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2020 Got You Down? 5 Goal Setting Tips To Finish Strong

Whether your plans for 2020 are off track or you need to set new goals, it’s time to finish the year strong!

With the 5 proven tips I share today, you are going to get tactical tips to reframing how you finish 2020.

You’ll learn how to redirect your goals, how to break them down, and gain traction for the rest of the year.

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~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

If you tuned into Wednesday’s episode, you heard me say the year is not done! Stop planning on defeat. Don’t give up!

Who is ready to end at 2020 on a high note? Today's episode, I am going to dive into five goal setting tips that you need to finish the year strong because we don't have time for 2020 to keep us down. Come on in!

Whoo friends, are you ready? I am excited for today's episode because if you know one thing about me or if this is your first time here listening to the show, I love goal setting. So this is a perfect opportunity for us to hammer out how we're going to finish 2020 strong because we are not just going to sit in the funk anymore, right? Did you tune into Wednesday's episode where I got to talking about not allowing defeat to take over the last three and a half months of the year? Because yes, three and a half months is plenty of time for us to make progress. On the goals and the dreams that we are working towards. So today, we are getting into the nitty gritty. And I just want to remind you, because this year is not over. And we are not just going to give up, right? This is time for us to gain momentum and move forward.

What I want to start with here is talking about how maybe we had some previous goals or different plans at the beginning of 2020. Right, we're three quarters of the way into this year. And sometimes, especially with the circumstances of the world the way it's been, it may not look exactly the same as we had originally thought. This is a perfect opportunity for you to get prepared for the exercises I'm going to walk you through and to tell yourself if it's time to completely release the goals that you had before because maybe Your situation has completely changed. And those goals no longer makes sense. Maybe you don't have that business. Maybe you're not in that career. Maybe you're working one job or three jobs.

I don't know your specific scenario. But what I do know is it probably looks a little bit different. For me, I wasn't working from home. Now I'm working from home full time. It looks very different with my daughter at home doing schooling and we are doing homeschooling. So it's a completely new thing. But it's exciting. For me, it's very exciting because I love new stuff.

I just don't like new stuff all the time, right? If anyone else can relate with me here. But what I want to urge you to consider is that what you started 2020 with as far as what your goals were, may not still be applicable today. And you need to make that decision right now, before we jump into these five tips is to think through Okay, the goals I had But before pretty much all of them, nope, they don't make sense. It's time to release, give myself permission, let them go and start fresh with a new set of goals, or are some of those goals, really good goals, but maybe they need to be tweaked and modified just a little bit so that I can gain some traction in the last

three and a half months of the year. So do that first.

Look at what your goals were at the beginning of the year. And if you didn't have any goals, and you're just raising your hand confessing to me that Suzy Oh my God, I did not have goals at the beginning of the year. It's okay friend, I've been there too. I can totally relate that sometimes we just don't have those things lined out. But now that you're here, we are going to set goals going forward. Otherwise, it's just like going on a road trip. Which funny thing we are actually planning a family road trip in the near future here. And it's like us Going on a road trip and not having a map, no idea where we're going. And we just drive like, yep, we're just gonna drive. like yeah, that could lead to some adventure might be kind of fun might be really scary. But we need some sense of direction. and for me that's what goals do. Goals are those little mile markers along the way that help us understand what direction we're going in.

If you're looking to transition out of your career, you need to know how you're going to do that. If you're trying to grow a business well, how do I do that? If you're looking to get healthier and more well and in your life? How do that do I need to, you know, implement some healthier eating right? There's all these questions that I can dive into and you know, I love to buy I really want to focus on the tips for today. However, my point here is that we need to know what we are working towards when we are on the road, and we are navigating all these different things that happen In life without goals in place, then we're aimlessly wandering, which like I said, could be adventurous. But it could have a lot of problems along the way too. So at least the goals, help set up a framework, it helps us know what we're working towards. And then we can always shift and pivot around and say, You know what, that goal really wasn't the precise thing I needed at that time, but I'm going to modify it to do this instead. And guess what? It works wonders. You're proud, you accomplished that thing. It feels great. And it made you get closer to your end game of what your overall goals were. So that's a win win. And that's what I really want to focus on.

So today, this exercise I am going to walk you through is to help you reframe how you're going to wrap up the end of 2020 because we Want to end it on a high note, right? We want to end it strong. So number one, as I was talking about, we need to revisit our goals, we need to talk about which ones we're going to keep, and which ones we need to release. Give yourself some grace and some permission here to let goal. And the other part of this is are there any new goals that we need to implement maybe with these changes that you faced, you realize, Oh, my gosh, it would be incredible to have this on my, you know, my goal list here. Great, let's add it in. But I do want to encourage and remind you that we're not talking about having a list of 15 goals here because that's not going to be practical and realistic. Let's stick to three goals or less for the last three and a half months a year, especially if they're pretty chunky big goals because we need to be also honest about this situation right and how much time we have left.

And that's part of step two is that with three and a half months left to accomplish these goals, we can go crazy picking a bunch of them. So what I really want you to think about is how to set realistic and attainable goals, you need to be very specific here. If you have three goals, I don't want you to set more than three. Maybe you have one for your professional life, one for your personal life and one for your wellness. I'm just giving you three examples of like what I would use myself because those are some of the top pillars in my life and priorities in my life. But pick those three, and then we know how we're going to work. This is going to be in step three here. So in Step three, it's time to work backwards. So what we're going to do, we're gonna say that by December 31 2020, I want to achieve blank goal, right, and you're going to fill that in. So let me just give you an example. So you can see what this looks like.

Let's say that you want to earn a $6,000 by December 31 2020. Perfect. What we're going to do is we're going to take the $6,000 and break it down into monthly goals. So for easy math here, we're going to say $6,000 over a three month period, we're going to divide 6000 by three months because I want to make how much every month in order to get me to that $6,000 goal. That means if we divide 6000 by three months, we want to earn $2,000 every month, right 6000 divided by three 2000 perfect So now we're going to break it down again, how many weeks are there in a month, on average, four weeks, right? So we're going to take our $2,000 that we need to achieve every month. And we're going to divide that by four weeks. If I do that math, I come up with a $500 every single week. So now we're getting very descript.

Here, we're getting very specific of what these goals look like. You can apply this to weight loss, you can apply this to services, products, things that you offer in your business or in your career, okay, but these are going to get broken down very specifically. Now that we know we need $500 every week or we're working towards $500 every week. This is going to give us a clear target and a very tangible goal. It tells us how many products or services says that we need to sell in order to achieve the overall growth goal of $6,000 by December 31, right, we know what that's going to take. Because if we take that weekly breakdown, we're going to be able to narrow this down.

What I want you to think about here's just don't get discouraged if you don't earn it all in every single week, right? Because every week looks a little bit different, especially if you're an entrepreneur. Because some weeks you have super high weeks, and maybe you hit your monthly quota in one week. And maybe it starts off slow and ramps up towards the end of the month. It always will fluctuate and may not be consistent. But the key here is having a vision of what that goal is, so we know the target that we're aiming for. So then once we have this broken down weekly goal, we can start to understand the products and services that we need to sell in order to achieve that. So let me just give you an accent.

Let's just say you need to sell 15 products or book 10 clients in order to achieve that $500 per week target that you're working on. If you were only to focus on that big picture, right that $6,000 Honestly, it would overwhelm you and make it feel like an impossible goal because Gosh, $6,000 that's a lot that's so far fetched. And how am I ever going to achieve that? Those are a lot of the words and things that we might be saying to ourselves. But when we break them down into this, these smaller, attainable goals, that's where we start to get more realistic and more understanding of where we're headed, and how we can accomplish it.

Then step four, is one that I hope you don't fight me on too much, but I'm just being as open as I can be about what will make this a successful 2020 And how we're going to finish off strong here is we're going to track our progress. And the choice is up to you. Maybe you like spreadsheets or planners or whiteboards or online tracking systems, do whatever feels good to you. And that will help keep you accountable. That's the key here is we need to keep the goal and our actions in front and center of our minds. Because otherwise, what happens we can get distracted. And it's like when we go to the grocery store without a list anyone else ever do that? You go with the list or don't go with the list and you know, that you're going to inevitably forget something when you go to the store, or you got every single thing because you had your list with you who else is on that bandwagon with me because otherwise I just buy a bunch of frivolous stuff. When I don't have a list with me. And I always forget, like the random tooth. Paste are the, the one ingredient I needed for a new recipe I was trying. So I'm sure that you can relate and understand where I'm coming from here.

But that's the important thing we want to focus on is to have it front and center in our mind. So it helps us in our career and business. It just means that you may not accomplish the right things and maybe add on a few random things that were never on your radar in the first place, right, just like at the grocery store. So they make no difference to your progress at the end of the day and end up being a distraction. And we don't want to have distraction, right, because we talk about distraction a lot on this show. And we want to make sure that we are intentional and focused with our time. And this is how you're going to do it. You're going to track your progress every single day have that goal and that vision of where you're headed, so that it's front and center. You can't get off track and if you start to get off track because I guarantee you it's going to happen. Then when you look at it, you say, Whoa, okay, I need to swerve back to the left side of the lane here because I'm getting off track. And vice versa. Sometimes we need to pivot and shift things around. That's okay. But as long as we remember what that goal is, so just really hope that you can focus on this and work towards tracking your progress.

And the fifth and final step that I want to share with you here is yes, I'm old school girl, but bust out your planner, and it's time to write things down in our planner, I love to use my planner to help me focus. And that's really one of the benefits that I've found in writing it down versus just any electronic version. Trust me I love the electronic version as well. But something so different happens when you put pen to paper, that it makes it more. Your face is the best description I can give. But it really helps us with writing out and feeling what it is that we're working towards.

So what I would like for you to do here is write out your goals. Give yourself a due date and determine when you can dedicate time to focusing on your goals here, because that's really what's going to help you be more intentional with the time that you have, especially if it's limited. And that way you can navigate your day a little bit better and not be allowing yourself to get distracted easily. I know that it can be a challenge and that these things especially we only have three and a half months. However, we can reframe that do we only have three and a half months, or we are excited to have a lot of time three and a half months to get these things going. We can look at it as a little bit of time or as a lot of time.

I want to empower you to think about today is that three, let's just go with a flat number here three months is plenty of time that is 90 days for you to focus hard on the things that you want to get done this year. 2020 is not last 2020 is not over, we have plenty of time. And so that's what I do with my clients is we sit down, we figure out the roadmap, understand what direction they want to go in. We pivot along the way, because we have to make course corrections that's just natural that we have to adjust here and there because life happens. And we dig into the details of how to successfully accomplish our goals. I know that can feel overwhelming and it can feel like oh my goodness, can I actually get these things done and I'm here to validate that for you and tell you that you It's absolutely possible you can finish this year strong.

You don't have to just go with the noise of everyone else that's saying whoa is me and being the negative Nellies in the world, because guess what we are here to accomplish the things that we want to move forward on. And we are optimistic women who want to achieve these great things in our life, not just for ourselves, but for our families and the people around us that we care about, because everyone wants to see that progress being made. And then it becomes contagious. So as soon as you start doing those things, you're going to influence and help the people that you are closest to as well. So imagine the big wave of positivity and all the goodness that's going to come with it. I promise you, it's worth it.

And I just want to let you know that you don't have to do this alone. I know it's hard. I know sometimes it's a struggle, and you don't feel motivated or encouraged. But guess what? I am here to light that fire for you. I am here to help you recognize what are the goals you need to be working towards and how to break them down and how to make them tangible, and how to have them in your face so that you can focus on them all the time and be intentional with when you are working on them and how to move forward. Don't do it alone. I know that it's rough, and it can be overwhelming. And then you just want to give up.

I am here to help you on that journey. Reach out to me so that we can schedule a session. And we can work through a 60 minute call where I'm going to sit with you and we're going to break these things down. You're going to tell me what it is that you're struggling with, what goals we need to start working towards. And I'm going to light that fire within you to get you moving forward because I know that's what you're looking for. I know that it can be hard to sit there especially if you're surrounded around people who don't seem as optimistic. As we may be, or just want to sit back and Coast through the end of the year, we don't want to coast through the end of the year because there's plenty of year left for us to accomplish things and set ourselves up for success next year. So let's have a conversation. Let's get you set up with the goals before the end of 2020 to set you up for success.

Before I wrap up here, I do want to recap the five tips that I shared with you today on how we're going to end 2020 on a high note:

  1. Don't forget to revisit your goals. What are the things that we need to let go of and what are the things that we need to add that might be new goals in our life?

  2. Remember that we have three and a half months left. So we want to make these goals realistic and ones that we can attain.

  3. Work backwards from December 31 2020 and define and be specific about the three goals, no more than three goals that you want to set for the end of this year. And you're going to break those down, specifically down into the three month goal, the one month goal and the weekly goal and then break that down into what does that look like as far as the services or the products that you offer?

  4. Track our progress because when we have it in front of us and we know what progress we have made towards those goals, it helps us understand what direction we're going in and maybe if we need to pivot just a little bit.

  5. And my fifth and final tip was to take out a good old old school traditional planner so that you can write down the things that you are working towards, and those goals so that we can go ahead and make sure it's in front of us and we are intentional with our time.

Before I wrap up here, I want to leave you with a review of the week that came in from Petey girl. And this five star review is titled “The little wins mean so much”. And Petey girl says:

Thank you for Episode 29. We do need to take a minute and celebrate our wins, it does feel good to be aware of all the things, keep up the great work.

And I think that's such a great way to wrap up the show here because often times, it's really easy to dismiss the things that we've been working towards. And with my tip here of keeping track of your progress, not only are you keeping track of your progress, but you're also documenting your wins, you're documenting the things that you're accomplishing along the way. And that's one of the things I emphasize as pedigree All said here in Episode 29, is that we need to give ourselves that celebration and pat ourselves on the back to recognize the efforts that we are making. So don't lose sight of that.

Remember, this has been a very challenging year for a lot of us and I recognize that. But I want you to remember that you still have time to close out the year strong, and we can celebrate our wins and we're going to keep moving forward and making progress on those goals.

I want to leave you with this quote, and it's by Jonah Lehrer. And Jonah says:

Grit is the stubborn refusal to quit.

And ladies, we here in the she embraces fear community, we are not quitters. We are determined we are fears. We may be faced with rough days, right because let's be honest, that is going to happen no matter how optimistic we are. However, that doesn't make us feel like we just need to stop and quit and be done with it. It is going to feel this and light us up to go further and harder. So I am excited to be on this journey with you. And I am looking forward to learning about what goals you're setting for the end of the year. So if you do, write it out on paper, or if you do it digitally, send me a message on Instagram or Facebook and let me know let me know what's working for you and what are those goals that you set for yourself? Because we are going to finish this year Strong and I am so excited to be here with you. Thanks again for tuning in. I'm your host Susie Q signing off.

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