Build Your Legacy

Are you building your legacy?

What I mean is have you begun to think about your future? Whether you have children or not, there are a couple things you should consider. It's stunning how many of us enter retirement age without enough savings to sustain us beyond our working years. The statistics are not only startling, they are heartbreaking to see the abundance of need. And for those of you who are parents, do you want to burden your kids to support you?

Let me ask again, are you building your legacy? Whether you have a full time job, are a stay at home parent, or are fresh out of college - you need a plan. If I'm being honest, I am fortunate to have a good retirement option IF I decide to stay where I am for the next 20+ years, but really.....what if I don't stick it out? I've invested all this time in one company that could let me go tomorrow and I'll get ZERO benefit in the end! That's when I realized I needed to find another option. 

It was time to build our nest egg without the risk of someone else being able to jeopardize our retirement living funds. Around that time, I stumbled upon a business opportunity that I was skeptical of, but kept an open mind. I instantly fell in love with the offerings and knew I had to be a part of it. I am grateful for the ability to work as often as I choose, while earning a residual income.

What is a residual income? Well it's the path we are going to use to build our retirement fund. Instead of hoping for a good nest egg, we are creating it for ourselves without the constant worry of when can we my husband always says, he'll be 90 before he can ever retire. We are chosing not to be a statistic and take action NOW! This choice doesn't have an age requirement. If you are in your early 20's, or beyond your 60's - it's never too late or too early. There is no better time than the present time.

You are worth the investment and energy to build your own legacy. If you are wondering how we are doing it, I invite you to fill out the interest form below to see if you are a good fit for our team. If you are open to new opportunities, we would love to help you build your legacy in the nooks and crannies of your life.


Susie Aguilar

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