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Avoid Reacting & Making Big Decisions During A Crisis

Have you ever noticed that when we are scared, we usually have one of two reactions - fight or flight? Add a layer of crisis and we have a recipe for disaster. During times of uncertainty, it is easy to panic and let the overwhelm consume us. This can lead to poor decisions or avoidance of challenges altogether. Rather than let your circumstances take control, use these tips to better prepare you and your family ahead of crisis:

Make a revocable living will & trust! Yes, I am nerding out on you right at the start. There are two personal reasons I am going to share with you as to the importance of this:

  1. When my father passed away unexpectedly, my brothers, sisters and I were heartbroken to have lost him. To add to our grief, he was married to a witch of a woman who would not allow us the opportunity to get our childhood belongings or personal items of our dad that meant something to us. We had a choice to fight her with a bitter court battle, pour tons of money into getting a handful of things we so desperately wanted OR we could tearfully walk away empty-handed. We chose the latter because the emotional toll was too much to bear, we didn’t want a fight. I don’t want for you to experience this, for the sake of your family and their well-being, please make this an item you truly consider implementing.

  2. I think that you’ll be shocked to know, just a couple weeks after we got our final legal will & trust documents, my husband thought I was dying. After the initial trauma and fear subsided, we got to talking about how scared he was seeing me like that. I brought up that what are the odds we had just gotten our will & trust documents the month before. My husband shared with me that although he had been skeptical about investing in doing it, he was so glad we had because of what we were going through. He would know my wishes, things for the kids would be handled, and they would all be able to cope a bit easier without the tension we experienced when my dad had passed. We both sat there in disbelief about the timing and relieved that it was something we prepared for. Ultimately, that’s my goal in sharing this. I want you to have yourself prepared as best as you can despite the challenges thrown your way.

Create an emergency fund! I know this looks different for everyone but at the end of the day, we are all going to end up with an unexpected flat tire. You know what I mean? Not only do I mean that literally, I mean it figuratively as well. An unexpected virus could sweep the world to create fear, panic, anxiety and it feels like everything is falling apart……hhhhmmmmm I think I read about that somewhere. Or maybe you break a bone which causes you to miss work for a couple weeks since you need to be able to walk for your industry. The span is great here of all the possibilities. The thing is, when we have a loss of income no matter how big or how small, it truly can cause big challenges for us. During my own health emergency I lost my income for 2 months. 2 freakin months. Maybe that doesn’t appear to be much with the current pandemic we are experiencing, I guess we will know for sure in a few weeks how long it may last. The thing is we need to plan for these unknowns as best as possible. For us, 2 months without a salary was painful but it didn’t destroy us. I want you to be in that position as well.

Between these suggestions, I hope that you get out of it what really stood out for me and my family. While eerie in terms of timing, I believe there was so much comfort and beauty in the preparations we made. There were sacrifices along the way and now we are making sacrifices to refill our funds so we can have that security again. Really it’s about putting our minds at ease when stress and panic during a crisis can easily take over. If we get a phone call that turns our world upside down, the best feeling is to know that you can rely on a little bit of the preparations you did so you aren’t scrambling. I promise it’s worth your time and financial investment to consider adding these things to your life portfolio. I know it can feel tedious or overwhelming, but truly, it’s nothing like being left out on the edge of the unknown with no life raft in sight.

If you’d like to learn more details or dive deeper into this episode, go tune in below:

Today’s quote comes from one of our family’s favorite Disney movies, Aladdin. The Genie says:

“People see what they are told to see”.

He was referring to how his magic would persuade others to think Aladdin was really a prince. Think of our present day, what are we being told to see and believe? If we are being shown panic, chaos, no control, fear, scarcity, the list goes on - if that’s all we are being shown, it’s all we are seeing. I think that’s why it’s so important to fill our mind with things beyond just what the world, media, politics want us to see. That can’t be what dominates us, we need to learn to how to fill our mind with positivity, goodness, and things that bring us joy. If we just sit in the misery, guess what, we will be miserable. If you are tuning into the She Embraces FEAR podcast, I know you don’t want to feel that way, so take control and monitor what you allow yourself to see while also preparing yourself up for success.

My final question for you is, what is one small step you can take today to prepare one thing for yourself? How can you set yourself up for success? If fear is holding you back, I think you’ll find value in this special freebie I made for you to combat fear - go grab it here.

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