Full Disclosure:

I am known for my bold Latina-ness, my sarcastic sense of humor, and having a huge heart. I am a goofball and tell corny jokes. I am compassionate and tender, but watch out for my mama bear tenacity. I believe integrity, values, and kindness should be the standard. I am a play big or go home kind of girl. This is me.

Mi Familia

I have and will always be a family first kind of woman. They are my entire world and I am truly grateful to be so blessed.

We Can Do It!

I love empowering women to believe in themselves. I aspire to be a beacon of hope for women no matter how many curveballs life throws her way. Together we make your dreams a reality!

Did you

Positivity is my secret ingredient:

Being the ultimate optimistic person comes naturally to me. I always find the silver lining and nothing is gonna stop me from spreading the love.

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Susie Aguilar

Unorthodox Business Mom

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