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Women Facing Career Transitions


Fear is a liar!


Often, FEAR will keep us playing small and feeling scared. Your host, Susie Aguilar (aka Susie Q) is a family woman with ambitious goals, determination, and a Wonder Woman alter ego. Maybe you’re facing a career shift, thinking of planning your exit strategy, or maybe you're afraid to take action on your new business idea - trust me, you’re not alone!


As a career transition strategist, Susie will guide you through your next steps and give you a clear action plan to conquer fear and confidently free yourself from your stagnant career. As a powerful woman, you deserve success on your terms. And, there is no better time than NOW. We won't let fear, indecision, overwhelm, or lack of clarity stand in your way!


Susie is passionate about giving you tactical tools, creating the roadmap to empower you to take action, and building your confidence. Tune in for helpful tips and an honest conversation about what's holding you back from transitioning in your career and into achieving your new goals.

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