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The #1 Secret to Untapped Growth

Psssstttt…..want in on my secret ingredient to untapped growth and potential? Wait no more, head into today’s episode for the nuggets you’ve been waiting for. If you need a refresher on goal setting, head back to Episode 31 for my tips on breaking it down.

Not only do I share how you can grow, I also give you a bit of a reality check. You are filled with a unique gift that the world needs! It’s time to stop being selfish and start sharing it with those who need to hear your insight.

As you begin this journey of making a pivot, it’s time to start building a plan that is made FOR you. And that my friends, is where I come in to help you on that overwhelming journey. You may be wondering where to start, have a bajillion questions and trying to figure out all the things.

You’re probably a bit frustrated, overwhelmed and I want to remind you that you don’t have to do that alone. I invite you to reach out to me and let’s get you scheduled for a 60-minute exit strategy session. I know there is a lot to figure out and my expertise is to help you outline a road map with our time together. Let’s do this together!

I also want to remind you to come hang out with me to continue the conversation in the She Embraces FEAR Movement group.

It’s a community for women who want to crush it in life and career by busting through the lies FEAR tries to tell us. I’ll answer your nerve-wracking questions and dive deeper on my tips to help you bust through your comfort zone. I’d love to see you there!

We are fierce women and we deserve to chase after what fuels us, now let’s do this!

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All My Love,

Susie Q

PS - On today’s episode I shared with you my experience with how I got started on my podcasting journey through Podcast Pro University and I want to mention that it’s been such a relief. It has helped me implement and launch my show way easier than all those google searches I kept trying. If you are thinking of starting your own show, feel free to ask me any questions.

~ Prefer reading? Below is the full show transcript ~

Hey, beautiful friends. It is Wisdom Wednesday and I hope that you are just as pumped as I am about today's episode today. I'm sharing with you the number one secret and tool that leads us to untapped growth. I hope that you're curious about what I'm talking about here and that you're going to come on in and join me now that I've got your attention and I've peaked your curiosity.

I just want to say thank you so much for being here. It really means the world to me, to have you be a part of this community and supporting this journey that I've been on in helping women make their transitions in the corporate world. And just honestly embracing fear and facing things head on. That's been the goal and objective of the show and friends, before I go ahead and I dig into today's episode, I had to let you know that I have some super exciting news.

I have just launched exit strategy sessions. If you're sitting in a corporate job that you're not loving, if you know what I mean, and you know that it's time to leave, but you're just unsure of the plan of action and how you're going to create an exit strategy. Maybe you're thinking, where am I going to go from here? The fears and limiting beliefs are also keeping you stuck in that job. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Maybe you're thinking where's the money gonna come from? How do I tell them that I'm leaving? What ways can I communicate with them? And you're just afraid of all the things. Lets grab a one hour call and I will map out a clear exit strategy plan with you. That's customized just for you. You don't have to do this alone. Let's make this easy head over to my website, www.unorthodoxbusinessmom.com that I've linked below in the show notes for you and just shoot me an email so that I can get you on my books. I only have a few slots left in the month of August, but I want one of them to be for you. Your future awaits!

Now let's jump into this juicy episode about untapped growth and what my number one secret ingredient isI. I'm going to call it a secret weapon. What does that look like? Well, I'm going to be very honest with you here. What I believe is an exponential growth tool and an asset that we can utilize all the time is self investment. You just heard me talking about coaching and how I help women taking that leap out of the corporate arena. And I believe that being a life long learner is something absolutely necessary. No matter where you find yourself in your life or in your professional journey, it's always been my personal belief that being a lifelong learner is just absolutely necessary.

And I'm going to be quite Frank with you. I have a bachelor's and a master's degree, which I've shared with you before. But I believe that we always need to be learning new things and it comes in different forms and shapes that I'm going to talk about that just a little bit here. I want to let you know that there is nothing like continuing to grow. Have you ever heard that saying, you know, you can't teach an old dog new tricks, right? I'm sure you've heard that in the past. And I disagree with that. I mean, it's funny and I say it and we can joke around about that stuff, but I believe that the people who have the most growth and honestly the most joy in their life are the ones who are constantly learning, evolving, and tapping into our potential. How we do that is by learning new things, by meeting new people. And like I was saying earlier, it really looks different for each and every one of us.

Here's a few examples of what that might look like. And if it's a financial issue that you're worried about, I have some free ideas for you to consider as well. So it doesn't necessarily mean because I'm telling you to invest in something it's not always going to cost something. It's you being willing to invest your time into learning something new. So let's keep that in mind, but here's a few things that you can keep in the back of your mind and in your tool belt to untapped growth:

Maybe it's you going to the library or going online to the library nowadays and checking out a book that's on personal development. If you're in the leadership arena, if you're in human resources, if you're in safety, if you're in, you know, the stock market, I don't know. There's so many different categories of business or accounting or financials, right? All these different areas that you might be an expert in, but there are so many available books for us out there that we can get at the library for free, check them out, return them and get a new one. Reading is absolutely an incredible resource. You can learn so much from it.

The next thing you might consider is maybe attend a conference. And I know that looks a little bit different right now during the pandemic situation, but there are an endless amount of online free conferences as resources and webinars that you can attend. And quite frankly, you can probably do a Google search and find free YouTube videos, right? The difference with the conference that I do want to highlight though, is that at a conference it's going to be geared towards your specific area or subject that you're interested in. And then you're going to meet some other people. Cause most of virtual conferences and webinars allow for networking and conversation. So that would be a great opportunity for you as well.

And if you're saying, you know what, I've had it on my heart for a long time that I want to go and get a certification or degree, I'm going to be the one to tell you that you can do this at any stage of your life. I actually have one of my closest friends who her mom recently graduated with her bachelor's degree. And she's, I want to say in her seventies, how incredible that she's in her seventies and she has graduated with her bachelor's! She said, it's been a lifelong dream of mine to do it and I'm moving forward. So there is no cap. There is no lid on when we can begin or start that education journey.

And I want to encourage you to hunker down and think about that because if that's what you've been wanting to work towards, then stop making excuses and let's go do the thing. It's time to own it and claim it and start stepping into that for ourselves.

You can also just grab yourself a simple planner or notebook and start to map these things out. Okay. Where do I see myself? In the next 60 days, 90 days, six months a year from now, and start to expand upon that and work on your goals. You know, that I've talked to you about goal planning and previous episodes. I want you to go tune into those and use those strategies in your own life.

Another thing that you can do is join a mastermind. A mastermind is a collective group of people that are working towards a similar goal and they're helping each other in that process. It's a beautiful community. I've been a part of a mastermind that has blown my mind. And I've had those experiences where you gain so much knowledge and growth, and there's so much opportunity and learning from people that have different backgrounds. So a mastermind's another one.

And I teased about this earlier, but you can literally do a Google search, right? The ability to have so much information in front of us is abundant. There are no reasons why we can't just type in, how do I learn to and you, you know, fill in the blank of what it is that you're looking for. There are so many resources and sure there's gimmicks out there and things that you probably don't want to invest money in. I absolutely understand that. And I'm not endorsing that. But what I am saying is that we need to learn how to become resourceful. And we do that when we invest in ourselves and it's investing financially because you're doing that commitment and it's investing in your time because that is a finite resource. We only have so much time. So I want you to dig deep and really think this through.

Other things you can find are courses, which I mentioned conferences, but there's courses out there. Like I took a course for learning how to do a podcast. Cause I had never done podcasting before. And I tried the free Google searches. I tried the free YouTube classes here and there. And I learned a little bit, I am not going to say I didn't learn at all, but pulling it all together into a cohesive plan of action to move forward was a bit more challenging in that space because it was so new to me. So that's when I invested in a course that lined it all out for me. And so I want you to find things that really speak to you and what you're working towards.

Psssstttt…..want in on my secret ingredient to untapped growth and potential? I share how you can grow and I also give you a bit of a reality check.
The #1 Secret to Untapped Growth

And then you can just, while you're researching on Google there's articles that you can read and educate yourself. And again, YouTube, right? Don't we all know the infamous YouTube searches where we can learn how to cook amazing recipes and do really great things or just goof off, right? The choice, is ours on what we're focusing on. Again, this list is exponential. It is humongous. I have so many more ideas of what you can do, but I don't want to overwhelm you. And I also want you to do a little bit of your own research and digging around to see what are those things that will help me in the journey that I'm currently in.

The key here is understanding that investing in yourself is in valuable. It's the best investment that you can ever make because that's a resource that you get to keep in yourself in your mind and you get to utilize that to also help and inspire other people.

That's the part I want to focus on. As I start to wrap this up here is that as you're investing in yourself, your mind is growing and expanding. You're going to see things from a completely new perspective, which that in turn sparks, creativity and what ends up happening. You get creative, your excitement, bubbles over into all other areas of your life. You're generating all this massive amount of momentum and inspiration and yourself, but then guess what? Other people start to see that in you. And they start to ask, Hey, what are you doing? I noticed this new vibe about you.

What's different? So just through your actions, just through your energy that you're sharing. It is contagious and you start to inspire them with your own knowledge. And that continues to compound and to grow. You see, ultimately to me, what I see it as is this massive trickle effect that just keeps on giving.

And now I'm going to give you a truth bomb, as exciting as this is. I do have to give you a reality check and a bit of tough love here. The thing that I believe happens to us often is that we get stuck and focused on consumption mode. And we can't do that. The key is to learn how to implement. This is where a lot of us I believe get stuck and you think, great. I learned all this awesome new stuff and it's gonna make such a difference. And then womp, womp, womp...it fizzles out.

Are you shaking your head going? Oh yeah, I've been there before. We forget how inspiring that one speaker was or how to take action on that one thing that is going to move us forward. We forget to apply the concept that we learned to our projects. And then what? You feel frustrated, you feel stuck and like you maybe wasted your time. And honestly that stinks. And there truly, isn't a need for us to continue doing that. I've got to be honest with you and say that I've had many times that I've tuned in myself to a podcast or a course or been at a conference and I've done the same exact thing. I don't commit myself to implementing any of the cool things that I just learned and that wasn't until I hired someone that could be my partner and help keep me accountable.

That's honestly the best investment that I've ever made in myself was hiring a coach or being a part of a mastermind because we're all cheering and supporting one another in that journey together. And with my coach, they have been giving me that tough love and on top of me to say, Hey, you told me these were your goals. We worked out this plan together. Now, what are you doing about it? And they put your feet to the fire and it's not done in a negative way. It's done in a sense of, you asked to make this pivot. You asked to make this progress. Now let's get it done. Let's do it together. There's no excuses. We're going to get it done. And that my friends is exactly what I offer and how I can help you in your journey.

I know that it can be scary. I know that there's a lot to consider, but be honest with yourself and take a look. Where, and when was the last time that you invested in yourself? If you've been sitting on those dreams for a long time, if you've been saying, Oh yeah, I'll get to that thing later. What is holding you back? Is it your limiting belief? Is it some fear that you're holding on to, or what is that thing that you need to invest in or to say to yourself, it's time. I just want to remind you that you're not in this journey alone and that this is a beautiful journey that we can go on together.

As you know, I love to wrap up the show with a quote and this one comes from Robin Sharma and he says:

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life. It will improve the lives of all those around you.

And it's exactly as I shared with you today, my friends. That not only do you grow and expand when you're investing in yourself and you're learning new things and all these new doors of opportunity will open up for you, but that becomes contagious. And you are now sharing that same energy and inspiration with the people who are surrounding you in your life and who see that energy in you. So it's time. My friends, it is time to put a stake in the ground claim where we want to go and start taking action and implementing these things. So I'd love to hear from you. What one thing will you implement in your own business or in your own career that is investing in you? What are you going to learn? Tag me on your Instagram stories and share it with me so that we can have an awesome conversation. Thanks for tuning in I'm your host, Susie Q.

Hey Lovely ~ Before you go, are you wanting to dive deeper on how to embrace your fears and pivot in your life and career? I have free resources and tools for you!

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