of every month, there's a whole section on reflection, which I think that's great because it gives you an opportunity to see in the entire month and the progress of things.


But I like to do it weekly too, to kind of adjust things, see what's coming up in terms of any appointments or do I need to chauffeur my daughter around somewhere or do something for someone or just life in general, right? Or how about get to,our own self care appointments? Like maybe a nice massage. That's one of the things I really want to do here in the near future. Once things start to open up a little bit more, we're in a Southern California and it's still a slow process, but we are trying to be watchful as everything unfolds around us in terms of what's becoming more and more available. So I can't wait to book my massage. Disclaimer here, I love self care.


Once you've gone through your week, you've seen where things are at and you understand where you can adjust now plan for the next week. Take a look at any appointments you have coming up, just like we did during the series. Do you have set working hours, if you do then go through and block them. But by looking ahead and reflecting back one week, it's really a beautiful opportunity to see where we can adjust and make shifts. And I'm going to be honest with you, this is a great point to ask for help, too. One of the things I believe as women that we're guilty of is we take on ownership of a lot of responsibility and feel like we have to do it all. I am fully guilty of this. And do you hear my cohost Wonka? She's frumping up in here right now! But I fully confess that, yes, I too will do that. I'm guilty of it. Not because I just think I'm wonder woman and I'm going to do it all.


It's just because I feel bad asking for help sometimes. Thankfully I have a very supportive and caring husband. I have a family that's been super helpful in my life, but even then you just feel bad as if your inconveniencing someone, which we're not. If they didn't have the ability to help or be able to contribute in some way, then they'll tell you no or they'll let you know maybe a different alternative. So don't be shy with that. My friends, I know it's so hard. I know that it can be difficult, but if you see that you've got two appointments back to back, you can't make it to one versus the other. You might need to ask for help. If someone can help you with taking the kiddos or your fur baby to an appointment, whatever it is that your situation looks like, it's okay to ask for help.


And the other thing is that it's okay to say no, it's okay to say you know what, I wanted to commit to doing this thing, but I'm not going to be able to. Guilt is one of the biggest things that I believe holds us stuck in this place where we can't make progress, because we're constantly trying to take care of everyone's needs. This is a really good time when you're reflecting on how you're putting your self care first. And I ranted about that. Like I said, in those previous episodes about how important self care is. So please focus in and tune in on it. Don't let that set you back or hold you up. My friends, miss Wonka is here saying hi to you.


Yes, my sidekick is very noisy. Can you see that? I don't know if you've got for babies, but they are a joy and also a lot of attention seekers. And I noticed that especially more now that we're home, she's just the loving that my daughter and I are here with her and that she gets to hang out with us all day long. I'm not complaining. As I wrap up the show. I just wanted to say that I really hope that this series of episodes has been beneficial to you. That you're implementing it, because remember, as I always say, if you ain't taking action and implementing, then you're just wasting your time. You know, if you're just listening to the show and not taking at least one baby step every single day, that's always the one thing I will share with you. You know, like I've told you in the past, if you're feeling stuck, when it comes to goal setting or creating that roadmap of what direction you want to take in your life or career, I know that it could be a challenge and it could feel very lonely.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me and we can chat about how I can help be your accountability partner. We can set up a strategy session. We can brainstorm these things together and you don't have to struggle anymore. So please reach out. I'll drop a link in the notes below, and you can go ahead and book your appointment with me and let's see how we can do this together.


I want to leave you with a quote for the day.

"The most efficient way to live reasonably is every morning to make a plan of one's day and every night to examine the results obtained."


That quote is by Alexis Carol. This resonates with exactly what we're talking about here, how we plan our days out, how we reflect to see where we had wins, where we can improve and what, what worked out great.


I'll be honest though. I try to reflect daily. And for me it just was really difficult because at the end of the night, I never know what my evenings may look like. So you choose what's best for you if it's every night. Fantastic. If it's every couple of nights, several times a week, once a week, I kind of do periodic checks during the week. But my dedicated focus time is on Sundays and I block out 30 minutes again. As I always tell you, and in previous episodes, do what works for you. Try different things out, see what flows the best for you, and then make it work. That's what this is all about is learning and growing together. Again, I hope you have a beautiful day!

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